Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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By David Wills

Painting the textured surfaces is sure to add a visual appeal. While dimensioning, the walls & ceilings get further aesthetics. But attempting to paint textured surfaces isn’t that easy.

That’s exactly where you feel the necessity of a righteous gear. Brushes can’t spread properly & spraying causes a total mess. So, which one to choose for the project?

A paint roller can make the overall task easier from A to Z. Saving the effort & time; it can deliberately meet the demand. It is efficient functionality easily handles the surface undulations.

Choosing a suitable one requires a good understanding of the project & roller itself. There are come lots of varieties in the market, to serve a particular purpose.

No need to waste your time looking for the appropriate one. In the article, we covered the complete review on best paint roller for textured walls.

Why Good Quality Texture Paint Roller?

When it gets to painting roller, the choices are almost endless. Different types of models available for multiple tasks.

With the best paint roller for textured walls, you should expect satisfactory action. For textured walls, you can have some other benefits apart from an impressive appeal.

Inducing Patterns

Obviously, you can impart excellent patterns for the surrounding wall. It enhances the décor & overall elegance of your house. Whether it’s walls, ceilings or other decking surfaces – roller can cover all perfectly.

You can improvise the current/existing texture using a suitable roller. The system also lets you create something new. It’s easy to create random, even defined patterns with the rightful choice.

Matching Styles

It’s often necessary to make a perfect match between several walls. But mostly, you’ll have to go for wall & ceiling. That’s where rollers can provide excellent serviceability.

Regarding textured walls, it’s easy to make a reasonable match for surfaces. With a variable design, the available choices are rather wide. It surely gives a pleasant look from top to bottom.

Hiding All Defects

As it happens, you can treat the existing surface really well. It’s important to hide all surface issues at once. Paint rollers can help you to get rid of all the imperfections.

The frame lets you cover every single spot with one/several coats. You can easily take care of all the defects & flaws. A specified roller for the textured wall can induce better service.

Great Dispersion

One great advantage of rollers is its uniformity. Regardless of the paint type, you’ll have it. All it takes you to understand the required layering.

With a paint roller, you can expect to have a decent distribution. Not to say, you can easily understand the intensity. It lets you find the most suitable painting density.

Top 10 Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls Reviews

There are a lot of rollers in the market for DIY painting tasks. But for textured walls in particular, the available choices aren’t very wide. That’s where you should know the most popular & reliable options on the first hand. Considering an affordable budget, we managed to get the best paint roller for textured walls. Each one promises to uphold your satisfaction from top to bottom.

1. Kraft Tool DW180 Decorative Texture Paint Roller

Ensuring the highest quality, Kraft Tool promises a successful texturing project. The DW180 roller gives the perfect décor for your textured wall.

Product Description

The one-size roller features a specific design for textured wall surfaces. With a drywall compound, it creates crow’s foot texture.

In fact, the pattern includes 4” to 8” foot length across the petals. The lightweight system is easy to handle, operate & fit standard handles.

Obviously, it’s not a suitable option for applying thicker paints. Yet, you can go for quite thinner paints for coating & texturing.

Though it comes with spongy built, the roller initiates unrivaled longevity. Without twisting or wringing action, the frame is reasonably reusable.


  • Simple design, effective action.
  • Particularly for surface texture.
  • Incredibly light, highly durable.
  • Reusable with light application.


  • Unsuitable for thicker paints.

Through strict quality control, the American roller has incredible efficiency. You’ll have the best painting service at a reasonable price.

2. TINTON LIFE Empaistic Wood Pattern Painting Roller for Textured Walls

With a specialized design, Tinton Life induces smart painting job accomplishment. It’s indeed one ergonomic choice for occasional/professional DIY painters.

Product Description

The pack includes 2 specific tools for a perfect surface painting. Apart from the 7” roller, you’ll get one 3.9” painting tool.

The best roller for orange peel texture has a graining built. The wood grain effect certainly enhances the décor.

For the roller, it features an Empaistic wood pattern. Changing the color depth will trigger a natural effect.

With soft rubber, the service remains satisfactorily durable. Through reasonable sizes, both tools cover a sufficient area.


  • Enduring rubber exterior.
  • Steady grip, solid handle.
  • Excellent surface appeal.
  • Versatile paint suitability.


  • Cleaning seems difficult.

The set is likely to change the lifestyle with an improvised surrounding. Against the valued service, the price is ridiculously low for you to consider.

3. Crow’s Foot Drywall Paint Texture Roller

It’s time to put an interesting, elegant pattern over the wall surfaces. In fact, the roller by All-Wall Equipment promises maximum painting efficiency.

Product Description

Repairing, patching or remodeling – it covers everything. The common 9” size allows you to use any standard rolling cage.

It’s rather easy to put Crow’s Foot on surfaces. Through foamed rubber, applications on walls & ceilings remain simple.

All you need is to get the intended drywall mud for application. With a thinner pancake, you’ll receive further consistency.

The design lets you paint knockdown & standup texturing patterns. It just takes tap water to clean off without hassle.


  • Higher workable consistency.
  • Defined pattern, chunky look.
  • Symmetric or random design.
  • Easy cleaning with tap water.


  • Slight issues with ceilings.

Thanks to its functionality, the roller lets you enjoy home DIY tasks. The price is unbelievably low here comparing the competitors.

4. The Woolie Original Full-Sized 2-Color Split Roller

Superb ergonomics teams with outstanding versatility for indoor texturing tasks. With a standard design, it ensures the perfect outlook for wall surfaces.

Product Description

The best-selling kit includes a total of 7 items to cover your necessity. There comes a unique, handy dual 2-color split tray.

No need to go for base coating prior to faux finishing. A simple application of 2 contrasting colors triggers faster working efficiency.

Its natural Australian sheepskin features shearling lambswool. You can use any specific type of glaze & paints.

Blending edges & corners, it gives a professional appeal. The reusable, washable system induces a professional result.


  • Durable quality sheepskin.
  • Fast, consistent application.
  • Suitable for large surfaces.
  • Quite soft & muted appeal.


  • Weak texture matching.

Thanks to its custom design, it saves your effort & time. Despite its high price tag, you’ll have guaranteed satisfaction.

5. Wooster Brush R233-9 Texture Maker Roller Cover for Walls

Let’s start painting textured walls using thicker coats. The famous Wooster Brush brings in an effective R233-9 roller.

Product Description

Applying several layers to create the perfect effect is no longer necessary. A single applying step will get a decorative texture.

Classic texture patterns are available, even with sand finishes. You can choose any texture paints for coating.

For the quality, the best roller for knockdown texture features a unique looped body. With tan plastic, the system stands for long enough.

The roller has a solid, enduring polypropylene core inside. With excellent resistance, no water/solvent can damage the quality.


  • Unique, quite effective design.
  • Standard 9” size for the roller.
  • High resistance for intact core.
  • Immediate creation of effects.


  • Pressed rolling is necessary.

You’ll have to love the deep, intense effects created here. For the price, you can barely get any lower against the valued service.

6. Kraft Tool DW184 Decorative Texture Roller

Likewise, Kraft Tool promises the highest quality for its modern craftsmanship. Its DW184 roller guarantees to meet the satisfaction for sure.

Product Description

Thanks to the exterior design, it induces a subtle surface detail. For old walls, you can hide defects & blemishes.

With high-quality foam, it retains a good amount of paint at once. Against the sturdy frame, the foam gives a durable service.

The decorative roller helps you to cover wall surfaces perfectly. Using the 12” sized frame will certainly save working time.

Of course, it lets you enjoy a comfortable control & carriage. You’ll have a unique texture for ceilings & chair rails.


  • Large roller surface area.
  • Quality built, lightweight.
  • Nice decorative pattern.
  • Suitable for thicker paint.


  • Slight deviation in texture.

Rolling the wall will trigger a consistent look here. Although the price seems slightly high, it’s definitely worth the value.

7. FoamPRO 58 Texture & Multicolor Paint Applicator

It’s easy to get the ideal coating for the rightful surface texture. FoamPro introduces its versatile paint applicator to handle the job.

Product Description

The simple design concerns specifically for a textured finish. Its application delivers reasonable texture at the same time.

With a standard 9” size, it is likely to fit most painting tools available. The 3/8” foam nap delivers optimum coating efficiency.

Holding more paints at once, it easily covers lots of surface area. With less lifting, you can manage to finish the entire task.

The multicolor foam ensures supreme versatility regarding its use. You can go for a deck, bed or decorative coating.


  • Simple design, great versatility.
  • Standard size suits most frames.
  • More paint to work every time.
  • Even, uniform paint dispersion.


  • Questionable durability.

Without falling apart, you’ll have the task accomplished. The price is unbelievably low, despite its highly valued service.

8. Decorative Art Roller – Crocodile Skin Pattern

The unique, effective design imprints into the medium with optimum perfection. Artistic Painting Studio imparts a crocodile skin for the texture.

Product Description

Through a negative imprinting technique, it leaves the impression. In fact, rolling through wet material seems enough.

The textured wall roller has its versatility for textured wall surfaces. You can even use over plasters & glazes easily.

Although it comes with a 7” size, you’ll have no major issue. It lets you add extra, thoughtful detail for the painting tasks.

You can apply 1/8” to 1/16” thick layer perfectly using the roller. With a durable rubber built, it ensures maximum longevity.


  • Excellent built with rubber.
  • Reasonably faster painting.
  • Nice pattern, good appeal.
  • Suitable for other surfaces.


  • Not for oil-based paints.

The versatile system is easy to use with variable technique. Through it has a higher price tag; the service is definitely worth it.

9. Stipple Roller Sleeve for Durabak Textured Non-Slip Paint

The ultimate simple designation delivers excellent treatment for surfaces. Durabak Depot brings in one particular roller sleeve for the job.

Product Description

For textured varieties, it’s undeniably one great choice. The 9” sleeve easily fits into any standard painting roller cage.

With embedded granules, the sleeve ensures excellent painting uniformity. Its integrated rubber provides reasonable lifting & releasing every time.

All you need is to install the sleeve on the rubber support perfectly. You surely can cover a decent amount of surface.

The built isn’t exactly for prolonged or professional use. Its design is suitable mostly for one/two coats on the wall.


  • Suitable for texture varieties.
  • Rubber granule uniformity.
  • Simple design, good action.
  • Easy apply, decent outlook.


  • Not enduring quality.

For occasional or simple treatment, you can go for it. Likewise, the price is incredibly low, considering the provided service.

10. Tinksky Paint Decoration Empaistic Wooden Grain Painting Roller

With a practical design, you can attain the most desired finish. Using Tinksky will cover all the painting needs just right.

Product Description

The fully functional assembly features both roller & handle. No hassle to find a suitable cage to fit portable cages.

With a convenient 7” size, it certainly provides excellent coverage. The wooden grain pattern will impart a new, elegant appeal.

For the rubber sleeve, it comes with a plastic handle. The combo will ease your job while accomplishing the task.

Regardless of the paint type, you’re ready to go immediately. In fact, the roller is compatible with emulsion & texture paint.


  • Decent design, easy handling.
  • Full frame to start right away.
  • Colorful wood grain pattern.
  • Excellent paint compatibility.


  • Slight issue with absorption.

It’s time to paint the textured wall with a nice, impressive pattern. For a reasonable price, you’ll have excellent performance.

Bonus Reviews on Best Paint Roller for Textured Walls

Rust-Oleum RRC-9-2009 Restore Roller Cover

It brings in new life for indoor restoration tasks. Through a reasonable 9” size, your project remains effortless. The honeycomb roller absorbs & releases paints perfectly.

W1ith polyester, it offers superb durability. Even dispersion triggers a uniformly textured surface treatment. Restoration of surface appeal is easy with its specific design.

Drywall Texture Pattern Roller

Drywall lets you create a new or matching style. With the unique roller, you can hide all the flaws. Thanks to its 9” size, it easily fits standard cages.

Its basket weave is sure to induce an elegant appeal. Further consistency prevails for thicker coatings. Using water will do the cleaning job perfectly.

LINZER PRODUCTS RC 119 0900 Paint-Rollers

In simple words, Linzer brings in something out of the ordinary. The 9” x 3/8” roller has a unique design to induce spectacular painting for wall textures.

Its rich stucco with polypropylene core ensures a luxurious appeal. The formulation is perfectly compatible with heavy textures to plastic loops.

KiwiGrip Roller for KiwiGrip Coating

With a proprietary design, Kiwi Grip delivers a revolutionary surface coating. The beautiful, high-traction surface features a perfect non-skidding top.

You can even adjust the texture here. The system lets you switch between rollers ‘Pleasure Boat’ to aggressive ‘Work Boat’. And the size is somewhat small with 4” only.

Buying Guide – Paint Roller for Textured Walls

No doubt, you can’t go for any ordinary roller for textured walls. In fact, painting roller comes with special functionality to deal with the particular surface. That’s where you need to understand the important factors regarding its quality.

While buying, the criteria can help you to narrow down the endless options. Without falling for fancy advertisements, you better rely on the following guidance. There are certain considerations you’ll need to make the right purchase.

Exact Nap Size of Wall Texture Roller

While getting to the best paint roller for textured walls, the first thing to understand is its nap. Regarding its color, the majority comes in white, light yellow & blue. In fact, you’ll find some of the rollers are thick & some are really thin. That’s where nap size comes in.

3/8” Nap – it’s the most suitable & recognized nap size for textured wall painting. In fact, it’s the medium size to deal with the overall requirements. Lifting a gentle amount, the thickness delivers a solid layer every time. For drywall or ceilings, the size can induce supreme serviceability.

3/4” Nap – Using ¾” thickness can help you to get to the crevices of rough surfaces. It’s the ultimate solution for painting very undulated surfaces. Whether it’s bricks, stucco, decks or masonry – you better go for this specific size.

1/4” Nap – Considering the standard ones; it’s the smallest one for the job. With ¼”, you can induce the smoothest finish over the surface. Obviously, not on the extremely rough exteriors. It’s quite suitable for wood & metals, apart from smooth wall surfaces.

Standard Frame of Roller

There are different sizes available for paint rollers. From mini to large – you’ll find several options in hand. But three particular sizes are mostly suitable for textured walls. You better choose any of those three – 7”, 9” & 12” sizes.

7” Long – Not to say, it’s the least size you should consider for painting. For patching or ceiling jobs, this specific size provides excellent serviceability. But for covering a larger area, you should consider a slightly larger size.

9” Long – With a paint roller for textured walls, it’s the best option available. It lets you do painting walls, ceiling & other surfaces perfectly. Covering sufficient surface area at a time, the frame can save your working time.

12” Long – Unless you’ve lots of surfaces to paint, you can skip this one. but if necessary, you can go for it. The size is mostly beneficial for covering large surfaces, not for the most accurate output.

Roller Material

With material, you can find two particular types in the market. One is mainly rubber while the other is foam. In many cases, the foamed exterior features a rubberized interior. It gives a solid, firm core regarding support.

Rubber – Rubberized rollers are indeed cheap than its competitor. The durability is excellent with a solid, robust & strict painting exterior. You’ll have a defined pattern here for the textured wall. For an immense painting job, rubber can induce reasonable support.

Foam – When you want something really creative, a foamed roller is undeniably the best option. With foam, there are lots of varieties available. So, you’re likely to find & impart something new for the texture. Not to mention, you can go for either sleeve or roller to meet the needs.

Texture Pattern

It’s definitely important if you’re planning to induce some new pattern on the texture. In simple words, there are endless options with patterns you’ll find. That’s where you can get confused & make a judgment error.

There comes no rule with the preferred pattern. However, you need to choose carefully to enhance the overall appeal. Otherwise, it’ll look incredibly bad. The chosen pattern for walls only and the one for walls & ceilings has to differ from one another.

Overall Versatility

The exact suitability of best texture painting roller differs a lot from one model to another. There are rollers strictly for painting textured walls only. But it’s not a smart choice unless you just have textured walls around.

That’s where you need to take its versatility into account. Apart from the walls, the best roller for textured walls should paint the ceiling at least. Meeting the standard size, you can go further. It includes painting action for decks, woods & metals.

Paint Suitability

One of the most important yet underrated consideration lies with the paint. You’ll have to determine if the roller is suitable for the designated paint. In fact, using the wrong paint is enough to ruin all your effort.

Here, the rollers are mostly suitable for thin paints – water-based & latex. It’ll take several layers to finish the coating work. Only a few ones are good with thick or oil-based ones. For other types, you should contact the manufacturer/seller in the first place.

There are some other minor criteria you won’t need unless necessary. Without going for anything else, you’ll have to ensure the aforementioned ones first.

Best Brands of Paint Roller for Texture

There are lots of high-quality rollers just for textured walls. As it happens, the number of brands is also pretty high. It’s indeed difficult to make the best choices with the companies.

Yet we would like to introduce some of the most renowned manufacturers. Customers often look for their names in the first place. You can find several options for texture wall treatment there.

#1. Kraft Tool

Though somewhat newer in the business, Kraft Tool manages to reach its peak rather quickly. It’s undeniably one of the most trusted names to pros & novices for hand tools.

Two of the main choices (including the topmost one) come from there. The USA Company maintains the highest standards for its craftsmanship. With further innovations, it promises to offer the best service.

#2. Bestt Liebco

Since 1926, Bestt Liebco is one trustworthy name in the hand tool industry. Against a competitive price, it brings in some popular painting tools for the pros.

Reliability & quality makes the company a favorite in the USA. Their featured products come with unrivaled support. With excellent performance, it certainly meets the necessity of all the needs.

#3. Wooster Brush

When it gets to paint application, you have to hear the name of Wooster Brush. It’s one old company that retains its business with trust, reliability & quality.

From 1851, it takes pride in producing some of the best handmade tools across the USA. With lots of innovative milestones, you’re sure to impress with its unparalleled performance.

#4. Shur-Line

It’s indeed one reliable company with lots of versatile, daily-use tools. From the 1950s, it introduces high-quality products for different use; with variable size & style.

The innovative design with unrivaled quality makes the Shur-Line products a favorite. It takes pride in designing convenient tools for professional & indoor painting.

Paint roller FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Which one to prefer – reusable plastic or mere paper?

Answer: Plastic always imparts greater efficiency. You should go for reusable ones.

Question: What to do for increasing the service life?

Answer: Obviously, careful cleaning can help in this regard. You also need to avoid twisting/wringing.

Question: What medium is mostly suitable for textured surfaces?

Answer: Different mediums can provide different results. However, clay/mud delivers excellent output.

Question: Is it possible to use the roller for concrete paint?

Answer: It completely depends on the model. Rollers for textured concrete are also available.

Question: Do I need a muddling in the first place?

Answer: For drywall compounds in particular, you can do the muddling first.

Question: How to thick the applied paint?

Answer: You’ll have to apply several layers in a sequence. To avoid, choose rollers for thick paint.

Question: Will the rollers paint common fabric?

Answer: It’s not recommended for most cases. You can contact the manufacturer/seller.

Question: With latex paint, will I need to use a sealer?

Answer: Using rollers to apply latex paints will barely require any sealer.

Question: Should I use the rollers for ceiling patches?

Answer: The recommended use is for painting. But unless specified, you can try for patching.

Question: Which material is most suitable – rubber or foam?

Answer: Rubber holds suitable for larger painting tasks. Foam lets you make a decent touch.

Question: Does the induced pattern look clear enough?

Answer: In most cases, the pattern is clearly visible. For complex patterns, you may face difficulties.

Question: Does the roller can treat popcorn ceilings?

Answer: Direct painting can’t provide good finishes. You have to scrape them before painting.

Question: Will honeycomb roller work for woods?

Answer: It’s likely to work depending on the wood type & surface condition.

Final Verdict

Each one promises to ensure maximum satisfaction all along. Remaining within a reasonable budget, you’re free to make the choice.

Going through the full guide will help you to get to the good ones. The best paint roller for textured walls can certainly give your surrounding a new life.

You should get the ultimate gear for the next project by now. It just takes a proper match among your budget, demands & surface type.

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