Best Paint Roller to Hide Imperfections 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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By David Wills

Regular plaster walls get loaded with dings, gaps, cracks, holes & lots of other blemishes. By the time, you’ll feel the necessity of hiding all those imperfections.

There are different ways to treat imperfections. But most of them require a high budget &a longer time. You’ll even need to hire professional painters to accomplish the task.

Paint rollers can induce a cost-effective, less tedious & more efficient mean to treat the surfaces. It has one rotating cylinder having an absorbing cover that is attached to a handle.

The entire task is possible to do by yourself alone. It delivers larger coverage within hours. Less hassle, less mess – the most advantageous part of using a paint roller.

You need to load the mounted roller absorbent into the paint. All you have to do is slide the rotating cover against the surface. That’s it. It’ll give one coating on the walls.

The construction is simple & the price is cheap. The problem arises when you’ll move to make a choice. Hundreds of cheap plastic-made rollers have overwhelmed the market.

All the problems come to an end right here. We analyzed the high-quality ones & ended up in listing the top 10. Reviewing the best paint roller to hide imperfections, you can skip the troublesome quest.

Let’s check out the reciprocal comparison of our top picks right below.

Top 4 Brands from Our Selected Paint Rollers to Make Better Buying Decision

There is an incredibly large number of brands to narrow down. You’ll find older & new brands with a good number of models. Only a few ones come with a solid reputation with multiple favorite choices. Producing some of the highest-quality models, the best paint roller brands meet customer requirements& satisfaction. The followings are the top ones in the business.

1. Wooster Brush:

Founded in 1851 & still in the business for more than 165 years – enough to introduce the company. It established some of the most common & useful techniques in the painting industry.

With innovative development, Wooster managed to continue the highest quality standard. Currently, it produces over 2000 painting tools for different skill levels.

2. Purdy:

Since its arrival in 1925, Purdy is dedicated to professional painting experience to a newer level. It delivers some of the best premium tools in the industry.

Using the finest materials, the outstanding craftsmanship induces supreme quality. Apart from unparalleled quality, it takes pride in providing incredible technical support & customer service.

3. Bates Choice:

There are several choices on our list from Bates Choice. Although it’s rather new, the company promises to induce quality service within budget.

Started by two passionate, experienced founders, it quickly found its way to win the customer’s heart. With high-end equipment, Bates Choice maintains pro-level output. In fact, it guarantees a faster task completion with a great finish.

4. True Blue:

Painters for Painters group laid its foundation. True Blue covers your necessity for brushing, spraying & rolling. Not to mention, it continues to manufacture great cover sets for paint rollers.

With premium painting gears, True Blue takes the experience to a satisfactory level. All their tools ensure smooth, the consistent result for different surfaces.

Top 10 Best Paint Roller to Hide Imperfections Reviews

It’s difficult to pick the top 10 among lots of high-quality products. Researching on a very thorough scale, we enlisted & analyzed the best paint roller to hide imperfections here. Meeting the budget & basic necessities, every single roller is worth your consideration. Scroll down to find out the most suitable & satisfactory gear to cover up all the imperfections.

1. Wooster Brush R017-9 Roller Frame

For hiding the imperfections, it’s difficult to outmatch Wooster Brush’s quality. The versatile roller features one 9” Sherlock frame. With chrome plating, it comes with a 5/16” shank at 90° angle. Therefore, no shanks/gray steaks. To ensure smooth rolling, the system includes internal bearings.

There comes a quick releasing spring without roller slippage. Also, the best paint roller frame eases the rap removal at one attempt. For the green fiberglass reinforcement, it has nylon end caps & cage for easy handling. The full-sized grip of polypropylene features additional reinforced threads.


  • Durable fiberglass nylon handle.
  • Reasonably large rolling frame.
  • Rap removal without slippage.
  • Fully compatible with Sherlock GT.
  • 90° angled, chrome-plated shank.


  • Little sliding down may occur.
  • Somewhat squeak takes place.

Quick connectivity with smooth-rolling gives certain advantages. The price is obviously reasonable all along against its supreme serviceability.

2. Purdy 14B863400 Dove Cover

Purdy brings one high-quality cover set to get rid of wall imperfections perfectly. In fact, the set contains 4 pieces of white covers. For better performance, the dove white cover comes with a large 9” x 3/8” measurement. With a suitable shape & size, it improvises productivity & working efficiency.

Each of the high-density covers is of commercial-grade woven acrylic.The overall construction holds outstanding for worn-out ceilings & surfaces. Its smooth surface delivers a lint-free wall/floor finishing. The best paint roller for ceilings induces maximum output & satisfaction with oil-based paints & latex.


  • High-density acrylic cover set.
  • Smooth, lint-free work ability.
  • Complete deletion of defects.
  • Suits drywall, floor & ceilings.
  • 9” roller with 3/8” sized nap.


  • Slightly low splattering.
  • Shedding of little lints.

Combining consistency & quality, Purdy covers can handle the job. With its reasonable price tag, the set is definitely worth your investment.

3. True Blue Professional Paint Roller Covers

With True Blue Roller Covers, you can have professional output. In fact, the premium microfiber covers can serve all surface types. The superior design focuses on optimum pickup & release. Using the 3/8” nap, the best paint roller cover can grab 3x more to speed up the project work.

The high-quality microfiber gives no shed & lint. Apart from the smooth finish, it can provide outstanding coverage over one single coat. The high-capacity blend handles all common paints, even epoxies. The large-sized roller is what to need to cover the surface without wasting time.


  • Premium cover for pro-level output.
  • Suitable for all types of surface finish.
  • Capable of handling different paints.
  • Greater pick-up and release amount.
  • Consistent, lint & shed free coverage.


  • Somewhat little shedding occurs.
  • Epoxy paint requires careful use.

Whether it’s smooth/semi-smooth walls, it gives a satisfactory result. Considering the service value, the professional cover isn’t out priced at all.

4. Bates- Paint Roller Covers

With a complete set, Bates lets you handle an incredibly large project. The magnificent pack includes 24 pieces for professional tasks. Whether it’s a large house or huge office place, only one set can cover the entire job. All covers can perfectly fit into the common roller frames for painting.

Being 4” only, the best paint roller cover set delivers competence despite its small size. The micro-fiber covers come with ½” measurement for comfortable handling. In fact, the premium quality has shed resistance property. Ensuring greater performance, it works well with all kinds of paints & stains.


  • Set contains a total of 24 covers.
  • Premium built with microfiber.
  • Smooth & shed-resisting output.
  • Suitable for semi-smooth surfaces.
  • Perfect use with all stains, paints.


  • Roller nap size is rather small.
  • Issues with thick acrylic paint.

Complete satisfaction will definitely prevail against its small nap size. Regarding its professional output, it comes at an affordable price.

5. True Blue 9″ Professional Paint Roller Covers

Speaking of perfecting larger spaces, it’s difficult to outrun True Blue Cover set. Designed for pros, the full set features 48 covers at once. The best roller cover for interior walls can easily handle all sorts of paints. Over the roller frame, each one can eliminate common surface imperfections.

The microfiber covers grab 3x more paint to speed up the painting. Thanks to its ½” nap size, the cover can handle a wide variety of tasks. In fact, it holds superb specifically for a semi-rough textured wall, ceiling. With a microfiber blend, the cover design ensures consistency & smoothness.


  • High-quality microfiber cover.
  • Complete set contains 48 pieces.
  • Speeded work with larger grab.
  • Shed resisting, lint-free covers.
  • Suitable for various paint types.


  • Loosening of fibers may occur.
  • Full drying is likely to take days.

The professional service delivers outstanding coverage with smooth finishing. The rated price tag is certainly worth it against the valuable output.

6. Bates Paint Roller – Paint Brush, Paint Tray

The comprehensive kit by Bates comes with complete satisfaction. Containing 11 tools, it covers all the necessary painting supplies. The best paint roller kit with tray features two roller frames (9”, 4”) & two pairs of covers (9” x ½”, 4” x ½”). Apart from the foam brush, there comes one 2” paint brush from Angel.

With long-lasting performance, the tray set delivers exceptional finishing quality. Using the rubberized, plastic handle, you’ll feel no strain or tiredness on the job. Thanks to its synthetic filaments, the brushes hold more paints. The reasonable nap size initiates a quick task completion & result.


  • Full tray set for interior painting.
  • 2 different roller frames with covers.
  • Additional foam & paint brushes.
  • Durable design paint roller that allows easy cleanup.
  • Thick filaments grab more paints.


  • Very cheap plastic pan.
  • Little lint may take place.

The ergonomic set suits the requirement of pros & beginners. Considering its affordable price, the provided service value is much higher.

7. Bates- Paint Tray Set, 4 inch Paint Roller

Here comes one cheaper yet effective alternative of the previous kit by Bates itself. The versatile set features one particular roller frame of 4” size. Meanwhile, the 5-piece pack includes 3 best roller covers for painting. Using the additional paint tray, you can keep all 4 tools organized & stored.

The small-sized frame delivers a good output with durability & sturdiness. For the premium covers, each one is shed & lint resistant. In fact, the nap size measures ½” for the microfiber covers. The tiny construction is great particularly for perfecting edges & narrower spaces.


  • Basic tray set of 5 pieces.
  • 3 covers for roller frame.
  • Microfiber nap of ½” size.
  • Suitable for confined spot.
  • Paint tray allows storage.


  • Difficult frame mounting.
  • Slight shedding occurs.

With reasonable design, the set can deliver a well-finished painting task. Despite its lower price, you’ll get appreciable quality & performance.

8. HomeRight C800251 3/8 inch Roller Cover

The high-quality roller cover by HomeRight eliminates the slightest surface imperfection. For the standard 9” length, it gets a nap size of 3/8”. You can also get the ¾” nap for the same length if necessary. The best roller cover for textured walls is compatible with Paint Stick & similar models.

With durable polyester, the perforated cover delivers superb consistency. It is shed resistant, allowing you to lay the perfect coating on the surface. You can use it for oil-based primers, paints & even latex on drywall. Meanwhile, the rugged core features long-lasting polypropylene.


  • Perforated, polyester made cover.
  • Ideal length of 9” for standard frame.
  • No requirement for additional tray.
  • Complete nap saturation from inside.
  • Easy cleanup allows repeated use.


  • Unsuitable for rougher places.
  • Flattening is likely to occur.

Providing extended control, the cover lets you enjoy the painting. Despite its unique & effective result, the price tag remains incredibly low.

9. Multi-FunctionPaint Roller Brush kit 8 Pcs

The multi functional kit by Sandegoo guarantees perfectly seamless painting. The handy set covers all your needs to handle the imperfections. Its unique splicing bar designation focuses on the quick surfacing. With upgrades, the best paint roller kit initiates excellence & pro-level results.

Apart from durable material, the brush features fine flocking. Following a rather easy cleanup, you can store/reuse without issues. The versatile set is also suitable for numerous common furniture. Using the 6’ steel pole, you can paint even the furthest space comfortably.


  • Multi functional design with pole.
  • No dropping/dipping to create mess.
  • Reusable after simple cleansing.
  • Suitable for surfaces & furniture.
  • Balanced, even stroke every time.


  • Difficult to cover distant marks.
  • Cover filaments may come out

Despite its simple construction, the kit delivers satisfactory painting. With convenient output & time-saving performance, the price tag remains affordable.

10. Bates – Paint Roller, Roller Frame with 2 Covers

The last choice from the list comes from Bates Choice. The ergonomic set features a roller frame with two naps. With a standard 9” frame, it ensures maximized professional output. Thanks to its durable built, the best roller frame for painting can handle all kinds of paints over different surface types.

For the cover, it features high-density microfiber materials. The ½” nap is simple to wash & therefore, easy to reuse for the same project. Using the high-impact rubberized handle can ease your effort. The included 5/6” shank comes with a perfect chrome plating on the outside.


  • Simple yet effective 3-piece set.
  • Lightweight with nylon end caps.
  • Sturdy 5 wired cage for frame.
  • High-density microfiber cover.
  • Perfectly threaded for extensions.


  • Completely basic package.
  • Somewhat defective nut.

Although the package is for simple work, it induces pro-level performance. The price is incredibly low without compromising the quality.

Benefits of Choosing a Top Paint Roller to Hide Imperfections

Lots of people get in confusion to have paint roller over a painting brush. It’s true that brushes have certain advantages, but rollers got no less either. With multiple benefits, best paint roller to hide imperfections gives utmost satisfaction when it comes to painting surfaces.

Multiple Works

The best advantage comes with its versatility for different surfacing tasks. Of course, the roller is perfect for painting the walls, ceilings & even floors.

One incredible fact about roller is its suitability. Whether its smooth/semi-smooth walls, you can achieve complete perfection. With a sturdy & durable one, you can even whitewash or treat specific spots.

Larger Coverage

Without a doubt, the most incredible benefit of using a roller is its coverage efficiency. With a brush, it often requires several strokes to cover a tiny spot.

But one single pass with the roller can cover a huge amount of surfaces. Not to mention, it depends greatly on the roller size, yet gives better performance than brushes.

Quick Painting

It’s rather difficult to paint surfaces with random, irregular uneven spots. The paint roller can prove its worth to handle such troublesome issues.

It’s likely to take hours to cover the spots perfectly using brushes. But pass the roller two or three times, the entire imperfection will disappear.

Less Time Requirement

Single-pass using roller resulting in larger coverage speeds up the painting task. It certainly saves you valuable time.

You can take care of lots of surface areas within hours. With a brush, you may not even finish the entire work in one single day.

Even Painting

What actually makes roller so efficient for larger, uneven spaces? The simple answer lies here – it delivers completely even, uniform painting.

No matter whatever your paint type is, a roller barely gives even the slightest unevenness. Even the paint isn’t properly blended/mixed, you can have a uniformly colored surface.

Variety of Paints

Most of the common, cheap rollers hold best with acrylic paints. But there are several others that can handle almost all common paint types.

You won’t have to go through a lot of trouble using different paints for a single project. With easy cleanup, the roller surface gets ready to grab a newer type.

Buying Guide to Choose a Best Paint Roller to Hide Imperfections

As mentioned, there is an uncountable number of models you can find. For any products, there’s a certain number of key considerations. Without knowing those, getting any is likely to turn into a nightmare.

And as it happens, we got some even for best paint roller to hide imperfections. To make a successful investment, you need to understand the key factors. In fact, the considerations directly influence the overall roller performance.

Cover Material:

With paint roller, it’s the cover that actually does the job. It’s of utmost importance to get something reliable & long-lasting. In fact, the cover material decides whether & how much you can go for reuse. In the market, five particular materials are widely used for the cover.


Although new to the industry, microfiber already got attention & popularity. It can work with almost all kinds of common paint types. You can identify it from the diagonal stripes over plush covers. This cover can induce a perfectly smooth finish masking all the imperfections.


Still, synthetic retains its benefit when it comes to treating surfaces. This particular material itself has three specific types-nylon, polyester & Dacron. It has incredible efficiency with water-based latex paints. Despite its limited paint bearing ability, synthetic covers have extreme durability.


Having wool, this cover is a natural choice. Wool/mohair covers are highly suitable with common oil-based paints. Yet, they provide good output with most other finishing work. The wool can pick up lots of paint at once, so greater coverage at a time.

Wool + Polyester:

Several painting works require both water-based & oil-based paints. It’s really annoying to use different rollers for each paint type. To solve this problem, there comes a cover type having a blend of wool & polyester.

You can easily switch between paint types using the combined cover material. Its versatility, efficiency remains equal for almost all cases. The blended type can pick a considerably large amount of paints for one load.


Some project work requires a small touch up. Foamed cover holds the best for those works. It is also suitable for fixing light imperfections. The problem lies with its durability. It’s referred to as a one-time or single-use cover for its less effectiveness.

Roller Length:

With length, there is considerable variation from model to model. Most of the available ones have fixed dimensions. But there’s now frames having an adjustable length. Considering the best rollers, you can find 4 specific frame lengths.

4” – These ones are basically mini frame rollers. When the imperfections are somewhat minor, you can get one of those. Not to mention, 4” rollers hold best for light surfacing task. It allows careful touch up, furnishing & even tight/confined/narrow space painting.

9”–Without doubt, rollers having 9” seems the standard size. This size is almost perfect for every DIY project work. From complete painting to certain surface treatment, it delivers several advantages.

From pros to starters, it ensures a rather comfortable, effortless handling. Also, the 9” rollers grab a sufficient amount of paints to accomplish the job.

6”/7” – The size is moderate & the same goes for its efficiency. It’s actually good for working on boards or furniture. You can find it useful to reach certain tight areas like the wall portion behind the toilet.

12” &Above – Being heavy, rollers having this size is mostly used by experts/professionals. Not to say, it is specifically designed to handle heavier tasks. Also, it costs quite higher than any other.

Handle Construction:

No matter what you get, you can’t expect anything good over poor handling. It’s one underrated yet an important consideration. In fact, your cover/frame can’t retrieve the damage done by a poor handle.

Here, the problem is twofold – it’s construction & your handling capability. In most cases, the handle is of plastic connected to the cage inside the cover core. The plastic handle doesn’t mean bad all the time. You should look for something stable & robust. Roller cage material can differ – either metal or plastic.

When the project is heavy or long-time work, you need to think of its ergonomics. Good shape delivers consistent grip without strain. It ensures comfort & helps you to retain the continuity.

You better check out the availability of bottom clips/threads. For quality rollers, it’s a general feature mostly. Yet you should confirm that its presence will allow extension pole attachment.

Nap Size:

One significant factor regarding the quality of the painting job is a nap. It’s the fiber length that occurs on the cover surface. In fact, fibers on the cover treat imperfections, grabs & overlay the paint.

Even the best purchase will fail if you get the wrong cover for the wrong surface. Before purchase, you’ll have to know what kind of surface the roller is likely to deal with. There goes one thumb rule – less nap, smoother surface.

3/8” – It’s the most preferred nap size to DIYers & pros. Many good-quality rollers have this nap size. This size can handle most of the walls having light or no texture. The nap can give a smooth finish for common interior walls.

½” – This one is also widely popular. Both 3/8” & ½” cover most of the rollers in the market. Not to mention, both are the best for masking surface imperfections. It’s highly suitable for different walls with moderate texture. You can treat concrete & even paneling with ½” nap.

¼”/¾” – The mini-sized ¼” creates incredibly smooth finishes. It holds good for surfaces without any texture. But it’s difficult to treat imperfections using this size. You can consider very smooth walls/floors, cabinets, ceilings & metals.

Meanwhile, the ¾” gives good output for heavily textured surfaces. But it’s not exactly the standard one for common walls. You may face difficulty in treating minor imperfections.

Paint Suitability:

Not all the rollers are for all kinds of paints. Strictly saying, most of the rollers have certain efficiency regarding particular paint. The most influencing fact towards paint suitability is the cover material.

In most cases, microfiber &blended covers mostly suitable for common types. But most others have specific favorites. Synthetic goes better with watery paints where it’s oily paints for wool.


Lint/Shedding of fibers is another common problem with the covers. you obviously don’t want the fiber to get painted to hide imperfections. It may create several problems with finishing & in the process, the roller gets invalid.

Therefore, you have to ensure the cover material quality. Nap size plays important roles, particularly with surface differences. For reusable roller covers, you better figure out its efficiency against continuous & heavy works. Also, cleaning & drying the cover have their influence.

Paint Splattering:

Most of the customer complaints concern with painting brush/roller splattering. It’s the flicking/dripping of paints downward following the overlay. It seems similar to artistic drawing on papers/boards, but definitely not on the wall.

Although the problem is more related to user expertise, yet it’s important. Here, you need to create a balance between grabbed paint amount & possible coverage.

It’s true that paint rollers have less consideration to list or understand. There are certainly other factors but you should focus on the aforementioned guide.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What type of paint hides imperfections?

Reflective paints can do better when it comes to masking the wall imperfections. Both flat & satin paints are reflective, the latter being more resisting to moist. You can go for semi-gloss & high-gloss paints when you have irregular wall shape.

Q. What type of paint should I use for wetting the roller?

It’s necessary to pre-wet the roller cover using water for latex paint. For oil-based paint, you better use mineral spirits. Don’t use hand to remove the excess water/spirit. You can dab/spun the cover with a paper towel/rag.

Q. How do you hide imperfections on the wall?

In fact, you can do lots of things to cover up the imperfections. Artwork or poster taping can give temporary, cheap & effortless solutions. You can even block the spots using furniture. It holds handy when the imperfections lie in the lower portion of the wall. But the best way to cover up the problem is to use paint over those.

Q. Does the roller mark go away when the wall dries?

Roller marks or so-called holidays tend to occur frequently while painting. You can go for different methods to deal with those. But for simple masking, you may apply one additional coat over the paint after drying.

Q. What to use to smooth walls before painting?

The process gets long with the number of imperfections. To get a clear idea & make complete detection, you’ll have to highlight the spots well. Then, you can fix the nails, tap & fill the corners, cut out all the cracks. You may think of using an aluminum patch to fix the spots fast, it’s better to fill the damaged areas more or less 3 times.

Q. What should be the sequence of the painting work?

First of all, you need to prepare the surfaces by cleaning & repairing the defects. Then you can prime & trim the surfaces if necessary. It’s good to fill the cracks/gaps/holes using chalks. Start painting with the ceiling portions & make an end to the lower portions of the wall.

Q. Will primer hide drywall imperfections?

Certain drywall primers have some excellent properties. It can scuff or soak into paper/mud, specifically suitable for porous surfaces. Creating an almost leveled surface, it eases the paint to adhere.

Q. Should I cut in or roll in the first place?

It holds great to cut in the first place, particularly the corners. Then you can move forward to roll the paint over the main wall surfaces. It actually refers to start painting about 2 brush lengths away from both-sided corners.

Final Verdict

You can only expect to have a good result with a top quality paint roller. It’s really important to get your hands on the most suitable ones. Otherwise, your work is likely to end up worsening the overall condition. Going through the buying guide, you’ll understand the basic factors to emphasize.

All our picks can provide the utmost satisfaction when it comes to treating surface imperfections. We brought the best paint roller to hide imperfections under affordable prices. Focusing on the essential considerations, we covered the necessary details here. Going through one by one, you can get a clearer idea of good-quality rollers.

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