Top 15 Best Bath and Body Works Candles of All Time 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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By David Wills

Lighting up a scented candle in the modern world seems like a luxury. Andit’s indeed a delightful & figurative mean of enjoyment for common people.

You know everybody does love the amazing smell over soft, warm candlelight. And Bath & Body Works candles can please the nostril while calming the mind.

There are different choices based on seasons, personal preference & price tag. But one thing for sure – you barely get any match for those.

Fresh florals feature airy sweets to deliver bright & happy fragrances. The right one will help you to refresh the surrounding & flash the mood.

But choosing the best bath & body works candle seems difficult. There are many things to check out for understanding the available possibilities.

You can easily skip all the hassles with our detailed review. We went through everything to consider & narrowed down the options.

Benefits of Choosing a Good Quality Bath And Body Works Candles

In a world of electricity, candles are no longer an essential possession. But it’s still in use in forms like the best bath & body works candles. Obviously, you don’t need the unit for overall décor or nigh-time lighting only. There are certain benefits to make the candle a popular choice. You should know every one of them to make the maximum profit.

Quick Relaxation

Mental relaxation is one basic advantage of using these candles. The candles produce soft & warm light within a confined area. Therefore, it helps to diminish your metal distortions. The fragrance itself triggers some inner physical change to take the stress away.

Interior Decor

Apart from the fragrance, the wax containing jar features some beautiful design. Most glasses have a solid colour with or without some peculiar design. The aesthetics get improved to a certain extent. And therefore, you can light it on different family or social programs.

Mental Relief

As mentioned, the fragrance triggers some changes in your mood. Therefore, several high-quality candles can impart mental relief to some extent. Though it’s limited but still beneficial. Not to mention, certain candles have gained attention as health care products.

Health Improvement

Everybody knows sound health largely depends on the sound mind. And when you have mental relief, you can concentrate on issues in a better way. Specific candles can even improve blood circulation. It encourages low blood pressure following day-long stress.

Surprise Gift

It’s indeed a surprise for any close or distant relatives. Apart from regular ones, you’ll find several options highly suitable as gifts. They do possess a solid but attractive appeal. And it can surely make the recipient very happy. You can present the gift on different occasions.

Recycled Use

When the wax runs out, you can’t get lights or smell anymore. But you definitely need not throw the glass jar away. Lots of consumers tend to re-purpose the container for present & future use. There are different ways to use preserve the jar from your perspective.

Top 15 Best Bath and Body Works Candles of All Time Reviews

There are lots & lots of candles available in the market. Not all the options are specified for bath & body works. But our experts did the troublesome job for you. You can save your time running after wasteful lists & reviews. Just start digging our detailed best bath & body works candles reviews to make the ultimate purchase.

1. Bath & Body Works, Aromatherapy Candle Eucalyptus Spearmint

We’re taking Bath & Body Works all over. And it’s important to introduce the best one in the first place. Meet the exclusively concentrated Aromatherapy 3-Wick Candle. It lets you unwind & therefore, shake off all your stress.


There are lots of reasons to keep this one on top. Bath & Body Works is one authentic manufacturer of body care products. And its Aromatherapy Candle takes the top position from various aspects.

Not a lot of body working candles can give enchanting fragrance. But the intended candle right here will give you a pleasant smell. The composition features a solid blend of vegetable wax with wicks.

Eucalyptus with Spearmint triggers a mind-blowing odor. Though it’s not a sleepy scent, it does the job well. In fact, its healthy composition even triggers a convenient lowering of blood pressure.

The luxurious candle container measures 4” in width against ½” height. It’s enough to feel you easy. Its soft light promotes your mental attention. Therefore, it helps you to overcome mental pressure.

Quick action makes it one of the most popular bath & body works candles among conscious users. A higher concentration of scented oils enables almost instantaneous relaxation.

Lots of options lack in providing a satisfactory burning time. Not to mention, approximate burn time differs based on the intensity of use. You’ll have a 25 – 45 hours of burning with this amazing unit.


  • Speedy dispersion of aroma.
  • Quite strong spa fragrance.
  • Superb influence on mind.
  • Full retention of its cloying.


  • Glass is prone to breakage.


It’s definitely a real deal for mental relief from everyday hassles. No unpleasant or artificial scent to worsen your mood. Even the price remains within your budget, despite its unbelievable performance.

2. Aromascape PT41917 2-Wick Scented Jar Candle, Jasmine & Gardenia, 19-Ounce

The next one is somewhat different from our topmost choice. It’s obviously not suitable for relieving your mental stress. In fact, the Armascape PT41917 is all about enjoyment. The scented candle promises to bring in additional dazzle.


Just like its name suggests, you’ll have ultimate fun for occasions. AROMASCAPE Candle basically outmatched all other similar candles right here.

A convenient soy wax blend carries a flattering smell. It carries a premium scent of almond milk with Jasmine & Gardenia frosting. All the featured ingredients of top quality arrived from all over the world.

Every single day at home becomes your day with the light Aromascape candle. The confined wax triggers a quick dispersion of fragrance. Its sweet smell can promote a relaxing & calming mood.

The eye-catching scroll lies in the exterior front. It’s gold foil lettering definitely imparts a finer appeal. Of course, it’s sure to top any enjoyment or celebrating the program list of musts.

Included jar measures 4” diameter against 3” height. Though the wax quantity seems quite limited, the burning is reasonable.The burning remains moderate to serve your purpose for 30 – 40 hours.

Clear votive jar with colorful confetti dots holds the candle. The top portions include a decorative gold lid. Therefore, the packed unit feels like an excellent birthday present for your beloved ones.


  • Premium blend contains soy.
  • Attractive natural fragrance.
  • Incredibly decorative outlook.
  • Slow burning of confided wax.


  • Label fades away soon.


The sweet, natural & smart aroma initiates a lovely feeling on your program. A warm & memory triggering scent will cover your celebration time. It’s quite impossible to beat such a candle in terms of a reasonable price.

3. Bath and Body Works White Barn Mahogany Teakwood Scented Candle Unisex Candle 14.5 oz

Let’s get back to something exclusive in quality. There are lots of candles to offer mahogany smell. But this best bath & body candles will make you remember the scent for a long time. Obviously, you’ll enjoy the premium fragrance with soft, warm light.


This is another exclusive creation of Bath & Body Works. You better get ready to enjoy the premium mahogany smell to forget ordinary ones. It comes from a White Barn lineup with satisfying output.

Manufacturers used essential oils to ensure the highest level of lighting efficiency. It may not seem a big deal, but you’ll get benefited for sure. The concentration is reasonably high for dispersing uniformity.

Its woodsy fragrance will blow your mind within minutes. The lovable flavor of mahogany teakwood amps your mood all way up. In fact, the smell is perfect for any room inside the house.

Likewise, the candle jar measures 3.5” in height & 4” in diameter. For the record, the entire assembly weighs a mere 14.5 ounce. The confined wax delivers a warm light with unforgettable fragrance.

You can skip worrying about the burn time. As it happens, it runs approximately for 25 – 45 hours. The best part is its consistency in quality. The output remains the same throughout its whole lifespan.

Featured jar of dark black imparts excellent appeal. A guaranteed comfort prevails while enjoying your time with the candle. The slightly peeping flame definitely triggers an irresistible outlook.


  • Simple but prolonged burning.
  • Fast permeate for whole area.
  • Higher intensity of teak wood.
  • Premium black for jar exterior.


  • Package may miss 1/2 wicks.


All you need is to light up the candle & you’re all set for enjoying the time. Premium quality combines with a relaxing aroma to calm your mind. And the decorative system is definitely worth the price from all aspects.

4. Bath & Body Works, White Barn 3-Wick Candle w/Essential Oils – 14.5 oz – 2022 Spring Scents! (Dark Amber & Oud)

The copycat of previous option made it to the 4th place. It’s indeed a reliable alternative developed by the same manufacturer. Unlike the high-intensity counterpart, you’ll get a soft smell here. But the choice is definitely worth it.


There are certain reasons for Bath & Body Works to take pride in. And this one is just another pale of it. Likewise, the premium candle comes from specifically designated White Barn lineup.

One underrated special fact about the candle is its availability. You can no longer find it in shopping stores. Not to mention, the manufacturer intentionally reserved it only for online selling sites.

Lots of candles offer mahogany fragrance. But you can barely find anything sweeter than this. You’ll have a luxury mahogany teak wood smell. It will remain in your memory even after going out.

Of course, the wax features essential oils to ensure maximum quality. But the concentration is significantly light. Still, the candle manages to deliver sufficient warm yet soft burning light.

Its light violet-gray appeal will leave anyone stunned for sure. The assembled glass jar weighs about 14.5 ounces. Meanwhile, the system includes a lid of sturdy metal to encourage a secure inside.

Like all others, this is a 3-wick candle. The estimated time to get service depends on your use. Obviously, the time frame is still limited. It’ll burn about 30 – 45 hours, holding constant quality.


  • Superb burning lasts satisfactorily long.
  • Sufficient concentration of waxing oils.
  • Stunning mahogany teak wood fragrance.
  • Standard size & shape for convenience.


  • Somewhat light dispersion of smell.


It’s undeniably a preferable choice by Bath & Body Works for its sensitive users. The premium quality will get the job done in a perfect manner. Despite its slightly higher price tag, the fragrance promises to induce a comfortable feeling.

5. Bath and Body Works 2018 Holiday Sparkling Woods Candle

Holiday nights are obviously special in comparison to regular nights. And it’s time to enjoy the relaxing dark hours. Then you better choose the 2018 Holiday candle. It’s your silent but entertaining companion for a good time inside the house.


Without a doubt, all the regular candles are suitable for regular time. But you definitely need something special on certain occasions. And that’s where you can rely on this limited edition model.

Its fragrance is arguably one of the best smelling bath and body works candles. The smell contains a blend of iced lemon with bergamot. Despite the uniqueness, your mind will immediately feel its calming influence.

From inside out, the design is ready to make the time enjoyable. Its decorative exterior with front Christmas house counts every moment. The scented candle simply lets you stroll through a sparkling winter night.

Even the featured wax here comes with something special. Likewise, the composition contains essential oils. Unlike any other, the oils originate from attractive lavender & powerful fir needle.

The 3-wicked system initiates a lovely burn for space. Just like other models from the same company, the lasting time isn’t very long. But you can still get a satisfactory 25 – 45 hours with the candle.

It’s important to ensure safety while the wax gets burnt. There are obvious tips for this one regarding secure usage. In fact, you should trim the wicks by a mere ¼” before lighting it up.


  • Standard burning time of wicks.
  • High-quality soy and wax blend.
  • Special fragrance, even burning.
  • Topped with one decorative lid.


  • Not for autumn/summer time.


The exclusive blend has a greater level of concentration. Its fragrance will definitely push the holiday times for you. You can check it out for enjoyment, spending a reasonable amount of money.

6. Body Works White Barn Champagne Toast Candle

When you want to try something different, it’s for you. This one will surely give you a standard service. Coming from White Barn lineup, it guarantees overall excellence. The toast comes with a premium blend of top-class fragrance.


As it happens, we’re down to another White Barn candle. It’s definitely something you’d prefer to enjoy a relaxed time inside the home. In fact, certain differences keep it special from others.

The very first thing to get attention is the outlook. Solid but light singular colour possesses great decorative value. The entire glass jar promotes its suitability as a convenient gift or present.

Perhaps the smell requires more attention for this one. It combines bubbly champagne, juicy tangerine with sparkling berries. The blend results in one of the most unique candle fragrances.

Another underrated & valuable feature concerns with the top. We’re talking here about the jar top exactly. The lid includes satisfactory design along with a highly durable material construction.

Quality soy-based wax triggers a uniform & constant burning. Of course, the smell travels really fast to cover the whole area. You’ll have the aroma covering the air within minutes after lighting up.

Speaking of endurance, the candle delivers standard burning time. Likewise, there are 3 built-in wicks inside the wax. And the expected burning time remains the same, about 25 to 45 hours.


  • Mind-blowing blend of fragrance.
  • Excellent appeal through exterior.
  • Secure inside with sturdy top lid.
  • Faster dispersion covers full area.


  • Slight defective glass jar.


White Barn introduces several candles to give you solid goosebumps. And it’s from that class to leave you amazed all the way. You may feel the price on expensive side, but the candle seems worth it in the end.

7. Bath and Body Works JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM Candle

Let’s get down to something extraordinary rather than common ones. Cherry blossom possesses a valuable position in Japanese culture. But you don’t have to visit Japan for that anymore. Though the candle from Bath & Body Works, you’ll get the foreign fragrance.


Aside from regular ones, you should try something unique once in a while. And we have another limited edition candle by Bath & Body Works. Unlike any other in the list, it comes with a completely different fragrance.

Cherry blossom is something you have to check out while visiting Japan. And the manufacturer simply used the iconic culture for branding. The candle features a purely Japanese cherry blossom flavor.

The scent comes from a satisfactory blend of flowers & woods. Apart from cherry blossom, there are mimosa petals with cedar wood. You’ll receive an unforgettable smell to enjoy sitting outside of Japan.

Even the melting of the candle initiates quick but gentle dispersion. Within minutes, the smell covers the entire room. And the burning results in soft, warm & lovable flame peeping from the container.

Confined glass jar holds essential oil-based wax of white colour. The jar itself features a secure lid on top to encourage the decor. And the front contains a beautiful reddish-white cherry blossom label.

Higher concentration of oil ensures excellent burning for all the wicks. Not to mention, there are 3 integrated wicks to give sufficient brightness. And you’ll have the service for about 25 – 45 hours in total.


  • Quick spreading of the fragrance.
  • Satisfactorily uniform wick burning.
  • Colourful, decorative exterior side.
  • Premium candle of vegetable wax.


  • Primary smell is pretty faint.


It’s possibly one of the few candles to induce foreign fragrance perfectly. Your time with it will feel valuable until the light burns out. The price tag remains within an acceptable budget, making it a suitable option.

8. Bath and Body Works A THOUSAND WISHES Candle

Celebration is all about fun & enjoyment. And the top rated bath and body works candles keep things up. A sparkling surrounding will get your mind jubilant. Both the scent & outlook remain unparalleled in comparison to common ones.


Bath & Body Works introduced lots of convenient scents. But you’ll have to consider its ‘A Thousand Wishes’ separately. Of course, there are certain reasons for the unit to become so special.

The very first reason lies with its amazing smell. A perfectly blended fragrance will feel you & your guests with joy. It features crystal peonies & almond crème along with the sparkling champagne.

Whether it’s Christmas, birthday party or family program – it fits all. For the best part, you can light up lots of candles to enjoy a lovely position. The decorative design lets you gift the candle to your loved ones.

Even the container comes with some decorative value. It has transparent glass to see through everything. The front portion includes foiled lettering surrounded by lots of colourful circles.

It smells floral & remains clean all the way. You’ll get covered with strong fragrance within minutes. In the meantime, a satisfactory packaging holds the vulnerable glass jar with safety.

Top lid has solid appeal to induce a first impression. Again, the irresistible candle includes a standard 3-wick system. Not to mention, the visible white wax & flames will surely flash the looking eyes.


  • Transparent view through jar.
  • Amazing blend of fragrance.
  • Overall decorative appearance.
  • Compulsory oils for the wax.


  • Reused or recycled glass.


Though it’s not a wish-granting pot, it’ll certainly impart a mental relaxation. Your program will get further splendor. The price seems somewhat high, but it’s obviously not overpriced or out of reach.

9. Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Scented Candle

It’s simply another high-quality drop in the bucket. What makes it different from others is the outlook. The candle will cover the space with an entertaining light. And the scent gets your mood high, keeping all the stress away.


There are certain reasons for Bath & Body Works to have the top manufacturer title. In fact, it’s another amazing model from the company. It maintains an excellent balance between the fragrance & appeal.

Without a doubt, you’ll get stunned by the look in the first place. Until now, we talked about white wax. Bit what about something a bit more colourful? That’s right, the featured wax comes with an incredibly satisfying complexion.

Unlike any other, the wax has a light but beautiful pink composition. Of course, it contains all the essential oils. But an additional coloring agent gives it a decorative look without compromising quality.

Thanks to transparent glass, you can observe the whole view. The glass itself includes some abstract structures to promote the scenario. And the featured lid encourages the overall acceptance as well.

You don’t need to forget the fragrance either. The smell is amazing enough to calm your stressful mind. It features a combo of cool peppermint, vanilla buttercream, sugared snow, a hint of musk & fresh balsam.

There are 3 wicks in an orderly manner to ensure an even burn. It triggers a quick dispersion of scents throughout the room. And the standard measurement results in convenient burning time.


  • Stunning soft pink appeal.
  • Crystal clear glass container.
  • Functional blend of smell.
  • Highly decorative outlook.


  • Slight chocolaty fragrance.


Concentrated wax contained in an exclusive jar – that’s about it. You’ll get everything that a candle can possibly offer. And the premium appeal is available at a considerably cheaper price to meet your contentment.

10. White Barn Bath and Body Works Candle Cactus Blossom

We already had cherry blossomson the list. And now, it’s time to check out the cactus blossom. You’ll definitely love the design. Obviously, the top bath and body works candles aren’t ordinary basket weaving around the wax.


There are certain reasons for the candle to make the list. It’s from Bath & Body Works to provide another dependable choice. Guaranteed satisfaction prevails while holding maximum quality.

You’ll have a scent like no other with this one. But it’s not a pure cactus blossom fragrance. It’s a blend containing other ingredients. There are vanilla, sun-kissed coconut & fresh sparkling lemon.

Smelling the aroma will give you a new life & freshness. You can put aside all your hassles & stresses at once. Of course, it takes no time to outstretch the unique fragrance throughout the whole room.

The feminize design comes with an excellent decorative outlook. From inside out, the assembly is likely to amaze your mind all along. Not to mention, its surrounding container features a moderate pink.

Metal lid on top adds further value to the whole jar. It secures the interior while the candle is not in use. Also, the enhanced decorative value lets you gift the pack to dear ones on different occasions.

Other specs remain completely the same, just like our previous ones. The structural measurement is 4.0” in diameter with 3.5” height. Sufficient wax burns evenly to induce 25 – 45 hours of service life.


  • Fragrance from different ingredients.
  • High concentration of essential oils.
  • Pretty decorative with pink glass jar.
  • Unbelievably mind-blowing fragrance.


  • Questionable packing quality.


Strong but comfortable fragrance will trigger relaxation of mind. The soft, warm yellow light creates a romantic & lovely interior ambiance. For the price, it lies within a moderate range. But you can invest in ahead of a good time.

11. Bath and Body Works Black Cherry Merlot Candle

The brand new candle design is specifically for cherry lovers. In fact, the improvised fragrance is better than its competitive counterparts. The first impression will help you to fall in love with the entire line.


Bath & Body Works just keep piling up the list. And one late addition to its list concerns with this unit. Black cherry merlot candle here simply redefines the conventional smell of cherry.

Of course, the smell doesn’t contain only cherry. Convenient blending of different ingredients results in such amazing flavor. This is a combo of dark cherry with sumptuous merlot & black raspberry.

It smells more like a dark cherry to several users. Not to mention, the fragrance will boost your mind refreshment overcoming the day-long working stress. But consumers not preferring cherry should avoid it.

And there comes a matching glass jar of moderately dark violet. As it happens, the violet colour sets the decorative value rather high. The burning flame through the glass surely gives a lovely feeling.

Essential oils made the wax along with supportive soy. Higher concentration causes an acceptably strong fragrance. The dispersion rate is pretty good to cover the entire room within minutes.

Likewise, the lid includes a heavy-duty metal structure. Aside from secure inside, it raises the standard bar regarding the outlook. For any smart female relative or friends, it seems like a perfect gift.


  • Brand new chemical formula.
  • Astonishing violet appearance.
  • Premium, essential oiled wax.
  • Unparalleled cherry fragrance.


  • Old version feels like soap.


Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, the candle is ready to stun. It’s scent will give you satisfactory mental relief over time. Despite the superb service, you can get it over a reasonably cheaper price tag.

12. Bath and Body Works Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow Candle

Don’t get fooled by the simple cream-like outlook. It’s indeed a jar candle to make the list. For the record, the fragrance is incredibly attractive. The purchase will surely give you one premium scent to meet satisfaction.


Again, we got something superb from Bath & Body Works. This time the fragrance does all the work alone. In fact, anyone having the unit will certainly go for repeated purchases without delay.

Of course, the creamy appeal can get you confused in the first place. You can’t blame the transparent glass jar for making the call. The wax & even the wicks have a solid creamy color.

Vanilla is one favorite choice among smart users. It comes with an attractive fragrance along with the superior appeal. As it happens, the enlisted best bath body works candles here is ready to give you a perfect hint.

Aside from vanilla, there is something additional. Just like the name suggests, the blend contains pumpkin & marshmallow. Spiced pumpkin with homemade marshmallow promotes the fragrance scent.

All-natural essential oils ensure safe burning of the wax. The wax itself is present in a higher concentration to encourage strength. Besides, there is drizzled caramel for further action.

Increased decorative value allows it for a present. The transparent glass jar has a top lid of solid metal. The look-through service will impart an excellent match for your home style on occasions.


  • Slight but definite vanilla hint.
  • Powerful fragrance dispersion.
  • Standard burning time frame.
  • Extra caramel for essential oil.


  • Glass shatters rather easily.


It guarantees your amusement from top to bottom. The simple hint will drive your mind to optimum calmness. The unit comes with a moderate price tag. But its service is undeniably worth your money.

13. Bath and Body Works Fresh Balsam Scented Candle

It’s indeed one perfect definition of great outdoors. The balsam itself is one favorite fragrance all over the world. And Bath & Body Works proudly utilizes the smell here. It’ll surely give you an unforgettable memory.


This is one popular Bath & Body Works candle. From the wax to the fragrance, it delivers a lovable output. Its unique composition triggers a satisfactory performance throughout its life.

It comes with an exclusive blend of wax & wick. The soy-based wax comes from essential oils to ensure safe burning. Superior concentration triggers long-lasting scent even after the flame goes out.

The oil came from pine, eucalyptus & cedarwood trees. Optimum freshness prevails following its burn. Unlike any other on our list, this is one fragrance you’ll get to enjoy in a pure state.

Even melting of the candle encourages uniform dispersion through air. It quickly fills the room space within a few minutes. The smell initiates relaxation without penetrating cloths & bedsheets.

The entire glass is transparent, allowing you to see everything. Its front includes decorative foil lettering surrounded by a greenish structure. Not to mention, the overall combo gives you an excellent appearance.

You’ll also find abstract designs on the covering lid. The metal frame imparts safety while promoting value. A milky white outlook at first definitely qualifies to surprise your dear ones as a gift.


  • Superb quality glass container.
  • Fully natural essential oil wax.
  • Decorative metal lid on the top.
  • Abstract structure on exterior.


  • Very close wick pattern.


It feels woodsy to keep your mind calm & relaxed. The guaranteed service lets you enjoy a satisfactory quality-to-price ratio. Of course, the price here is moderately low in comparison to its competitors.

14. Bath & Body Works 2014 LIMONCELLO Candle

Obviously, a yellowish appeal can add up your time. And this is one suitable unit to fulfil your desire. For the same manufacturer, the candle features everything you need. It got a balance between quality & fragrance.


Though we’re close to the end, it remains difficult to get down on quality. Bath & Body Works just keep coming with one after another. And no doubt, this is just another excellence in its success.

Holding the culture, we have now Limoncello to check out. The appearance will definitely catch your eyes in the first place. Then, you’ll have the heavenly scent to feel lovely over a fresh mood.

Essential oils ensure appropriate melting of wax to trigger the dispersion. Even & uniform burning enables quick coverage. Of course, the scent remains strong enough from the very beginning.

Limoncello itself contains a blend of amazing smells. There are Sorrento lemons against lemon zest & cane sugar. As a result, the combo imparts a perfect hairy cooch intentionally crossed with lemon.

It can burn for about 25 – 45 hours based on your use. But every time you light it up, you’ll feel the scent for a good time. Again, the smell won’t penetrate any personal clothing to disgust you later.

And there comes the container with a bright yellowish glass. It gives an unimaginable view in darker spaces. As usual, the top lid features astonishing decorative design to promote the overall outlook.


  • Uniform burning of the wax.
  • Superb blended lemon scent.
  • Overall decorative outlook.
  • Perfectly patterned 3 wicks.


  • Not very catchy in lights.


It definitely gets the mark both in appeal & smell. Your space will receive a premium look with this one burning consistently. Despite a costly price tag, the candle is ready for your enjoyment.

15. Bath and Body Works NEW In The Stars Candle

Well, we made it here to review our last picks. And still, the product is ready to feel fresh & flashed. The New in the Stars candle is more like a decorative one. But you’ll have a satisfactory fragrance all along.


Like most others in the list, it’s from Bath & Body Works. But there is something unique about the candle. Despite the simple functionality & basic fragrance, the overall appeal is breath-taking.

You won’t regret the smell, regardless of personal preferences. It initiates a rather decent-scent. Not to mention, it’s a blend of different fragrances. The smell lets you feel easy under any condition.

Speaking of the combination, there are several appreciable ingredients. It primarily features bergamot champagne. Additional ones are night-blooming water lily with pink salted amber.

Even radiation of smell prevails without fainting the concentration. High-intensity essential oil induces sufficient strength. The 14.5-oz candle will provide light & fragrance for 25 – 45 hours.

The glass jar seems to feature a golden exterior. It imparts a premium value for the container, even for repurposed use. Actually, the surface got pinched with overlapping numbers of golden circles.

All other features are more or less the same. But there is one specific difference. Unlike the previous ones, the assembly is slightly taller. In fact, the height measures 4.0” against standard 4.0” diameter.


  • Excellent golden exterior.
  • Premium fragrance quality.
  • Even dispersion in space.
  • Superb appeal for gifting.


  • Glass is prone to breakage.


It simply lets you make the space captivating with a radiant smell. Quality & performance remains to the top till the end. The ridiculously lower price tag makes it a great choice to enjoy the winter time.

What’s the Best Price for Bath and Body Works Candles?

It’s somewhat a conflicting issue to decode the suitability of investing in Bath & Body Work candles. Obviously, the comparison table mentioned above already gave you some insight into this issue.

Lots of users think it as waste & there are reasons behind it. Despite the provided service, almost no standard candle lasts more than 60 hours or so. And it’s likely to drag behind the popularity.

That’s where the best price has its importance. One notable fact is the variation of the candle price during its on& off-seasons. When the summer hits, you can save the money through certain means.

We want you to understand the ways before you make any decision. Not all the ways are equally effective. But it’ll help you to open a buying strategy ahead of your preference& situations.

Holding Out for June or Christmas

Different sales shop & even the manufacturer lowers the price. You can get up to 75% off with all the goodies.

Trying to Use Sales Coupon

Almost all Bath & Body Works candles come with discount coupons. You should use the tickets to get save some investment.

Signing Up for Texts & Emails

Manufacturers often send discounting offers to loyal customers. You need to sign up for the e-platforms to get all those.

Using Company Sales Policies

The company mostly has fabulous policies regarding exchange & price. You can claim it over any misjudged purchase.

Best Bath and Body Works Candles

Buying Guide – Bath and Body Works Candles 1000+

When it comes to perfume products, you’re likely to go through an unlimited number of choices. There are too many conflicting & confusing specs to mess with your preference. Unlike machinery, it’s indeed tenacious to pick certain products or models.

But we tried to figure out the possible ways for keeping things simple. Our research found some specific tricks to overcome the hassle. Understanding the facts will help you to cut down the list. In fact, you’ll find it easy to purchase the best bath & body works candles.


The choice always gets confused with fragrance or scent at some point. Unfortunately, it’s strictly a matter of personal fidelity. Different fragrances evoke variable memories on a person. But still, you should know the basics ahead of your purchase.

Relaxing Scents

It’s particularly suitable for bath time, curling up with some favorite drink or even guest rooms. There are some obvious signature notes, but not confined within. The choice may include eucalyptus, lavender or sandalwood.

Invigorating Scents

This is actually preferable for any occasion. You can set it on living rooms, hallways & even office spaces. And the notes somewhat vary a lot. But you can prioritize ginger, peppermint, citrus or rosemary flavors.

Fresh Scents

You can use it for home use rather than commercial or office purposes. It’s definitely okay for any rooms inside the house including the master bedroom. Signature notes like berry, cotton or figs do the job really well here.

Sensual Scents

Of course, it concerns with creating a more lovely environment. The occasions mostly include anniversary, dining tables & special baths. The choice is really difficult. You can take vanilla, rose or something floral into account.


The performance basically depends on wax. It’s the ultimate platform to generate the fragrance. But likewise, not all the options get the same wax. And that’s where you need to understand certain types.

Soy Wax

‘Soy’ originated from soybean oils. The renewable wax is specifically environment-friendly. It’s completely natural to ensure safe & sustainable service. You can easily clean off the spills using water & soap.

Paraffin Wax

It’s indeed the most common form of everyday candles. You can easily dye the composition. The wax is more like for certain tasks rather than luxury scents. Creation of a high amount of soot is one common minus here.


The all-natural type helps to produce a warmer glow. It already features somewhat close to honey-like fragrance. Therefore, the wax requires no scent or dye. The composition is preferable for people having allergies to the floral aroma.


Appearance has a lot to do with the container. It includes container colour, shape & additional designs. Of course, the choice also varies here a lot. There are barely any two candles with the same outlook.

Strictly categorizing, you’ll get two options – transparent & solid colour. Among the colourful jars, you can make two further subdivisions. One type features a singular colour throughout the whole exterior. But the other type may have some design patterns with or without abstract structures.

It’s important for you to consider the room decor. The effectiveness largely depends on your judgment call regarding the existing style. A matching colour will enhance the overall aesthetics to a great extent. You also need to keep the occasion in mind.

Another underrated fact comes with the top. The covering lid has mostly metal construction. Its surface may contain some additional design to raise the decor. You need to focus on its ability to secure the confined wax.


There are different styles of wicks you’ll find on scented candles. You can get either single-wick or 3-wick options. Of course, there isa 2-wick system toa limited extent. The pattern is likely to remain the same except for certain ones.

Multiple wicks seem somewhat beneficial regarding fragrance & visual effects. Several flames within jar encourage a more vibrant courtesy. It helps to create strong, intense smell over uniform melting of the wax.

Burning Time

The running time is always approximate with all bath & body works candles. Scented candles are slightly expensive possessions with a limited life span. And standard time frame remains within 25 – 45 hours or so.

Don’t forget the manufacturer tips on lighting the wick up. There are thumb rules to use the candle with safety. You shouldn’t keep the candle burning unnecessarily. Again, you better use the candle over specified intervals.

Best Brands from Selected Bath and Body Works Candles to Make a Good Decision

The number of available choices is definitely limitless with candles. Checking our list reveals the monopolistic triumph of Bath & Body Works alone. Obviously, the intended market is mostly dominated by the company.

There are still competitors with some good quality products as well. In fact, you can look into the other manufacturers for further search. Considering the necessity, we got here a preliminary introduction for topmost manufacturing organizations.

Bath & Body Works

Do you really need any extra words for Bath & Body Works? It’s a USA retailer company in operation for 20+ years. Since its foundation, the company keeps expanding through different continents.

There are hundreds of high-quality products from Bath & Body Works alone. In fact, it has several options with no competitive alternate in the market. Through unrivaled customer service, it has one of the largest bath shop chains in the world.

White Barn

Another big name in the candle industry is White Barn Candle Co. The manufacturer primarily operates from Ohio. It has several bath & body works candles. Not to mention, you better no mix with Bath & Body Company with the candle category.

There are convenient & top-notch products by White Barn to keep it on the forefront. It takes pride in cosmetics, perfume stores & beauty supplies all across the USA. Currently, its products are available throughout the world.

Yankee Candle

Since 1969, Yankee remains passionate about fragrance to reach the peak. It’s arguably the topmost brand of producing premium scented candles. Right now, it has more than 150 unique scents for consumers.

Almost all of its candles get crafted by master candle makers. The smell & accent easily creates a welcoming home environment. Innovative thinking always keeps the company on expanding opportunities & future growth.

WoodWick Candles

Another top USA-based candle manufacturer is WoodWick. It produces some of the most popular & cheap scented candles. There comes a lot of different, unique & attractive scents available for your selection.

You can even get variable styles & sizes to match your requirements. Higher standard of workmanship promises maximum satisfaction here. Staying within the budget, every Woodwick candle offers a rich but warm aroma.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Obviously, it’s a direct competitor of Bath & Body Works. Founded in 1971, the store retailer came into business for the first time. It’s more like a retailer company rather than a manufacturing organization.

Still, it has some of the most popular scented candles to sell. You’ll find lots of outstanding products with quality assurance. The USA-based company also created a large chain of merchandise shops. It has its shops in Canada & Mexico.

Other Companies

There are several other candle manufacturers across the USA alone. Of course, the consideration gets limited due to a lower number of bath & body works candles. They mostly manufacture other types of candles along with regular ones.

But you can find one or two excellent fragrances right there. You can look into Village Candle, Bridgewater Candle, CAIFEDE Candle & several others. Again, there are some foreign manufactures like Scented Candle Company or so that offer satisfactory models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which Bath and Body Works scent is the best?

It’s almost impossible to rank the scent, considering customer preference. There are limitless scents available to satisfy customer demand. But fragrance resulting from vanilla, breeze, peach, berry, rose& cucumber melon gained popularity over others.

2. Do Bath & Body Works Candles really work?

Customers often complain about faint & no scents. Of course, not every candle feature smelling scent. The intensity of fragrance decides the strength of the induced aroma. Therefore, larger candle size basically gives higher concentration.

3. Are Bath and Body Works candles worth it?

Of course, the answer is uncertain. It’s not exactly an essential possession but candles aren’t totally worthless either. As mentioned, there are certain benefits of using bath & body works candles. You better try one &analyse the output against the investment.

4. What scent is most attractive to guys?

It’s a debatable issue to conclude the most attractive scent for women towards men. The list is long & therefore, no specific ones to take the prize. Among all, you can place the best on vanilla, lavender, musk, orchis, violet or jasmine.

5. Can I leave a bath & body works candle burning?

Not at all, it possesses certain risks. Burning to the bottom allows the heat to offend the surface. It may lead to a sudden crack or even an explosion. But for the worst part, it’s not over there. Melted out wax or scattered wick can start a fire.

6. Is it safe to light up candles in bedroom?

Regardless of the type, you should never leave a burning candle unnoticed. And there are several safety measures to recommend not to use candles in the bedroom. In no time, anything can go wrong with an ongoing flame.

7. Are Bath and Body Works candles toxic?

Candle toxicity is more like a rootless rumor rather than experienced reality. Most of the top-quality waxes went through extensive tests before arriving at the shop. Unless you use the candle in an unimaginable way, it barely possesses any threat.

8. What are the healthiest candles to burn for my home?

Not all the candles have the ability to create a serene indoor environment. Traditional paraffin candles are a source of inner air pollution. You can settle down for candles having soy, beeswax or all-natural essential oils.

9. Are Bath and Body Works candles safe during pregnancy?

You’ll have to remain careful during pregnancy, particularly for the nurturing baby. Researchers found no trace of harmful toxicity with most scented candles. Although candles come without threats, you better skip the burnt air fume.

10. Can the scented glass explode?

Yes, there are several reports of such incidents. Overheating is likely to cause trouble. Therefore, experts recommended not to use the candle for 4+ hours in a row. In the meantime, the candle should burn within ¼” if its wax.

11. Is there any preference for wick material?

Absolutely, you should check out the wicks for sure. Even the burning of wicks can lead to air pollution to some extent. You have to go for braided cotton in the first place. For alternatives, you can prefer papers having cellulose core.

Final Verdict

Making the right choice is almost impossible without proper guidance. And it’s really important while buying a suitable candle. These candles are reasonably expensive to fulfill your little luxury in life. You obviously don’t want your investment to go in vain.

The options are limitless & the fragrances are confusing. But following our review will lead you to make a successful purchase. You just have to understand your own preference & needs. Then finding the best bath & body works candles among the list will become easy for sure.

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