What Types of Paint Brushes Should You use For Walls?

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By David Wills

Painting a wall can be a nuisance sometimes. Dealing with all those paints and brushes sure take a lot of effort. But, do you know what can make things a whole lot easier?

Well, the answer would be a proper selection of brushes. However, it’s very easy to get lost into the huge varieties of these brushes. But, if you pay a closer look and sort them out depending on their types, the chances of getting the perfect one gets very high.

So, how far do you think you know about the types of paint brushes for walls. Don’t worry if you don’t know much. As you and I are going to dig deep into the topic and find the perfect brush to paint your beautiful wall.

7 Types of paint brushes for walls

Paint-brushes for walls are quite different from artistic ones. And why wouldn’t they be? After all, the purpose plays the prime role here.

Therefore, there are a lot of varieties of paint-brushes out there. Each of them is used for different purposes. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common ones that are described below.

1. Wall Brush

If you are dealing with a wall then it is quite impossible to cover it out without a wall brush. Yes, that is right. Wall brushes are the most efficient ones when you want to cover a large area.

Although these brushes seem pretty much like ordinary household brushes if you look carefully, you’ll notice some major differences.

The bristles are long and the handle gets a good grip. More than household brushes of course. The long bristles help you to grab more paint at a time which makes the job easier.

Wall brushes come in different sizes. Among them, there are 3 inches, 4 inches, and 6 inches. However, the 3 inches one is more preferable for painting walls.

2. Trim Brush

If you are one of them who always seem to miss the tiny bits and complicated edges while painting, then trim brushes can be your savior.

The design of the brush is also unique. It is light and fluffy and the most interesting part is that the handle of the brush is very short.

Therefore, the handle allows the user to paint precisely. Of you take a look at the other brushes, the handles are quite large. As a result, it will put more pressure onto your muscles and you will get tired very quickly.

Thus, the trim brushes save you from this fatigue and increase your accuracy. Although it comes in several sizes, I will highly recommend you to use the 2 inch one. Also, use these brushes before covering the entire wall.

3. Household Brush

You have seen this one in your backyard, haven’t you? That’s right. These are the large multipurpose brushes that every household tans to have.

Although they are mostly used to paint furniture or ceilings, they are exceptionally good at painting walls as well.

The basic idea of this brush is to grab the maximum amount of paint at a time. The bristles are very good at holding the paint. Therefore, these brushes will provide you with maximum protection from spills.

While painting a wall with a household brush, your prime concern should be to cover a large area with it. Therefore, it is better to collect a large one for maximum coverage.

4. Finishing Brush

Tired of those marks form brush strokes? Well, there’s a solution to this. Finishing brushes are specially designed to smoothen out the brush strokes.

If you take a closer look, you will understand the reason. Regular brushes are quite harsh and on the wall, as they have harder bristles.

On the other hand, finishing brushes have lighter bristles and they are softer on the walls. These bristles are generally made of ox hair and have a delicate texture.

Therefore, after covering the entire wall dip your finishing brush into the paint and give your wall another smooth coating. Trust me, you are going to love the results.

5. Flagged Bristle

Flagged bristles are capable of holding a huge amount of paint. If you are painting a wall, these brushes can give you impressive coverage.

Not just that, if you take a look at other squares-cut brushes, you will notice their harsh straight line cut bristles. These are the reason behind the stroke marks on your wall.

On the contrary, the flagged bristles brushes have a fuzzy line that smoothens outs the paint. This way, you won’t even need to go through the entire wall again with a finishing brush.

Although small size brushes give you more precise results, I will recommend you to try the 4 or 6 inches flagged bristle brush for better results.

6. Round Sash

Unlike the square-cut brushes, rounded sash brushes give you a more delicate result. The brush is a fluffy one with a rounded tip.

The handle of the brush gives you a better grip and firm control over your strokes. However, it is not a large brush in general.

Most round sash brushes come in 20 to 40 mm bristle sizes. Depending on the purpose, you can select any of them.

Therefore, next time you are painting a wall with a door or a window, try to have around a sash brush with you so that you can use it to paint those areas that are difficult to reach with a larger brush.

7. Angled Sash

What can you guess from the name of this brush? Yes, you guessed it right. They come in an angular-cut shape. The unique design of the brush makes it different than the rest of the brushes.

These brushes are specifically designed to cover up complicated surfaces. For example, it can easily cover the corners and edges of your door.

The angle of the bristles will help you to reach the corners very easily. Again, the tip is also fuzzy. Therefore, the results are quite smooth.

There are a lot of different sizes available in the market. But, the 2 inches and the 2 ½ inches brushes are mostly seen to paint a wall.

Keep in mind that you should always fill in the corners and edges before covering up the entire wall. This gives your wall an even look.


As you saw, there are many varieties out there to choose from. Some are good at covering a larger space whereas others are great with smaller corners. So, have you found the one you’ve been looking for?

Of course, it is not like that a single type of brush can do the entire job with excellent accuracy. Therefore, I highly recommend you to grab a bunch you like and make a combination of your own.

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