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By David Wills

You have always loved to play with different fragrances and tried out many scented products. Now, I guess you are looking for a good quality scented candle that can be your perfect partner in those relaxing weekend nights.

But, whenever you ask someone what brand you should try, the reply is somehow always the same. Bath and Body Works candles. But, isn’t there any other option? I mean, just take a look at their price range. It’s insane!

Well, don’t worry. It’s not the only brand. Nevertheless, some brands are even better than this one.

So, what candles are better than Bath and Body Works? Stay tuned, and you will be going to know all of about by the end of this article.

Alternative options for Bath and Body Works candles

Although there are a lot of brands of scented candles, you cannot compare them with the Bath and Body Works ones. The brand has been delivering outstanding products for years. And so, matching their quality and performance is a difficult job to do.

However, there are still quite a few brands out there that are not only able to match the level of this brand but also able to surpass them in many ways.

Therefore, I am bringing you two such brands that are considered as the best alternatives of the Bath and Body Works candles.

ALDI candles

Okay. So, the first alternative that we are going to discuss is the ALDI candles. Many of you might have heard of it as the budget-friendly Bath and Body Works quality candle.

And why not. The difference in their prices is huge. Where a 3-wicks Bath and Body Works candles are worth 24.50 dollars, you can find an ALDI Huntington Home candle at the price of 3.99 dollars only. Who wouldn’t be impressed by that?

Not just that, these candles are highly appreciated by thousands of customers as they offer the most beautiful fragrances at such a less price.

Moreover, they have an outstanding range of varieties. You will find new ALDI candles every season. Moreover, all of their candles have impressive burning times. That means you can enjoy all these lovely scents for the same amount of time within $3.99 only.

Yankee candles

When we talk about enjoying a soothing fragrance at an affordable price, Yankee candles are probably the best options you can find.

These candles are famous for providing several special qualities. Take a look at their presentation skills, for example. The packaging along with the materials they use has always been the best.

What’s even better is that they keep a close eye on maintaining their quality. Whether it is about the designs or the scents they offer, everything you get is worth the price you are paying.

Again, their fragrances are a bit different than the Bath and Body Works ones. These have more of a soft and delicate tone, and that is why these candles are better for formal presentations.

Therefore, if you are not a big fan of loud fragrances and are looking for a classy and sober scent, Yankee candles are the best options for you.

How to choose the better one

Everybody has a different perspective, and so, their choices are different as well. What I like better might not always seem the best for you as well.

And so, I am going to point out some important factors that will help you to determine your needs. Also, you can compare all the options you have, and thus, choose a better product.

Burn time

Burn time is an important feature to check in any candle. Of course, you don’t want that super expensive candle to run out overnight, right?

So, when you are looking for a longer-lasting option, ALDI candles might be better for you. However, the Yankee candles are healthier as they are cruelty-free and made from eco-friendly materials.

Fragrance quality

Although the Yankee candles are more expensive, they will never let you down when it comes to the quality of fragrance. Their sober and mild fragrances are exceptionally attractive and worth the price.

Price affordability

Well, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option then there cannot be anything better than the ALDI candles.

They offer almost the same features in an amazing price range. Many people cannot even see any difference form the Bath and Body Works candles.

Scent varieties

Well, even if the Bath and Body Works candles have the most varieties of fragrances, the Yankee candles have also made their position very clear with their exquisite collection.

Their products have a much mature taste and perfect to create a mild and soothing atmosphere in your room. However, if you are into something stronger, and want the Bath and Body Works varieties, you should go for the ALDI candles.

Which one should you choose?

We have discussed quite a few factors that determine the overall quality of a scented candle. Therefore, the rest is up to you. Figure out what you want and set your priorities.

And thus, choose the one that can give you maximum coverage over those requirements.

However, we all know that the Bath and Body Works candles will always be a classic and reliable option. And we admire their dedication that they have shown us for so many years.

But, that doesn’t mean that we cannot broaden our reach and try out different products as well. Of course, we all should come forward and appreciate newer brands so that one day they can also turn out to be as famous as the Bath and Body Works.

Therefore, if I ask you again, what candles are better than Bath and Body Works? I hope that you already have your answer.


How did you like the options that we discussed so far? Don’t worry if you still haven’t found the answer. Just make sure to have your requirements clear, and you will have tons of varieties.

However, choosing a product only based on someone’s recommendation is not always the right way to find your perfect match.

Therefore, try exploring a bit and play with different fragrances. Who knows? Maybe the one next to you will turn out to be your favorite!

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