DIY Guide: How to Cut Tall Grass?

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By David Wills

Grasses grow way faster than you think they do. You might not even notice when your lawn turned into a mess.

Well, you can always trim off the excess grass and shape your lawn. However, tall grasses are really difficult to manage. They will need a lot more patience and care.

It sounds like a pretty hard job to do, right? Do not worry as I am going to show you a perfect way to deal with tall grasses.

Follow the steps carefully and learn how to cut tall grass effectively. These guidelines will take your lawn mowing technique into a whole new level and therefore, make your lawn as good as new. You can also use other cutting tools to do your cutting job

What is Tall Grass?

Tall grasses are slightly different from the ordinary ones. The basic difference can be seen just by looking at their height.

These grasses turn out to be quite tall and they grow very fast. The reason behind their fast growth is moisture. The moist a place is, the taller these types of grasses grow.

Step by Step Guide on How to Cut Tall Grass

Step 1. Removing the upper layer

When you are shaping and trimming your lawn, you should never take the whole thing out all at once.

As you know, the grasses on your lawn are mostly dependent on the nutrients they are getting. In most cases, these nutrients flow though out the grass when the tip of it is trimmed.

Very interesting, right? So, if you take out or uproot the grass all at once, you are snatching all the nutrients from them. This will lead to a very bad situation.

To avoid situations like that, the first thing you need to do is to remove only the upper later of the grass carefully.

Step 2. Trim off the grass

Now, you are done with removing the upper layer. After that, make sure that nothing is left on the lawn. You can also use a rake to take out all the clipped grasses.

At this stage, the grasses need some time to rest in order to recuperate. By this time, the grasses will take all those nutrients again.

You have to make sure that you are going through the entire process gradually. Take a closer look at the length of your grass and be patient.

Repeat the entire process several times to trim off the grasses and do not forget to take out the clipped grasses from your lawn.

Step 3. Getting the mower ready

You are done with the initial trimming process. Now, it is time to take you your lawnmower and getting it ready for action.

Adjusting the height or the level of the lawnmower is a very important step. You can never afford to skip this step otherwise, the entire procedure might collapse.

After that, do all the other things to prepare the mower. This time, the process will depend on the version of the mower that you are using.

Step 4. Start mowing

After making sure that all the connections are correct, turn on the lawnmower and start mowing the lawn.

Depending on your lawnmower, the time will vary. However, you have to be patient throughout the entire process.
Start in slow motion and carefully cover the entire lawn by targeting smaller portions at a time.

Step 5. Watering and waiting

Take off the trimmed leftover grasses and water the entire lawn. This is a very important step as by doing this, the grasses will get recovered very quickly.

After watering, leave the lawn and wait for a couple of days. Always remember that mowing a lawn needs a huge amount of patients. Therefore, you should never rush things up.

Step 6. The finishing cut

After watering the lawn and then waiting for a while, you are ready to finish it off and wrap everything up.

This time, adjust your lawnmower in a way that it will trim the grasses into two to four inches. After that, carefully cover the entire area with the lawnmower and make sure nothing is left undone.


As you saw, cutting tall grasses is not that simple as you thought. It requires patience and a lot of hard work. Therefore, follow the correct sequence to get the best results.

Well, although it’s a tough job to do, your pretty little lawn does deserve all this care and attention, right?
So, why wait? Take all the tools you need and follow the guidelines to shape and trim your lawn by cutting the tall grasses and regain its beauty.

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