How much are Bath and Body Works Candles?

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By David Wills

You’ve always had a fascination with those luxury scented candles. And when we are talking about luxury candles, what could be better than the Bath and Body Works candles?

Then again, you have a budget to maintain and don’t want to spend all that money after anything random. So, let us find out if these candles worth buying or not.

But, before anything else, we need to have detailed knowledge about their price range. So, the first question is, how much are Bath and Body Works candles?

Wait, you don’t know their price? Well, if that’s the case, then you are in the perfect place to get all your answers. Just stay tuned, and we will deconstruct every detail about it.

How much are Bath and Body Works Candles?

The Bath and Body Works candles have a large amount of variety. Apart from their top-selling 3-wick candles, they also have single wick candles, candle-holders, and toppers. So, let us take a look at their price ranges based on these criteria.

3-Wick Candles

You will find many categories of these 3-wick candles. Based on the taste of their clients, the Bath and Body Works are continuously upgrading themselves by launching newer ones.

These candles are available in Fresh, Fruit, Gourmand, Citrus, Warm, Woods, and several other fragrances. However, the price remains the same for every fragrance type.

The candles generally worth 24.50 dollars but some of these occasionally reduce to 12.25 dollars.

Single Wick Candles

The single-wick candles are cheaper than the 3-wicks ones. Although the intensity of their scents is much lesser, they do provide all those attractive fragrances.

You can find these single wick candles at 14.50 dollars only. So, go ahead and try out those warm summery fragrances that you were looking for so long.

Candle-Holder and Topper

Apart from the candles, the Bath and Body Works have come up with an exciting range of candle holders and candle toppers as well. Their range consists of both classic and trendy designs.

The prices vary depending on the designs of these holders. They have products starting from 12.50 dollars up to 39.50 dollars. Therefore, you can also choose your holder according to your budget.

Again, you can also check out their cute flamingo candle topper that is kind of a candle magnet for their 3-wick candles. You can get it for dollars 6.95 only.

Why are they So Expensive?

Now that you have gained so much information regarding the price of these candles, don’t you think that they are a bit overpriced?

If so, then why do you think the bath and body works candles are so expensive? Well, there are some clear and definite reasons behind it. So, let me show you some of the most important ones here.


No matter how much a jar of your favorite Bath and Body Works candle might cost, you cannot help yourself but buy it.

And why not? These candles have the most exquisite scents that leave you mesmerized and wanting more. And to maintain their high-quality, they cost more money than the other brands.

Oil Density

Well, general scented oils are slightly different from the oils that they use in their candles. It is because you need a denser oil to make a candle fragrant. And so, what you have in a bottle of essential oil is not always enough for a candle.

Therefore, to maintain the intensity, the Bath and Body Works need to spend a lot of money after picking the perfect oils. And thus, the candles also come relatively pricey.

Jars and Packaging

You don’t need more than just holding a Bath and Body Works candle jar. Just look at them! See how amazingly they do with their packaging?

The Bath and Body Works has created a milestone in this field, and ethnicity reflects directly on their presentation. That is why the brand invests a lot after the packaging that results in a high-end candle jar.

Are they worth buying?

With an exceptional range of fragrances, the Bath and Body Works candles have secured a special place in the market as one of the most luxurious brands. And as a respected brand, they never compromise with their quality.

Just take a look at their range. Starting with those cheerful citrus themes to the ones dedicated to all those different seasons, they have got anything you would possibly want. And not just that, they are still working for launching newer ones. All that effort sure do worth trying.

And therefore, even if the price range is quite over the top, Bath and Body Works candles are a class themselves, and they do worth buying.

Best time to shop for bath and body works candles

Although the Bath and Body Works candles are known as luxury items due to their high-end price, you can still have a good deal. Well, for that, you need to stay alert about the timing and choose the best possible month to purchase them.

In general cases, the months of January, June, and December are the best times to buy these candles. In these months, especially, in December, the semi-annual sale takes place, and this is why you can have the best deal then.

Final words

We have discussed the various types of candles and their price ranges. Also, we picked up the reasons behind these prices and found out the best timing to purchase them.

So, what are your thoughts about these overwhelming range of Bath and Body Works candles now?

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