DIY Guide: How to Clean Paint Rollers?

You love painting and decorating your house from time to time but hate the cleaning part. Trust me, you are not the only one here. When it comes to painting a house, the thing you need to clean the most is the paint rollers. The large tacky paint rollers might give you a tough call whenever … Read more

A Clear Guide on Paint Sprayer vs Roller

You want to paint your house but at the same time, you are confused about what tool you should choose. Should you use a simple paint roller or try out a fancy sprayer? But how to decide which one would be a better choice? Too many questions are popping on your head right now, aren’t they? Well, … Read more

Wooster vs Purdy Paint Brushes – Which Brush Is Better?

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, professional or occasional painting – you’ll need good brushes first, right? And you know there are lots of brushes from different brands in the market. Even in the overwhelming chaos, you’ll find Wooster & Purdy brands somewhat different. And without doubt, for good reasons. Both are in the business for … Read more

Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Paint Roller for Textured Walls

Painting the textured surfaces is sure to add a visual appeal. While dimensioning, the walls & ceilings get further aesthetics. But attempting to paint textured surfaces isn’t that easy. That’s exactly where you feel the necessity of a righteous gear. Brushes can’t spread properly & spraying causes a total mess. So, which one to choose … Read more

Best Paint Roller to Hide Imperfections 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Paint Roller to Hide Imperfections

Regular plaster walls get loaded with dings, gaps, cracks, holes & lots of other blemishes. By the time, you’ll feel the necessity of hiding all those imperfections. There are different ways to treat imperfections. But most of them require a high budget &a longer time. You’ll even need to hire professional painters to accomplish the … Read more