120 Uses Of Pocket Knife

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By David Wills

There is a highly functional multipurpose tool that fits right into your pocket. Can you guess what that is?

Yes, of course! We are talking about pocket knives. It is our very own pocket-size savior.

Pocket knives were used to trim or sharp any object whenever needed. However, the scenario is pretty different now.

The usage of pocket knives is emerging every single day. And not just that, there is no boundary as well.

You can keep on inventing newer ways to use it and there are no restrictions to stop you from doing that.

Try thinking for once. Have you recalled some uses of pocket knife? If so, how many did you find?

Let us help you out a bit. Here, I am going to point out some uses of pocket knife so that you can relate to that.

Uses of Pocket Knives

Uses of pocket knife are tough to confine in a single content. There are huge numbers of effective uses of this tool. Here we have brought up just the most effective 120 uses of this multi functional tool. Let’s explore.

1. Carving wood

Though it is not necessary to carve wood with a pocket knife you should know that it is such a good choice to do so. So, you should give it a try.

2. Cutting a seal

Cutting a seal might always seem a tough job. But if you explore the uses of pocket knife, you will get to know that it is a brilliant idea to pull out a seal with it.

By doing this, you will get a clean cut and your document will remain intact as well.

3. Cutting papers

Many kinds of blades are attached to your pocket knife. So, pay a closer look and choose the perfect one to cut down your paper.

4. Cutting a rope

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are not carrying any tool with you but you have to cut down a rope.

Well, check your pocket. Now, pull out your pocket knife and cut down the rope smoothly with it.

5. To hone a knife

You must have seen your mom doing that in your kitchen. Pocket knives are brilliant options to sharpen or hone other knives.

But be careful not to cut yourself.

6. Taking away price tags

We always seem to forget that tiny little piece of paper hanging or sticking on the goods we bought.

So, take them away by using the small curved blades of your pocket knife and get rid of all the hustle.

7. Removing cloth tags

Just like price tags, you can also remove the cloth tags with your pocket knife. Not just that, there is a cutter attached to your knife sometimes.

Use that for a better result and you can avoid any unexpected situation.

8. Manage pills

Pills are often neglected and not given much attention when it comes to manage or sort them.

Once you have taken a pill, simply cut that down with your knife. Moreover, you can even break down a pill when needed with it.

9. Opening a box

Ever tried to open up a box but couldn’t find anything to do that? Well, we all face situations like that.

Simply take out your pocket knife and open up the box like a pro.

10. Open up a bottle

We cannot carry bottle openers everywhere. But, what we can do is to carry a pocket knife.

Now, use the rounded or curved blades of your knife and open up your bottle with it.

11. Cutting fruits

Ever tried to cut your apple with a pocket knife? Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?

But, you have to try doing that. Pocket knives are very good at cutting fruits.

12. Using as a wire stripper

You might need to use a wire stripper but couldn’t find any. In such cases, you can use your pocket knife and use it to stripe down the wire efficiently.

13. Opening up cans

If you try to open up a can recklessly, you might cut yourself. Therefore, it is always better to use some sort of support.

Your pocket knife might come handy in situations like this. Just try using them once and you’ll get it for sure.

14. Using as a hammer

If you cannot find a hammer close by, you can always use your pocket knife as a hammer and tuck whatever you like.

15. Cutting nails

There are often nail cutters attached to a pocket knife. You can cut your nails very easily with it. If not, you can also use the other blades to do so.

16. Fondling nails

We always love to fondle our nails whenever we are free. Pocket knives are a brilliant choice to do so. It comes with a grainy side which is very good for fondling.

17. Setting up a key ring

Setting up a key chain can be clumsy sometimes. You can sort that out easily by using a pocket knife use the blades and set up the keys one by one.

18. Get rid of a knot

Getting stuck by a knot can be very annoying at times. To get rid of these knots you can use the blades of your pocket knife.

19. Taking away stapler pins

Taking away stapler pins is very easily done by a pocket knife. It is handy and compact.

20. Making a mark in a wall

You can mark on the wall while drilling. By doing this, your drilling will be neat and clean.

Take that blades out and push it against the wall. This way, it will create a mark on the wall.

21. For handy craft

Pocket knives are very handy while making handy crafts. In crucial situations, it is extremely efficient.

As it is small in size, working with it is easier.

22. Protection against animals

An animal attack can happen anytime. You can use your pocket knife as a protection shield in case of an emergency.

23. Protection against thieves

It is always a smart choice to carry something for self-defense. Pocket knives are a very good choice for that.

You can use them as a shield against thieves.

24. Making marks using the sharp edge

Making marks without markers is a tough job to do. In cases like that, you might use the blades and the sharp edge of your knife and make the mark.

25. Emergency first aid

Uses of pocket knife are very famous when it comes to giving first aid to someone. Slits, cuts, nicks it can be anything. Use the knife and give first aid in such situations.

26. Peeling a fruit

We all face situations where we cannot find a knife to peel our fruit. Well, you can always peel them by using your pocket knife.

27. Cutting scotch tapes

Pocket knives are very famous for cutting out tapes. You can grab any of the blades and do it.

28. Holding your money

There is a clip attached in the back of a pocket knife. You can easily hold your money with it.

29. Cutting away electric cables

Pocket knives are very useful for electricians. If you can master this technique, you will no longer need to carry extra cutters to cut down the electric cables.

30. Sharpening pencils

Sharpening pencils is one of the most common uses of pocket knife. Use the blade and carve the pencil by it.

31. Pulling out nails

The curved blades are the most effective ones that can pull out a nail from something.

32. Managing Lego

Legos can be very unmanageable sometimes. Use the pocket knife to separate these and solve the mess.

33. Cleaning fingernails

The sharp point of the blade comes very handily to clean the fingernails.

34. Splinter removal

Use the blade and remove the splinter by it. This technique is a nit crucial so, you have to practice it to pull that out neatly.

35. Playing games with it

You can play several throwing type games with it. But be careful not to hurt anyone while throwing.

36. Holding cards

The clip of the pocket knife can hold up several cards at a time.

37. Using as a razor

You can use your pocket knife as a razor. Although it is not the best way to trim or shave. But it works pretty well.

38. Using as a toothpick

It may sound weird but you can try picking up food particles that may be stuck in your teeth.

39. Peeling a vegetable

Using the sharp blades, you can peel any vegetable quite efficiently with it.

40. Solving a tangled ribbon

You can solve a tangled ribbon using your pocket knife. The sharp edge helps to sort out the entire thing and gives you a better grip.

41. For making grass ropes

Use the knife to shred the grass and then use it to make ropes.

42. Collecting fruit zests

It can be lemon or orange or any other fruit. Take the blade and gently start taking the skin or the zest of it without squeezing it.

43. Opening a door lock

Opening a door lock is one of the most common uses of pocket knife. Use the blade that fits in the best way and open it up by twisting that into the lock.

44. Fishing knot trimmer

Get rid of the fishing knots by trimming them with a pocket knife.

45. Doing eyebrows

You have to be very gentle while doing this. Take the blade and start shaping your brows by plucking any disordered one.

46. Playing hunting games

You can play hunting games or even hunt down animals by using a pocket knife.

47. Splitting a tree

While camping or any situation like that you can try splitting a tree by it.

48. Fitting your belt

Use the pocket knife to put up holes that will fit right onto your belt.

49. Slicing baits into manageable sizes

In situations like fishing, you often need to cut your baits into smaller pieces. This can easily be done with your pocket knife.

50. Cutting snacks into pieces

Use the blades and cut out your burger or pizza into small sizes.

51. Cleaning a fish

Taking away gut and leaning the fish gets quite easy with a pocket knife. Through its sharp pointy blades, it takes very little time to clean it.

52. Repair a cycle

You can fix the chain or any other part easily by using a pocket knife.

53. Making fish fillets

Take the thinnest and sharpest blade of the knife. Now, starting from the sides reach the center and take out the perfect fillet of a fish.

54. Making a tent

While camping, we need tons of jobs to make a tent requiring cutting of fixing. These can be done beautifully by a pocket knife.

55. Nailing a box

Put the nails across the box and use the pocket knife to tuck them into the box.

56. Repairing cloths

In an emergency situation, any sort of trimming of the clothes can be done via the pocket knife.

57. Wine bottle opener

Insert the blade into the cork and pull it out. This will open up your wine bottle very easily.

58. Tool in poultry

Whether it is about trimming any edge or cutting a net, pocket knives are brilliant tools for poultry farms.

59. Opening up a cycle padlock

Your cycle padlock might get stuck at any time. In such situations, use a pocket knife to open it up.

60. Opening a car

Sometimes, your car might get stuck and the keys might not work as well. This can turn out to be a very bad situation.

In times like this, you can use your pocket and open up the car lock.

61. Hunting an animal

The blades of a pocket knife are quite sharp. Therefore, you can use them to hunt down an animal if you want.

62. Dismantle a box

You can dismantle your box without breaking it down or tearing it apart by using your pocket knife. The results are very neat and efficient.

63. Using as a screwdriver

The sharp pointy edge of a pocket knife works well as a screwdriver. Hold the knife vertically and use it just like an ordinary screwdriver.

64. Spreading butter or jam

Take out the blade and like any other knife use the pocket knife for spreading butter or jam onto your bread.

65. Preparing firewood

You can prepare your firewood by cutting and splitting them via a pocket knife. As the knife is very small, much force needs to be applied.

66. Using as hangers

Placing the pocket knife in the middle will distribute the weight and thus you can use it as a hanger.

67. Protection against a molester

You should always be prepared for self-defense. Therefore, if needed, use the pocket knife against a molester for defending yourself.

68. Stirring a juice

Well, it sounds really weird. But, it works well. You can stir your drink using a pocket knife if you want.

69. Spreading glue

If you do not want your hands to get messy, you can take the pocket knife and spread the glue with it.

70. Removing glue

Just like applying the glue, you can also take it away by carefully placing the blade beneath the glue and pulling it over.

71. Breaking a door

In an emergency, it might be required to break up a door. Patiently try to unlock the door or you can even use the blades to take out the entire lock all at once.

72. Using as a paperweight

Pocket knives are small metallic objects. They are quite heavy and can be used as a paperweight or anything like that.

73. Fetching coconut water

Drill the coconut with the tip of the blade and fetch the water from it by turning it upside down.

74. Eating food in an emergency

If you are in a hurry and do not have any fork or knife to eat, you can use your pocket knife as a substitute.

75. Removing upper lip hair

Upper lip hairs are very thin and delicate to remove. You can take them away using your pocket knife in an easy way.

76. Breaking lock of a luggage

If a piece of luggage is stuck and the key stops working, there is no other way to open it up except breaking it. This job is nicely done by a pocket knife.

77. Spreading cheese

Pocket knives can be used while cooking or in a dinner table for spreading cheese. As they are small in size, the wastage would be minimum.

78. Taking away old cuticles

Rather than using a pair of scissors, pocket knives are a better choice when it comes to taking away old cuticles. They are sharp and handy and the results are very neat.

79. Removing peach fuzz

Although it seems an easy task, it is quite difficult and risky. Be extremely cautious and gently take away the peach fuzz with your pocket knife.

Make sure to keep the knife parallel to your skin so that you might not cut yourself with it.

80. Fixing a battery

The small parts of a battery can be easily removed and replaced by the help of a pocket knife.

81. Fixing toys

You cannot carry a toolbox everywhere. But you can take your pocket knife with you anywhere.

Whenever you need a tool like a screwdriver or a hammer or even a cutter to fix a broken toy, use your pocket knife and solve the problem.

82. Cutting bandages

Cutters or scissors are not necessarily needed to cut a bandage. You can do it with a pocket knife as well.

83. Making a bookmark

The slim and sleek pocket knives can easily turn out to be a replacement to a bookmark.

84. Cutting tangled net

Once a net is tangled, it is very difficult to get out of it. You can take the blade out and cut the net to solve this problem.

85. Cutting masking tapes

Masking tapes can be cut very neatly with a pocket knife. It is economic as well.

86. To glue a stone

It can be your purse or bag or even your jewelry. Use the tip of the blade to grab a piece of stone and stick that using a glue.

87. Using as a key chain

You can tuck all your keys to your pocket knife and get rid of all the hustle of carrying an extra key chain.

88. Cutting pants

We all love those quirky ripped jeans. You can try making one at home using your pocket knife.

89. Using to make a hole in something

Pocket knives can be used to dig in a hole in something. Although making a large hole would be quite difficult.

90. Defending from fierce animals

If you are in a camp or on a trip to a jungle, pocket knives could be your best friend while defending yourself from wild animals.

91. Opening up letters

Always end up tearing the whole paper while opening up a letter? Well, why not try using a pocket knife to cut it down precisely.

92. Getting a haircut

I know it sounds weird but you should definitely try cutting you bangs by yourself using a pocket knife.

93. Trimming mustache

Calm down and hold the blade tight. Now carefully trim your mustache using a pocket knife.

94. Open up a cell phone

If you cannot open up your cell phone case, try using a pocket knife. Use it as a zipper and take out the case with it.

95. Removing stains from clothes

You can scrub out the excess dirt like, mud or clay with your pocket knife and then wash it with soap.

96. Making plastic bag holes

Use the tip of the blade and make holes in a plastic bag with it.

97. To shotgun a beer

It is a delight to watch a beer shotgun. You can use a pocket knife rather than any other specified tool.

98. Trimming edge of a furniture

The sharp edges of furniture might get dangerous for your kids. So, you can trim that off by using your pocket knife.

99. Mending a shoe

Mend your shoe yourself with the help of a pocket knife and do all the cutting, trimming and nailing with it.

100. Zip tie cutter

Zip ties are hard objects and they do not come off easily. If you try to cut it with your bare hands, you might hurt yourself.

Therefore, use your pocket knife to cut it down.

101. Spear maker

You can easily make a spear by using a pocket knife. But, you have to be extra cautious about it.

102. Opening up bags

A bag might get stuck anytime. Pocket knives include small blades that can run through the bag and help it open up.

103. Balloon Popper

Swipe out a blade and using the pointy edge, pop up a balloon at any birthday parties.

104. Decorating a dress

You can add stones, glitters or any other decorative item to your cloth with the help of a pocket knife.

105. Repairing worn out cloths

Repair or smooth out old, worn-out clothes by using a pocket knife.

106. Tearing a packet neatly

If you want to tear a packet very neatly, pocket knives may help you do that. Take out the blade and carefully cut the opening of the packet with it.

107. Fixing a chair

By nailing or splitting or even trimming, you can fix your chair with it.

108. Cutting clothes in a medical emergency

Imagine someone has got an accident and he needs to take away his shirt for treatment. In such cases, you can rip that off by using the knife.

109. Trimming plat leaves

You can cut or trim the affected leaves of the plants in your garden with it.

110. Using as a meat cutter

Using a pocket knife to cut down meat is not a very good choice. However, it is not impossible to do so. You can try doing it in emergencies.

111. Make fire

Take the knife and use it to make a spark. Then, by adding more fuel, you can make a fire.

112. Cleaning a pipe

Pipes are quite difficult to get cleaned. As the pocket knife is small in size, cleaning a pipe with it is easier.

113. Fixing zippers

Using the blades, worn out zippers can be fixed by correcting the displacement.

114. To remove a sticker

Take the blade and remove the adhesive of the sticker gently. Be gentle or the glue will spread unevenly.

115. Fixing an earring

Any error in an earring can be easily fixed with a pocket knife.

116. Trimming loose threads

Loose threads are very annoying to deal with. So, trim them by using your pocket knife.

117. Removing gum stains

Gum stains are very difficult to get rid of. Therefore, use the blades and carefully take away the gum with it.

118. Heavyweight carrier

You can use the pocket knife as a fulcrum and carry out heavy goods very easily. Just place the knife in the middle of the bag you are supposed to use and the weight will be divided.

119. Making a bouquet

The tiny cuts and trims can be done easily by a pocket knife. Therefore, making a bouquet gets easier as well.

120. To open up a letter

If you use your pocket knife to open up the letter then, you will be quite amazed by the result as it is very effective.

Safety and precaution of using pocket knife

So many ways to use a pocket knife! It is fascinating trying all these techniques, isn’t it?

Well, it is worth trying them all out and learning newer ways to deal with your problems.

However, proper precautions need to be taken. Try to take these extra steps and you are all good to go.

Maintain the sharpness of the blades by constantly sharpening them whenever needed. Keep a close look and avoid any kind of external damages.

If your blade is not safe enough, try replacing it immediately. Otherwise, it is very easy to cut yourself with it.

Moreover, pay extra attention while swiping out the blades as they are sharp and dangerous to handle.


There is a lot to catch, right? Confused yet? Do not worry. These are mere examples that can show you the possibilities of uses of pocket knife.

Now, you must have been thinking that it will turn out to be very awkward doing all these in front of others.

Do not hesitate, you are allowed to do whatever you want. So, don’t feel shy thinking about what others might say.

Remember that, it is up to you whether you want to use it or not. Think of it as your ultimate tool and keep on experimenting with newer things.

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