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By David Wills

It’s a fantastic idea to get your toolbox ready with all the necessary electric tools before you start work. Experienced electricians always carry a fully equipped toolbox or tool pouch to get their work done properly. But, it’s quite confusing to find out the actually necessary one among so many tools out there.

Especially, a newbie often gets haphazard while purchasing electrical tools. So, are you in such dilemma?

Well. It is natural to be as a newbie. But when you want to set your toolbox with all necessary electrical tools, you should have a strong idea about all the essential and effective electrical tool.

And considering this crucial fact, we have come with an electrical tools list for you.

Let’s have a look!

List of Essential Electrical Tools

To get a perfect tool you must know about its use and features very well. However, lots of unnecessary and money-wasting tools are available in the market. But you must go with the best working and effective ones. And on a whole, there are 3 types of tools you can find.

  • Hand Tools: Tools that are handy and don’t need electric support are commonly known as hand tools.
  • Power Tools: Tools that work by electric power are called power tools. Power tools are mostly used for heavy works.
  • Measuring Tools: To measure out anything while working on an electric project, we use various measuring tools.

Let’s know about the essential and must-have tools including these 3 types of tools to work in any electric project.

1. Hammer

Hammer is the most common handy tool that comes with a variety of styles and features. However, among all, claw hammer and ball pein hammer are the most necessary ones. These two hammers are the must-have tool as-well.

  • Claw Hammer: Usually the top of this hammer has a curvy shape. It’s used in knocking nails in and also pulling them out when needed.
  • Ball Pein Hammer: The edge of this hammer has a ball and a flat side. Ball pein hammers are used to shape soft metals.

Knocking pins, pulling-out and shaping are the very common hammer works that can be done with these two hammers in a very easy way.

2. Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are used to drive different types of screws in and even out. This tool lends great help in every now and then. Screwdrivers can have variations. The flat end, star tip, and insulated screwdrivers are the common types of this small hand tool.

It’s wise to get a multi-tip box instead of buying each type of screwdriver. With a multi-tip box, you can easily work with any type of tip according to the screw.

3. Plier

Plier is great to grip objects firmly to bend, twist or turn it. Pliers come with a great variety. And it’s really hard to choose an individual one among so many useful options. Still, three types of pliers get the utmost importance for their versatility.

  • Combination Plier: When random pliers are used for one particular work, combination pliers perform amazingly with its great multiple uses. It can cut, hold and even pull-out the wire cover at the same time.
  • Grip Plier: This type of pliers can hold the object in a strong way without help of any other tools. Just fix the plier on the object and lock the plier tightly. It really lets you have a great service with heavy objects.
  • Needle Nose Plier: This plier comes with a V-shaped edge. Normally, it’s used to hold wires in narrow and less spacious places.

All 3 of these pliers are very common tools in electric works. So, it would be better to collect them all for better work experience.

4. Cable cutters

Cable cutters are very popular to the electricians. These small-size cutters are even very handy to cut down electric cables.

Moreover, they are portable. So, it gets very easy for the electricians to take these with them wherever they go. Generally, cable cutters are used to deal with thin cables. However, thick cables need a bit more force.

Therefore, instead of manual cable cutters, cable cutting machines work better in such cases.

5. Knife or NT Cutter

You don’t need to cut every single thing with a saw and there you need a knife. As saws come with a bigger size, you can’t carry it everywhere you go. And so, a small knife is necessary to cut small things. NT cutter can be a good alternative here.

6. Power Drill

The power drill is usually known as an electric drill machine as it works with electric power. This electric tool is used to make holes in materials like metal and wood. It has bits on its edge that does the drilling job mainly.

However, the drill bits come in different patterns. Plain and twisted bits are the most used ones. Besides, the size of bits holds great importance. You must use bits according to the hole size. While having a drill machine, one should obviously have different size and shape bits too.

7. Wrench Set

Along with a regular screwdriver, it’s quite helpful to have a proper set of wrenches to fix up all those loosen up screws, nuts, and bolts. And these wrenches come in different shapes and sizes.

The main purpose of using wrench is to provide the necessary grip to create a good amount of mechanical advantage. It also helps to tighten or loosen up all your rotary objects.

Therefore, you can easily fix your light fixtures or ceiling fans or any other appliances by using them.

8. Grinder Machine

This electric tool does the heavy grinding job. It is used to cut super hard materials or objects that can’t be mechanized with other tools. Though this tool has a variety of types, an angle grinder is the best option to go with among all.

Because it comes with less weight and portable size. Also, the performance of this mini tool is absolutely mind-blowing. You can cut any hard solids with this power tool smoothly.

9. Tape Measure

Measurement is one of the most important parts of electric works. You just need to get measured accurately for having a perfect result. Here you need a tape measure badly. Because of this flexible ruler, you can do the measurements with ease.

This handy measuring tool is made with an easy pulling cloth or plastic ribbon and the best thing is it gets folded up automatically. And so you don’t have to waste your time to fold it back after using it.

10. Measuring Level

This measuring tool is most probably the smallest useful one among all you can choose from. This portable tool saves space of the toolbox or pouch but the service it lends is really helpful. Whenever measuring any flat object a measuring level is a must-have tool every time.

11. Voltage Tester

While working in an electric project the fact safety stays on top. Slight negligence can bring big misery in electrical works. And to ensure the proper safety one must carry a voltage tester in order to trace the presence of electricity in wires. This mini tool can find out dead or alive wires easily.

12. Multimeter

This tool is quite amazing. With a multimeter, you can know the voltage, watt, and resistance of an object or wire. This tool figures out the exact measurement and also traces if the wire of an electric device is hot or not. Undoubtedly, it’s a very important tool for electric works.

13. Automatic Wire Stripper

Strippers are one of the most common tools for cutting off the outer insulation layer of the wire. You can either use a basic manual wire stripper or, you can also use an automatic stripper to do the job.

In fact, both of the types are extremely well designed to cut off any portion precisely.

Besides, many of them come with a measurement scale attached to the main body. Therefore, you can easily cut wires in the exact amount you want. Again, a good quality wire stripper will need less pressure on the handles and give you a cleaner cut.

14. Headlamp

In electric works, it’s really necessary to work under sufficient light. Wires contain launched parts that need proper lighting to figure out accurately. But, holding lights in one hand or working under a fixed light is quite uncomfortable.

Here headlamp is a great solution. Just fix the lamp on your head and work under the great brightness. It’s convenient to move the lamp according to your needs.

15. Safety Gloves

When safety is a must in electric works, then this tool can give you the utmost protection. These safety gloves are made in a way that prevents you from electric conduct while working.

That means if you get careless for a moment with live wires the safety glove can save your life. Also, there is another type of safety gloves. The cut-proof gloves. It helps to save your hand while working with saw and blade.

While working on an electric project, we need a variety of tools as these projects contain multiple tasks. It’s very annoying if you don’t find a proper tool while working. So, it is a better idea of getting your required tool kits ready before you start.

This complete electrical tools list has been brought up here so that you can be hassle free and get rid of any annoying situation.  Hopefully these awesome electrical tools will help you to do your electric work in a smooth way.

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