DIY Guide: How to Clean Paint Rollers?

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By David Wills

You love painting and decorating your house from time to time but hate the cleaning part.

Trust me, you are not the only one here. When it comes to painting a house, the thing you need to clean the most is the paint rollers.

The large tacky paint rollers might give you a tough call whenever you are trying to clean them. So, what do you think you should do in this situation?

Well, I think, the best way to deal with it is to learn the proper way of cleaning them. Therefore, I am going to introduce you to the finest way of how to clean paint rollers.

What is Paint Roller?

Paint rollers are amazing tools for painting. Although brushes are the most common ones to apply paint on the wall, paint rollers are more efficient to deal with.

Whenever you are handling a large surface, paint rollers give you better support and coverage than ordinary brushes. Of course, things are different for uneven surfaces.

The paint rollers come in different shapes and sizes along with a frame of its own. However, different types of rollers are used for different purpose.

The technique is to let the roller soak the paint first and then applying it to the flat surface of the wall. You can learn more about types of roller

Step by Step Guide to Clean Paint Rollers

Now, I am going to point out a few steps to clean your paint rollers perfectly and describe each of them.

1. Taking necessary precaution

The paint that you are using might be a toxic one. You mightn’t even notice and it can start irritating your skin. Therefore, it is better to take the necessary precautions before starting anything.

You can start by putting on some safety gloves. This way you can avoid direct contact with the paint. Moreover, be careful not to get anything onto your eyes. Otherwise, it can cause severe issues.

2. Dismantling the paint roller

The paint rollers are a bit complex to clean all at once. Therefore, dismantling the roller will help you to clean it out easily. The rollers are usually attached with screws. So, they are pretty easy to separate.

It is better to do this step patiently. Take your time while doing it. After all, you don’t want to break your paint roller apart, right?

3. Using the leftover paint

Before scraping off what so ever is left on the roller, take a look at the wall you just finished painting.

Are you missing something? Perhaps there a part which needs extra coating? If so, apply the leftover paint on top of that missing part.

This step is very effective. You can also fix any error by doing it and it will save your time as well.

4. Taking off the residue

At this stage, you have to take off anything and everything that is left on the roller. But it is not always that easy to take it off.

The paint on the roller takes very little time to get harden. Therefore, the direct application of cleanser won’t help that much.

So, you can start by scraping off the paint from the roller. You can also use a knife or anything sharp to get it done quickly.

5. Preparing the solution

Now, it is time to prepare the solution you need to clean up the roller. However, there is no definite recipe for this solution. It might vary depending on the paint you are using.

You can use separate containers for both water and cleaning solution. The cleansing solution is simply a diluted dish washing liquid.

6. Start cleaning

You are done with all the preprocessing and now, it is time for the main action. Take your filthy roller and damp it in the solution you just prepared.

Now, start rubbing it with your hands. At this point, you will see that the paint is coming off. Don’t be too harsh on them as it may take a while. Take your time and clean up everything nicely.

7. Rinsing and drying

Now that the roller is been cleaned properly, it is time for you to rinse off the solution along with the dirt.

You can lukewarm water to rinse it off. Take several attempts until you are satisfied with the results.

Finally, use a piece of cloth or even paper towels to take off the excess water and dry the roller out.

Some other technique you might find to clean a paint roller. However, I’m sharing a awesome video below for better understanding:


See, it wasn’t that hard to clean them, was it? The steps are very simple and less time-consuming. All you need to do is to have some patience and follow the guidelines.

However, if you leave your rollers dirty for a long time, you might hamper the quality and lifespan of your paint rollers.

Therefore, try cleaning them just after you are finished with your painting. Sounds easy, right? So, without wasting any time let’s get up and start panting without any worries.

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