About Us

Hey, this is David Wills. I completed my graduation in mechanical engineering some years ago. Then I started my professional career as a mechanical engineer. And it has been 5 years that I have been working with different types of tools.

But one thing I noticed, many people face problems in choosing and using home tools and appliances. That is because of the lack of proper information.

One day a thought peeped in my mind, why am I not sharing my hard-toiled knowledge with you? And finally, I started my personal blog.

I love to know new technologies. And the application of new technologies gives me much pleasure. To share all of my knowledge, I started this blog.

You are a little bit surprised to know it! But believe me, I didn’t allow my knowledge to keep unused. That’s why I have come with my blog, Homeynorm.com.

Home decoration, kitchen appliance maintenance, and lawn maintenance- I learned a lot from every sector. And of course, my academic knowledge helped me a lot here.

I know you will also love to stay connected with me.


What is Homeynorm.com?

In a few words, it is a platform where you will get all the essential information about your home improvement. The site is solely dedicated to giving you information about home and yard decoration.

You will get here all the updated home improvement items. Not only that, you can consider this platform as the ultimate solution for your household problems.

We often face many problems in using home and lawn appliances. I also faced and experienced a lot. Even we many questions about home use products, basically how to use them.

I have brought up here all the problems and solutions that will be handy for you.


What type of information we are providing?

I know you love to know about the latest home use products and tools. You have so many questions about these tools and products.

Homeynorm.com can be your ultimate destination where you will get all the answers to your questions. And of course, you will find here all the updated home improvement products.

I have already mentioned that this site has been designed on the basis of my first-hand experience. So the products reviewed here are almost listed based on my personal experience. I also go through some research work before selecting products.

I mostly like to share essential information with you. So I emphasize putting more helpful information on my site. You will find so many informative contents here that you feel really essential to know.


Who can get benefits from this website?

In a word, everyone can be benefited from my little initiative. Homeynorm.com is an info-based platform. And it is my pleasure that I am sharing my experience with you.

I know how hopeless we feel when we don’t find the essential information, basically on household problems. Even finding top-quality home products is a little bit tough. Here I have forward to help you with this platform.

You will get the best home improvement idea here. I wish no one faced any trouble with home tools and home use products. That’s why I am here.


What you will do if you need more Information?

It may happen. You may not find some piece of information here that you really need.

In that case, nothing to worry. Let me know your requirement through email and my social profile. I will definitely put your required information on my site. I also try to input more information on my site.


We update this website often

The world is rapidly changing. The change is also seen in home tools and products. We always try to cope with this change in time. And that’s why I give my best try to keep this updated.

I started the site from my enthusiasm. I love to gather new knowledge of home technology. And can’t help sharing the updated information with you, you know.


Stay Connected with Us

I love to hear from you. In fact, I want to be more enriched engaging with you and hearing from you.

So never hesitate to contact me through my social profile. I appreciate your comment, remarks, and opinions.