Best Pocket Knife Of All Time 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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By David Wills

One of the most functional tools to accomplish various tasks is a knife. Thanks to its frequent necessity, a small-sized pocket knife gains its attention among outdoors men, craftsmen & project workers. For indoor or outdoor jobs, this tool can save considerable time & hassle.

In its simplest version, it is just a folding framework with blade & metal/plastic casing. With compact size & lightweight design, a pocket knife comes handy in different ways. Although its functionality is limited to light works, it is really useful when necessary.

The advancement of technology now brought multitasking pocket knives. Combining multiple tools in one, the knife can solve numerous problems at once. Having one multi functional toolbox inside the pocket, you can enjoy a better result all along.

There are lots of knives in the market. It’s indeed difficult even to find the best pocket knife of all time among all those. To save time, we have the most popular, functional knives for you to choose from.

Considering all the essential factors, we carefully enlisted the following best pocket knives of all time. Without breaking the budget, you better start scrolling to find out the most suitable one.

Let’s have a quick glance at the comparison table right below.

Benefits of Best Pocket Knife

Although the trend of carrying knives is substantially reducing, it may come handy in no time. With great benefits, a smart person should carry a pocket knife all along.

Outdoor Survival

When it comes to adventure in the wild, the importance of particular tools is beyond description. It’s really difficult to beat the necessity of pocket knife on hiking, camping or fishing trip. Against large knives, a single pocket knife can save your time & effort.

Personal Protection

With a small size, it’s not a heavy or effective weapon. It’s not wise to expect something other than minor project cutting or sawing. But when it comes to self-defense from robbers/animals, you can take it out. Careful & defensive threatening is likely to work.


Whether the injury is light or grave, first-aid can treat the wound positively. For handling the aftermath of an emergency, a pocket knife should come in handy in different ways. You can immediately prepare or shape some relief quite fast using the tiny gadget.

Handling Stuff

The safest use of this knife concerns with the cutting of fruits & vegetables. Having one pocket knife can allow you to leave kitchen knife, spoon & fork behind. Apart from cutting, slicing, sawing, screwing & more, you can certainly get your meal prepped.

Doing Projects

For home improvement or personal projects, pocket knives provide a great advantage. Whether it’s shaping, sizing or piercing objects, these ones handle the task really well. The performance is indeed great for DIY works & woodwork.

Cloth Altering

Some clothes require punching of additional holes or cutting/tearing. One underrated benefit is clothing alteration using a pocket knife. With easy handling, practical & precise alteration becomes possible within minutes.

Multitasking Capability

Simple pocket knives mostly feature a foldable blade. There are now lots of knives combining the functionality of different tools into one. Having a multitasking knife can perform like a portable toolbox to help you in any situation.

Superb Portability

The most beneficial factor is its lightweight construction. With a compact size, it fits into the pocket without dragging you down. Encouraging portability, you can literally take it without giving a second thought.

Top 10 Best Pocket Knife of All Time Reviews

Among lots of available choices, we made the pickups considering all the essentials. Following deep research, we narrowed down the list containing the best 10 knives for home & outdoor uses. The best pocket knife of all time definitely fulfills your requirements within your budget.

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, SwissChamp Pocket Knife

With 33 featured options, Victorinox Swiss Army Knife can meet all the requirements. The 3.5” multitasker is perfect for regular & occasional projects. In fact, the best multipurpose knife is capable of handling any situation inside & outside the home.

All features of the knife are of high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel. With polished ABS casing, each one comes with safe storage & sleek opening. Re-sharpening at 15° – 20° angle using one whetstone delivers a 30° – 40° cutting angle. Easy maintenance includes opening/closing in hot water.


  • Complete toolbox with 33 features.
  • Sturdy, sharpened steel construction.
  • Polished red casing for safe storage.
  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor uses.
  • Easy cleanup & maintenance facility.


  • Negative effect with dishwasher.
  • Tiny & thinner key chain fitting.

The tempered & annealed steel gives sufficient hardness to keep it functional. At a reasonable price tag, it’s one essential toolbox in the pocket.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Climber Pocket Knife

Without any defects, the Climber Knife from Victorinox guarantees optimum workmanship. Through 14 functions, it prepares you for outdoor adventures. The best budget pocket knife includes 2.75” blade with screwdriver, scissors, corkscrew & more.

Having a full load, the lightweight pack won’t drag down. Stainless steel ensures greater durability & reliable performance. The aluminum handle comes with acid-resisting plastic. Also, the black ABS casing keeps the storage & opening simple plus smooth. Without bulk, the functionality remains at its best.


  • Strong, durable steel construction.
  • Compact design has 14 functions.
  • Safe storage with plastic encasing.
  • Included plastic is acid-resistant.
  • Precise use with aluminum handle.


  • Small burr may take place.
  • Classic all-purpose hook.

With satisfying functionality, the knife is one ideal carriage for numerous regular tasks. It promises to provide quality assurance for home & outside uses against its price.

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Huntsman Pocket Knife

Whether it’s camping/hiking, Huntsman Knife by Victorinox can fulfill your needs at once. For the 3.5” knife, there come 15 features to accomplish your intended task. Having a compact design easily fits into the pocket or pouch without weighing you down.

Apart from others, the best multipurpose pocket knife includes a unique wood saw. All features are of high-end steel to induce supreme efficiency. The polished ABS casing ensures smooth operation & storage. Easy cleaning & quick sharpening retains the functionality for long enough.


  • Cutting above the rest quality.
  • Durable stainless steel features.
  • Multitasking tool with 15 tools.
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor use.
  • Compact & lightweight carriage.


  • No blade locking mechanism.
  • Knife may feel slightly flimsy.

It’s the ultimate companion to handle any situations for the avid outdoorsman. Spending on its reasonable price, you’re ready to hit the beaten path.

4. Kershaw Blur Tanto Black Serrated Pocket Knife

The slight re-curvature of Kershaw Black Knife can tackle tougher slicing & piercing tasks. It provides a reliable service for anyone eager to enjoy a precise cutting. Thanks to its Trac-Tec insert, the handle allows a comfortable grip permitting easy carriage.

Having a stylish & sleek design, the best modern folding pocket knife imparts great appeal. With the liner lock, the partially serrated blade remains secure. The featured Speed Safe Assisted Opening permits a safe one-handed operation. Using the low-profile clip, carriage through pre-drilled holes is possible.


  • Outstanding DLC coating.
  • Partially serrated knife blade.
  • Lightweight aluminum handle.
  • Easy carriage for any condition.
  • Safe one-handed operation.


  • Only one functionality.
  • Issues with tip-up carriage.

Despite its limited features, the midrange steel knife does its job well. Although the price is high, its high-end service certainly meets the satisfaction.

5. Pocket Knife MultiTool with Safety Locking Blade

The practical design of RoverTac Pocket Knife can accomplish multiple tasks. Combining 9 sets in one tool, the knife is perfect for numerous indoor & outdoor activities. The full steel construction ensures durability, featuring the oxidized black coating.

Discreet integration of Safe Guard Lock prevents accidental closing of the blade. With optimum quality, the best pocket knife for the money can serve numerous purposes. There comes one additional pouch for its safe storage. In fact, the wearable pouch allows a convenient carriage.


  • Complete stainless steel frame.
  • Multifunctional performance.
  • Serrated & utility knife coupling.
  • Lightweight with high portability.
  • Safe opening, closing of blade.


  • Utility blade is quite thick.
  • Opening may seem stiff.

Being durable& sturdy enough, the set easily passes the test of time. You can get unparalleled craftsmanship at a considerably low price.

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Rambler Pocket Knife

The multitasking Rambler Knife gets you prepared to save the entire day. Its tiny size & compact shape results in a rather lightweight frame, weighing about 1.1 ounces only. Not to mention, the thickness measures only 58mm. There come 10 different features for the functional traveler.

With a classic SD size, the best pocket knife for everyday use combines reasonable attachments. High-quality stainless steel induces supreme durability along with strength. Likewise, the red case holds all the features, ensuring a smooth & safe opening.


  • Efficient multitasking tool.
  • Incredibly lightweight design.
  • Trusted quality with steel.
  • Great appeal with red casing.
  • Rather easy re-sharpening.


  • Back attachment of nail file.
  • No scissor feature included.

The outstanding construction doesn’t compromise durability or functionality. It’s indeed a great tool with basic features at a reasonable price tag.

7. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool, Tinker Pocket Knife

Slim profile for lightweight design prevails for Victorinox Tinker Knife. Combining 12 useful features at once, the best pocket knife for home use induces great performance for project works. Its versatility lets you handle any troublesome issues on your path.

Having stainless steel options, it imparts utmost strength with superior longevity. It comes with a weight of about 2.2 ounces only. Thanks to its compact design, it ensures a safe & easy carriage. To keep all the features functional without disruption, the traditional ABS casing holds them perfectly.


  • Great sturdiness with steel.
  • Durable plastic ABS casing.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • High portability, easy carriage.
  • 12 different functionalities.


  • Suitable for indoor tasks.
  • Tinker size isn’t standard.

The quality steel induces the highest corrosion resisting characteristic. You can enjoy the full functionality without flaws or defects against its low price tag.

8. Gerber GDC Money Clip w/ Built-in Fixed Blade Knife

The fixed knife blade by Gerber is accompanied by its GDC money clip. With greater portability & sleek profile, the best traditional pocket knife is versatile by nature. Its seamless integration into all daily activities is possible following a quick, easy & simple deploy.

The discreet blade measures 1.75” which seems reasonable to carry out light tasks. With a fine edge, it maintains alignment to encourage a precise cutting operation. Weighing 2.9 ounces, the compact design fits into bag, pocket & backpack compartments quite well.


  • Fixed blade with money clip.
  • Superb versatility in nature.
  • Lightweight, sleek framework.
  • Seamless integration to task.
  • Fine edge for smooth cutting.


  • Blade size is rather small.
  • Not a multitasking knife.

The satisfactory functionality teams up with its practical design here. Reasonable price makes the ergonomic set available for every smart individual.

9. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knife

The basic toolbox for everyday adventure fits into the pocket with Victorinox Classic Knife. The best cheap pocket knife combines 7 basic but essential features in one piece. You’ll get one 1.25” blade, nail cleaner, nail file, keyring, scissors, toothpick & tweezers.

With a unique red Edelweiss appeal, it resembles a colorful & stylish classic. The weight measures only 0.74 ounce which induces supreme portability & carriage. Just like the others, all features are of high-quality steel. The ABS case holds every feature, allowing safe storage & smooth opening.


  • Highly durable ABS holding case.
  • Essential 7 features in one unit.
  • Extremely lightweight framework.
  • Colorful exterior for plastic case.
  • Epitomic design with classic SD.


  • Difficult use of the nail file.
  • Color may start to wear off.

Apart from its functionality, its colorful design certainly amazes the user. The classic framework with basic essentials is available at an affordable price.

10. Case Bermuda Green Bone Mini Copperlock Pocket Knife

This new Lock back by Case combines the functionality of Copperhead & Trapper knives. With quality craftsmanship, the best pocket knife for everyday carry comes in details to fulfill your demands. The featured clip blade is highly suitable for multiple indoor & outdoor tasks.

Featuring 2.72” blade, its closed length measures 3.63”. For the Tru-Sharp blade, it comes with surgical steel construction. The folding blade contains Chrome Vanadium to deal with different materials. The synthetic handle initiates a comfortable grip that comes in a gorgeous Bermuda green bone color.


  • High-quality surgical steel blade.
  • Great appeal with colorful handle.
  • Easy carriage for the light frame.
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor use.
  • Featured clip blade is lockable.


  • Blade seems considerably thin.
  • Slightly mediocre sharpening.

The knife isn’t rich in features but the blade definitely performs its task well. The price tag is somewhat higher than the others, so is its functionality.

Buying Guide for Best Pocket Knife

The effectiveness of pocket knife bears great importance for its intended users. Being a useful tool, the right one can come to your aid within seconds. With a wrongful knife in the pocket, your simple problem can turn into a disaster.

Regarding any accessory, there are some major criteria directly influencing the functionality. To attain maximum quality & performance, you need to look into the key factors. While buying, you can find out the best pocket knife of all time easily knowing the factors.

For a successful purchase, you have to know the considerations of a pocket knife as well. Right below, we discussed the essential ones. Knowing them, we are hopeful that you can pick the ultimate tool.

Overall Design

The design concerns with the exterior color, size & shape. The steel portions come in metallic color or black in most cases. It mainly varies in accordance with the casing color. As the name suggests, these knives are meant to be small enough to fit inside the pocket. Despite its functionality or construction, a pocket knife can weigh about 0.5 to 7/8 ounces.

Feature Number

The number of features resembles the total number of knives in one unit. Here, it also represents the number of multiple tools combined with the knife. Considering both, there are three specific types – single blade, multiple blades& multitasking knife.

A single-blade knife comes with the simplest construction, completely focusing the blade. With a strong & somewhat large-sized blade, it is suitable for numerous demanding tasks. But no variety makes it rather difficult to handle multi-purpose works.

Multiple-blade knife can feature either of two, three & even four knife attachments. The two-blade system is quite conventional, though others provide further facilities at the dispense. The main flaw concerns with poor durability & less strength to carry out tough jobs.

A multitasking knife is also referred to as the Swiss Army knife. Apart from the blade, you can get lots of other tools attached to one unit. It comes with saws, scissors, and screwdriver – whatever you name. It’s a complete toolbox stored inside the pocket.

Type of Steel

The performance is largely dependent on the steel type & its efficiency. Almost all the best-quality knives feature stainless steel. It imparts corrosion resisting property to the knife. With stainless steel, it’s possible to prevent rusting, specifically in humid/moist conditions. Using wear-resistant alloy steel can cut through abrasive materials easily.

Knife Edge Type

Taking the edge surface into consideration, there are two particular types. Although the plain edge is out there for centuries, serrated ones are now gaining popularity. A serrated edge for a knife can be either fully serrated or partially serrated.

With sharper edge, plain knife allows further accuracy & cleaner cutting. Staying along the line, it gives optimum control while performing push cuts. Re-sharpening of the edge is quite easy using a whetstone or similar materials.

With a rougher cutting surface, the fully serrated knife can handle stronger materials. This knife easily performs hard cutting or sawing tasks, thanks to its thinner blade. But major difficulty occurs while re-sharpening the edge.

Meanwhile, a partially serrated knife contains a plain & serrated edge at the same time. The combo permits a smooth push & heavy cutting for different materials. But you’ll have to handle sharpening difficulty along with somewhat clumsiness.

Length of Blade

It’s quite troublesome to classify the knife, considering the blade length. But regarding pocket knife features, there is a certain range you can define.

Blades having a length of 2.75” or less are quite small. These knives are legal for carriage almost everywhere. Although it’s not exactly the ideal size, it can handle light works well enough. But the versatility or strength can obviously give you some problems.

Having a length of 2.75” to 4.0”, a medium-sized blade resembles the ideal size of a pocket knife. Being small, it’s rather easy to carry like the small ones & easily handles further issues. With sufficient sturdiness, it can even perform some heavy tasks.

Locking Mechanism

The primary task of the locking mechanism is to keep the blade open. Preventing any accidental snapping, it ensures user safety. There are lots of locking mechanisms available. But among all others, liner lock is the simplest one widely used for common knives.

It comes with no specific or unique characteristic, but the mechanism is rather safe & smooth. Overall functionality depends on the force imposed by the user. With the liner lock, manual force is necessary to position the blade inside the casing.

Handling Ease

Like the blade, quality is also a major factor for the handle. Ensuring a tight grip, you can attain the desired output using the knife. It also depends on aesthetics & user preference. There are considerable varieties, but aluminum, steel & rubber are the most suitable.

With a lightweight handle, aluminum delivers an excellent grip even in harsh/humid weather. There are knives having full steel construction, from blade to handle. Apart from durability, mere rusting is likely to occur with steel handle. For the rubberized handle, the knife induces a comfortable grip to handle the entire operation.


Without maintenance, you can’t expect to have reasonably longer service. When it comes to maintenance, it’s important to keep the blade & other features clean. In fact, you should wipe out the dirt following every session of project work.

Angled sharpening for edges is one important criterion here. A specific angle results in a sharpened edge in a more effective way. When the blade or feature is not in use, you should close it. Unnecessary opening for a long time may damage its sharpness & quality.

It also includes the re-sharpening of the knife edges. As mentioned, it’s easy to regain the sharpness for plain edges. But for serrated ones, you may need to send the tool to professional workers. To keep the mechanism functional & smooth, you can add a few drops of oil.

If you get deeper, you can explore lots of minor factors. They may provide somewhat further functionality but you can’t combine all features into one. To help you get a budget-friendly pocket knife, we highlighted the most essential considerations. Combining most of the aforementioned factors will certainly get you to invest in the best one.

Best Brands of Pocket Knife

The market is loaded with lots of models from an uncountable number of brands. Among those, only a good number of brands established solid reputations. With high-quality knives, they meet customer satisfaction from every aspect. From all those, we would like to introduce the top ones right below.

1. Victorinox

There are 6 knives from Victorinox out of our 10 best picks. It defines the quality & popularity of the brand right here. When it comes to branded knives, it’s really difficult to outrun Victorinox.The name is less familiar, but it definitely is known for its unparalleled Swiss Army Knives. With the Swiss Army Knives, the company became an icon in the knife industry. It has worldwide popularity with numerous highest-quality tools ever marketed.

2. Kershaw

Among the respected brands in the knife industry, Kershaw has its own position. Focusing on quality & innovative design, several models gained popularity. Creating inexpensive yet impressive models, the company provides value for its gear. Solid craftsmanship with reliable performance lasts incredibly longer than expected in many cases.

3. Gerber

One undeniably popular brand in the industry is Gerber. Following quality fighting knives, boot knives – it successfully created a huge following in the market. Combining dedication with innovative ideas, all the manufactured products ensure maximum reliability, quality & efficiency. The problem-solving design of Gerber knives meets the specific requirements of many customers.

4. Case

Staying in the business for about 110 years, R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. is indeed a true legend. Being a beloved one, many hobbyists still collect their classic knife models. Promising full satisfaction, Case gives no rest on its laurels. With optimum quality & performance, it delivered knives to astronauts & WWI soldiers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is carrying a pocket knife legal?

It quite complicated to give an exact answer to the question. The important point worth remembering is it basically depends on the state. Being a tool, the matter is handled at the state level. Try to get utility knives rather than tactical ones.

2. What pocket knives are made in the USA?

It’s difficult to list all the USA knife here. But SOG, Buck Knives, Kershaw, Gerber, Spyderco, etc. are well-reputed USA brands for pocket knives.

3. How to clean a pocket knife perfectly?

There are several means to achieve knife cleanliness. In common, most of those require lubrication & dust/rust removal agents.

4. How to sharpen a pocket knife with a stone?

The sharpening of a knife using stone is quite complex than it seems. Proper output depends on several factors like shape & type of stone, bevel angle of the blade, right positioning & gentle gliding.

5. How to use a pocket knife can opener?

You may start by puncturing a hole using the blade. Then pull up the handle & push up the blade along with the can. Moving the can in counter-clockwise direction should cut over the can.

6. Is it possible to improve the quality of a cheap knife?

We would like to suggest you get something real rather than a cheap knife. And by real, we resembled good-quality knives at a reasonable price.

7. When should I re-sharpen the knife blade?

It depends on what you’re cutting & how much time you spent on cutting. But a light sharpening at a frequent basis will keep your knife functional & useful.

8. How to expand the useful life of pocket knives?

You can add a few drops of oil to the joints of moving parts. It eases the opening & closing, reducing wear & rust. Keeping the blade clean & dry should enhance life to a great extent.

9. What angle I have to choose while sharpening?

Different knives are sharpened to a wide range of angles. It varies according to steel type & its intended use. The manufacturer generally specifies a certain angle.

Final Verdict

There are lots of knives that make the purchase rather tricky. But the right choice depends on your use, frequency & work type. We brought here the best pocket knives of all time& you’ll have to make the choice. We covered the essential details of all knives one by one.

Discussing the buying guide, we tried to help you narrow down your available choices. Each best pocket knife of all time ensures satisfaction without compromising the quality. Following the intense research, we got here the most reliable, popular, efficient & affordable options.

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