Wooster vs Purdy Paint Brushes – Which Brush Is Better?

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By David Wills

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, professional or occasional painting – you’ll need good brushes first, right? And you know there are lots of brushes from different brands in the market.

Even in the overwhelming chaos, you’ll find Wooster & Purdy brands somewhat different. And without doubt, for good reasons.

Both are in the business for a long time with quality, performance & satisfaction. Each of the manufacturers has a large following in the professional field.

Now come to the point, while choosing, the obvious question arises – which one to choose? or which one is better? In fact, Wooster vs Purdy brushes debate is going on for a good time.

That’s what we’re up to find out right here. We would like to make the final decision based on expertise suggestions & recommendations.

Brand Details

Without a doubt, the manufacturers are quite popular among experts & professionals. Before getting to the actual debate, let’s have a look at both companies.


Established in 1851, Wooster Brush is one of the oldest manufacturers for paint applicators. Since its foundation, the company takes pride in setting several milestones in the painting industry.

In fact, it brings in 2000+ painting tools for different skill levels. Continuing its innovation & development, it’s now a worldly recognized brand.


From 1925, Purdy takes no halt in producing ground-breaking tools for painters. In fact, hand craftsmanship reaches a whole new level of quality, performance & coverage.

Committing to provide the best tools, Purdy continues its contribution towards excellence. With an extensive product line, it delivers high-end gear to the painter’s hand.

Overall Quality of Brushes: Wooster vs Purdy

It’s difficult to directly make any specific decision. Obviously, it’s somewhat impossible with two of the best companies around. The ultimate choice mostly depends on customer satisfaction than everything else combined.

With high-quality brushes, a number of available options seem overwhelming. To get the overall quality of each brand, it’s important to know their brushes. Let’s break down the models to make things easier to understand.

Wooster Brush

Not to say, the age-old company is still in the business with satisfactory quality. There are brushes to choose from – for professional or occasional uses.

The company introduces several classes for its brushes. Alpha, Chinex FTP, Ultra Pro, Bristle, Yachtsman – gained higher preferences. Holding more paint, the brushes deliver smooth painting finish.

Purdy Brush

Fully handcrafted brushes offer better action while bearing an excellent value. Also, it’s one brand to cover the requirements of pros to novices.

There are lots of series to satisfy the overall customer demand. XL, Clearcut, Nylox, Bristle, Chinex are widely popular based on the intended use. Higher strength & greater firmness ensures supreme functionality for indoor & outdoor applications.

Wooster vs Purdy: A Brief Comparison

In simple words, Wooster tends to hold further paint at once. With greater coverage, it allows you to make a quick task. in addition, the bristles have sufficient firmness to allow easy cleanup.

Getting to Purdy, you’ll have handmade tools for sensitive, precise uses. Reasonable coverage with a nice finish keeps it competitive with Wooster.

Although both come with relevant pros & cons, alternate solution mostly lies within. That’s where the exact choice for Wooster vs Purdy gets difficult,even for professionals.

4 Best Brushes from Wooster Brush

1. Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush

The original Nylon/Polyester shortcut lets you enjoy your painting tasks. With a tiny 2” size, Wooster Brush Q3211-2 ensures maximum output.

For the bristles, it got white nylon with gold polyester. The blend is sure to impress you with its soft, firm action. Also, it features a standard brass-plated steel ferrule.

With a unique Shergrip handle, it triggers incredible flexibility. Of course, the 2.25” handle initiates a comforting reach in narrow places.

It enables uniform coverage while resisting paint wears. You can use all types of water-based stains, acrylics & latex. But you should avoid using oil-based paints here.

2. Wooster Brush Paint Brush Q3108-2 Softip Paintbrush

The perfect brush to get a nice, smooth & even surface finish. For Wooster Brush Q3108-2, its 2” size is ready to handle the job.

It imparts great resistance against wear through the bristles. In fact, the white nylon with gold polyester delivers a soft tip.

Obviously, it gives an excellent result with all latex & oil-based paints. In addition, the bristle holding platform features a durable steel ferrule.

There comes one solid plastic Kaiser handle having a pearl-yellow appeal. With a rather short handle, it allows easier control for the user.

3. Wooster Brush 5221-2 1/2 Silver Tip Angle Sash Paintbrush

Through an exclusive formulation, it offers a perfect smoothing & leveling performance. In fact, Wooster Brush 5221 covers some delicate painting jobs.

Its chemically tipped (CT) polyester induces a unique, effective bristle. The thin filaments are quite flexible & soft. It allows you to eliminate possible brush marks.

The brush is quite suitable with enamels, varnishes & water-based paints. Whether it’s metal, wood or wall – you’re sure to get the best output.

It features a convenient satin ferrule to hold the bristles. For the 2.5” sized brush, it comes with a useful angle sash integration.

4. Wooster Brush Q3118-1 En Glo Q3118 Wall Brush

It’s time to achieve maximum precision with something really useful. The 1” sized Wooster Brush Q3118-1 definitely gives full user control.

There comes a gold nylon/sable polyester for the filaments. In addition, the bristles have a chiseled trim. It ensures an excellent pickup with all latex, acrylics & oil-based paints.

Despite its tiny shape, the brush can offer reasonably faster coverage. For holdup, the frame includes a solid steel ferrule with brass plating.

The pearl-brown handle is of sturdy plastic with excellent durability. Apart from a comfortable grip, it triggers a full control over its uses.

4 Best Brushes from Purdy

1. Purdy 140853100 XL Brush

Whether it’s interior or exterior painting, the pack is ready for the job. The 140853100 XL unit by Purdy has 3 brushes to meet the satisfaction.

The filaments have a blend of satin-edge nylon with Orel polyester. You can attain coatings with latex, primers, oil-based paints & stains.

High retention of stiffness allows it to work in different environments perfectly. You’ll get to use one 2” XL Sprig, a 1.5” XL Glide & one 1” XL Dale.

It’s angular trim includes edged ferrule of a rounded square. Thanks to the natural hardwood handle, it holds great for various projects.

2. Purdy 144380230 Nylox Series Sprig Flat Trim Paint Brush

With an increased wear-ability, you can achieve an excellent painting output. Coming from the Nylox series, it’s an incredible choice for indoor jobs.

The reasonably large 3.0” brush features 100% Dyed nylon. Therefore, it’s suitable for varnishes & enamels. Providing greater abrasion resistance, the filaments ensure a satin-edged finish.

For semi-gloss to high-gloss latex paints, it’s arguably the best option. It includes careful tipping & flagging for proper functionality.

Not to mention, the system triggers superior paint lifting & its smooth application. Its unrivaled formulation initiates supreme flexibility for painting jobs.

3. Purdy 144234715 Pro-Extra Monarch Flat Trim Paint Brush

Superb painting efficiency comes along with extra-thick, extra-long bristles. The Pro-Extra Monarch by Purdy introduces one of the finest brushes.

Its Tynex nylon induces further softness & easier paint flow. The Orel polyester delivers consistent retention of stiffness. Meanwhile, Chinex triggers a quick cleaning with a self-flagging tip.

The blend simply works with all common types of paints. With a proprietary methodology, it ensures a perfect paint distribution.

For square edging & steel ferrule, it comes with a useful beavertail style. Through natural hardwood handle, you’ll surely enjoy a solid grip.

4. Purdy 144152125 Clearcut Series Glide Angular Trim Paint Brush

The excellent cutting-in capability allows you to enjoy the utmost precision. Purdy brings in one tipped-only painting brush for delicate tasks.

The Tynex nylon with Orel polyester imparts great stiffness for the filaments. With a solid formulation, they ensure a smooth, accurate finish. It lets you work in hot & humid conditions.

It works really great on different surfaces with latex paints & primers. Not to mention, there comes a convenient fluting for its angular trim.

For the round edges, you’ll have a standard steel ferrule. likewise, natural hardwood handle allows superior control.

Which One is Better? Wooster or Purdy Brushes?

At the final step, making the ultimate decision is still difficult. The suitability of one particular brand doesn’t necessarily outrun the other. One seems perfect in terms of features while the other one seems excellent in terms of uses. The resulting preference largely varies in accordance with user satisfaction.

You’ll find very small to somewhat large-sized brushes from Purdy. For Wooster Brush, the choice is limited to a smaller size mostly. Wooster Brush emphasized on bristle blend while Purdy covers both blend & individual nylon. The handle is of natural hardwood with Purdy which is quite unique, getting to Wooster Brush.

You’ll have to simply depend on the intended job & extent of the painting task. Even the most experienced pro can’t get you any better. Obviously, Wooster Brush is a preference where coverage is important. And it’s Purdy when you’ll have to take firmness into account.


Final Verdict

Without a doubt, there comes no clear conclusion about brand supremacy. Regarding Purdy vs Wooster paint brushes, it literally gets nowhere considering quality, satisfaction or performance.

Although the debate may go on, there’s no clear winner to decide yet. Both retain their popularity among lots of pros, experts & even novices.

Now, it’s the painter’s hand that will bring the overall result into reality.

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