Best Electrical Tool Pouch for Electrician 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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By David Wills

A tool pouch is actually one portable store house for necessary tools. And electrical pouches hold all your electrical gears required for your electrical or mechanical job. There are certain benefits of using this particular item. Like, they help to keep your tools organized. It lets you find the exact tool for the job at once.

An electrical tool pouch has different compartments to keep different tools and equipment. By keeping the right tool in the right compartment you will have easy access to your tools.

It is little difficult to find the most suitable one. That’s why we are here to help you. In this article, we have made a list of the best electrical tool pouches for you.

Right here we reviewed some particular preferences with pouches. Of course, we covered the necessary details for a successful purchase. In addition, we included the benefits of having such a product & so on.

You will also find a table right below representing the basic differences. So let’s get started now.

Top 10 Best Electrical Tool Pouch for Electrician Reviews

We had to do deep research for days to find the righteous one from the market. Testing each product individually, we finally made this list of 10 best electrician tool pouchesWe can assure you that you will find your required one from our reviews.

So let’s get started.

1. McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC Electrician’s Tool Pouch

The McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC is one of the best electrician tool belts along with some unique features. It has a “T” chain tape clip that will hold electrical tapes for your works.

There are more holders for holding hammers, tape measures, keys, flashlight and more. It is very strong & durable; so it will last longer than most of the common electrician’s pouches.


  • Won’t feel bulky when worn.
  • Not so super heavy to avoid back pain.
  • Tools won’t overlap or hit one another.
  • Built material is durable and will last long.
  • Very solid well placed stitches.
  • Comparatively cheaper in price.


  • The pouch feels rough when worn.
  • The belt is thin so there is a risk of snapping too soon.

To sum it up, the McGuire-Nicholas 526-CC is one functional piece to have for with higher durability. If you get this one, you will love using it as it will last for a long time.

2. Toughbuilt Electrician ClipTech Tool Pouch

The Toughbuilt Electrician ClipTech Pouch is indeed a durable tool holder.It will fit pliers, tools, drill, utility knife & even your phone if you need to. Made with leather it is really comfortable to wear.

This best electrician’s leather tool pouch is quite secured with its patented ClipTech Hub. It also contains the “Tough Built tool belts” specially made by the manufacturer that can be used by both men and women.


  • High-quality material is used to manufacture this.
  • The pockets and pouches can be accessed easily.
  • Has proper stitching with a no-sag design for a longer lifespan.
  • It can fit on different sizes of the waist as the size is widely adjustable.
  • Can handle high-end and heavy tools.


  • Straps are not widely adjustable.

What makes this pouch suitable is it’s unrivaled built. The company has highly trained engineers to test & verify all their pouches. That’s why you can rely on this pouch with your eyes closed.

3. DEWALT DG5103 Maintenance and Electrician’s Tool Pouch

DEWALT is a renowned brand worldwide for its tools and machines. They are also reliable when it comes to electrician’s pouch. The DEWALT DG5103 is one of the best-selling tool belts for electricians from this brand.

It has convenient access to its large main pocket for bigger tools. It also has smaller front pockets for smaller tools. The feature makes it really handy for anyone with a wide range of tools.


  • All the tools are easily accessible.
  • Quite durable that will last a long period.
  • Multiple types of tools can be held.
  • Pocket size varies for different tool sizes.
  • Moving with this pouch is comfortable.


  • Poor stitching quality.
  • A damaged belt loop can’t be replaced as it is non-removable.

In short,we like this one the most because of having the sleeve pockets. They will allow you to keep different types & sizes of tools and equipment. If you give it a try we are sure you will like it too.

4. CLC Custom Leathercraft 1503 Small Electrical Tool Pouch

The CLC Custom Leathercraft 1503 is a handy pouch. You can attach it to your belt using a belt loop or a clip. The best electrician tool bag here is made with durable and long-lasting polyester to carry on for months without damage.

There are three internal pockets to keep pencils & small tools or parts like nuts, bolts or pins. With that, there are six external pockets to keep bigger tools. The heavy-duty clip on the back is good for you to keep tape if you want.


  • Has zipper to store tiny objects.
  • The size is huge for keeping all the necessary tools.
  • Internal zipper pocket for pencils and other stuff.
  • Metal clip in front to attach pocket clip for measuring tape.
  • Has both slide on and looped through options over your belt.


  • The zipper is not smooth at the beginning.

Conclusively the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1503 Small Electrical Pouch is quite perfect for the job. It’s loaded with detachable electrical tape sling& other handy features. We are sure you will like it for its features too.

5. CLC Custom Leathercraft 5505 Electrician’s Tool Pouch

Just like the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1503 the CLC Custom Leathercraft 5505 is also made with polyester fabric. But comparatively, it is more durable as it has a double layer of rugged fabric of polyester.

There are two main large pockets to keep bigger tools and three smaller pockets for smaller tools or parts. Unlike the previous Custom Leathercraft pouch, it has six screwdriver holders which are reasonably large. This is why we think it is one of the best tool belts for electricians.


  • Strong enough to hold heavy tools.
  • It is convenient to carry more tools with it.
  • Double layer build material for durability.
  • The bottom side has a hard and strong material.


  • The bottom seam is of poor quality.

Though the bottom of this pouch is of a little poor quality, it has some amazing features. For example, it has an electrical tool snap and tape chain. There is a metal clip that will hold all sizes of measuring tape. These are some good features for why you should own this pouch.

6. Klein Tools 5119 Electrical Tool Pouch

If you are looking for the best small electrician tool pouch, then the Klein Tools 5119 Tool Pouch is the perfect one for you. It has four pockets that make it easier for you to access different tools quickly.

It is constructed with riveted leather that expands its life. This material is quite durable.Hence, you can use it for a long time without worrying about any wear & tear.


  • It can be attached to any kind of belts.
  • The design makes it comfortable and good looking to carry.
  • It is made of high-quality leather.
  • It allows easy access to all the tools.
  • Quite compact for small jobs.


  • Too small to fit some large tools.
  • Extra maintenance required for it to last longer.

This pouch is a bit different from other ones as it includes knife snap to keep a knife if you want. So, it’s a small bag to put some necessary tools along with a knife. This is the tool pouch solution you better attend.

7. Custom LeatherCraft 1526 Electrical Tool Pouch

With 25 pockets for tools & appliances, Custom LeatherCraft 1526 is one of the largest ones around. There is a 7 x 5 ½ inch plastic tray with multiple compartments included that will slide inside the pouch securely.

This tray keeps the pouch steady when you keep the tools. Moreover, this pouch is box-shaped so it will prevent any tool from tipping over. There are pockets for drill bits, pliers, testers, etc.


  • Good build quality, made for heavy-duty use.
  • It will last longer than most other pouches.
  • Holds a lot of large and small tools.
  • The bottom has a small part for nuts and bolts.
  • Comfortable to carry even when fully loaded.


  • There are no loops to store screwdrivers.
  • The outside pockets are excessively deep to keep small tools.

We think this pouch is one of the best quality electrician tool bags for its adjustable carrying shoulder strap & padded carrying handle. If you want a pouch with such features, you should get the Custom LeatherCraft 1526 Electrical Tool Pouch.

8. ToughBuilt – Master Electrician’s Tool Pouch TB-CT-104

The ToughBuilt – Master Electrician’s Pouch TB-CT-104 is the second pouch from ToughBuilt that we have here. The best electrician tool pouch has a ClipTech technology, allows you to clip it on and off any belt.

You can also keep it standing on the floor if you want. And to keep it on your shoulder there is padded & non-slip shoulder strap available with this pouch. Overall this is an amazing pouch to own.


  • It contains handy hanging clip technology.
  • High build quality that will last longer.
  • Comfortable design yet holds sufficient tools.
  • Durable enough to hold heavier tools.


  • When filled it is kind of bulky.
  • Too large for someone with fewer tools.

The fact that this pouch has three tool pockets that are adjustable makes it one of the. This is why as an electrician you should own this pouch.

9. Southwire Tools & Equipment POUCH4 Leather Tool Pouch

The Southwire Tools & Equipment POUCH4 is a small but handy leather pouch with five pockets for your necessary tools. There is a compartment to keep your electrical tape separately.

The color of this best tool pouches for electricians will remain as it is for a long time. This is because it is made with saddled leather that is fade resistant. Moreover, it has a double tapered compartment that will provide higher tool stability.


  • It is very compact and light-weighted.
  • Color stays the same for a long time for the saddle leather technology.
  • Includes a metal clip to hang some tools.
  • It is strong enough to hold heavier tools.
  • Small but quite durable.


  • It will not hold too many tools at the same time.
  • It cannot keep larger tools.

To sum it up, Southwire Tools & Equipment POUCH4 has some useful features like the rivets for high strength and handy metal clip. This is why we think it is one of the most suitable kits you can have.

10. Occidental Leather 5500 Electrician’s Tool Pouch

The Occidental Leather 5500 is a moderately large tool pouch with 15 pockets to hold all your tools & accessories. The best tool pouches for electricians come with a loop for holding a flashlight and a chain for electrical tapes.

Unlike most other pouches in the market, this one is capable of holding a heavy hammer that weighs more than usual. Even after carrying such a hammer, the pouch will still not get damaged.


  • It has a lot of pockets to hold all the necessary tools.
  • Includes special compartments to store flashlights and chains.
  • Manufactured with the best durability.
  • Very comfortable to carry.
  • The waist size of adjustable.


  • A bit on the expensive side.

Though the Occidental Leather 5500 is a bit expensive, its good features cover that drawback efficiently. From adjusting the waist size to being durable, this is one of the best electrician tools we found online. We are sure you will like it too if you use it.

Benefits of Electrical Tool Pouch

Without a doubt, the pouches do offer certain benefits to the user. Apart from holding the gears, the best electrical tool pouches have other functional usefulness.

Able to Carry All the Necessary Tools

Owing to one rightful pouch means, you will be able to carry all the tools you need for your work at once. If it is not a good quality pouch, then it cannot carry all the tools at once. This is why the best one counts.

Managing the Tools Are Easy

With cheap/common pouches, it becomes difficult to maintain an organized holding. In fact, many low-quality pouches are not well-organized when it comes to compartments. Using a suitable one can managing all the tools easily.

Work Efficiency Increases

At the job site, it’s rather easy to handle the pouch that a whole bunch of tools. It is quite easy to take out/put in a tool inside the system. Hence using pouches for electrical tools will increase the efficiency of your work.

Saves a Lot of Time

It’s rather simple & obviously, easy to manage & organize your tools perfectly. By doing so you can quickly add/remove all your necessary tools. Whether you’re on a job or not – it saves you a lot of time.

They Are Comfortable

There are extra-large pouches which are hard to carry. They feel heavy, bulky &uncomfortable. But the best ones remain highly comfortable regarding carriage. It helps you to feel relaxed & allow you to attend on the job.

They Will Reduce Risk

If you keep the tools in a random place, or in a regular pouch, then there is a risk of losing smaller components. There is also a risk of hurting yourself with pointy objects. But with a pouch, no such occurring is likely to happen.

Things to Consider While Looking for the Best Electrical Tool Pouch (Buying Guide)

While you look for the best electrical tool pouch there are a few facts that you have to keep in mind. We have given these facts below in detail to help you.

How Fit & Comfortable It Is

When you are working while wearing the entire leather body, you have to feel comfortable. Otherwise, you cannot do efficient work. If you wear a tool belt & then a tool like a screwdriver poke you then you won’t feel easy to work wearing that belt.

This is why you have to have a pouch that is comfortable and can avoid such an occurrence. Some tool pouches are not adjustable that means for some waist they will fit either too loose or too tight. You don’t want that kind of pouch. You should choose a pouch that is adjustable so that it fits you perfectly.

The Belt Size Matters

The belt of the electrical tool pouch you choose plays a vital role in your work. If the belt is not strong enough then you cannot carry heavy tools with the pouch. And if you cannot heavier tools, what is the point of having a tool pouch in the first place?

So, to avoid such a drawback, you have to choose an electrical tool pouch that has a durable belt. I have already said that the pouch should fit you comfortably. The belt has a huge impact on this case. So, when you are getting an electrical tool pouch, make sure to choose the belt perfectly.

Try to Avoid Bigger Buckles

The buckle is quite an important material that you have to pay attention to when you are about to purchase the best electrical tool pouch. It is used to join the belt with the bag. It is also an impartial part of the belt.

While working you will have to bend down, move or even lie down every now and then. If your belt has a large buckle it will poke your stomach every time bend down. This will definitely feel irritating. This is why you should try to avoid bigger buckles.

What Is the Build Material of the Tool Pouch?

Pouches, specifically for electrical tools are mostly made of nylon or leather. But among the two leather is better nylon. Most belt companies use leather as the main material. There are a few reasons to choose a pouch that is made of leather.

First of all, leather can absorb sweat, unlike any other material. When you work, it is obvious you will sweat and if your pouch is not made of leather then the pouch will smell bad.

Secondly, leather lasts longer than nylon even though nylon is lighter in weight. However, leather is not too heavy to carry. This is why we recommend you to choose a pouch made of leather.

Number of Compartments of your Pouch

The number of tool compartments will vary for different pouches. It is your decision to choose anyone from all these varieties. You may be among those who own fewer tools requiring a smaller pouch. In that case, a smaller size will do better.

But if you have a lot of tools/accessories having a variable size, you have to pick a pouch according to that number. You have to check the compartment and see if all your tools will fit or not.

This is very important to check out the compartment. If you pick a tool pouch with fewer compartments but you have a lot of tools, then you won’t be able to carry all your tools.

On the other hand, if you have fewer tools but you purchase a bigger holding platform, then you will simply feel bulky while carrying that pouch. This is why checking the number of compartments is a must.

Whether It Is Customizable or Not

The tool pouch you choose should be based on what kind of tools you have. But it is possible that sometimes you may need to add some new tools to your bundle. You may have to deduct some tools as well.

In this case, you have to create a new room for the new tools or there might be some compartments that you may no longer have to use. So what can you do in this type of situation?

That’s where a customizable pouch for the tools will come in handy. If the pouch is customizable, then you can add or remove compartments according to your will. By doing so you can make a new room for your tools.

Also, you can make the pouch lighter if you don’t need some compartment for a particular job. This is why, while choosing the most suitable option, make sure you have selected one that is customizable.

Best 3 Brands of Electrical Tool Pouch

Although there are a lot of brands that make the most preferred ones, there are only a few which we found to the best brands. Below are some short descriptions of these companies.

1. Klein Tools [Best Tool Pouch Manufacturer]

From the year 1857, Klein Tools has been manufacturing hand tools and different equipment related to the tools. They are still creating good quality products that involve riveted leather. Most of the pouches for electrical tools are in this category.

Klein Tools not only makes the highest quality pouches but also fulfill the demand that most professional & expert users have. This is why we think it is one of the best brands you should look into.

2. McGuire Nicholas

McGuire Nicholas is another leading manufacturer that works with leathers to make leather accessories. This brand was first established in the year 1932 in America. Since then they have proven themselves trustworthy and reliable.

In particular, McGuire Nicholas delivers great quality for its products. They are famous for having professional engineers & workers, with their expertise to manufacture each and every product. This is why McGuire Nicholas is so reliable.

3. Occidental Leather

If you compare common pouch models to the occidental ones, you will know about their quality. They use commercial leather to manufacture their pouches. It’s been over 38 years since they are designing, testing, and supplying such high-quality tool pouches.

When you get anything from Occidental Leather, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product. From 1980, Occidental Leather has been holding its reputation by providing quality leather pouches. Still today, they are one of the best brands in manufacturing high-quality bags.

Best Electrical Tool Pouch: FAQs

If you are too busy to read the full article, then this FAQ section is perfect for you. You can easily make your decision by reading this tiny part.

Let’s move to know about electrical pouch within a short time.

1. What’s in an electrician’s tool bag?

In an electrician’s tool bag, there are different slots or compartments to keep all your necessary tools. The pouch also has straps or belts that will allow you to wear it over your waist or simply hang it.

2. How do you soften a new leather tool pouch?

A new leather tool pouch can be softened by spraying it with water. It’s the simplest way. But if you want you can use leather conditioners to soften the pouch as well.

3. What should I keep in my tool belt?

In your tool belt you should keep tools like hammer, screwdrivers, nuts and bolts, small pins, scissors or knife (if necessary), electrical tapes, etc. Note that the tools you keep must be small to medium size and must not be too heavy. For example, a drill machine is not a tool to keep in the pouch.

4. Are these belts wearable with regular pants?

The belts or electrical tool pouches you see on this list are all wearable with regular pants.

5. What are the main materials used to make these electrical tool pouches?

Most electrical tool pouches are made of leather or nylon. You may also find other materials but leather and nylon are mostly used by the best manufacturers.

6. Are they waterproof or not?

Usually leather pouches are comparatively less waterproof than the pouches that are made of nylon. A little water will make the leather softer. But too much water will damage a leather tool pouch. So remember to regular maintenance of tool bag for last longer.

7. Can I carry all my instruments with these pouches?

It depends on the size of the pouch, the number of compartments and the tools you have. If you have a lot of tools but you buy a small pouch with a few compartments, then you cannot carry all the tools. In this case, you have to buy a bigger pouch.

Final Verdict

We did a lot of research to find the best electrical tool pouches. The buying guide we have will surely help you to make the most reasonable & functional pick. Every pouch you went through on our list is the best one way or another.

So, you have to pick one according to your desire. If you have any question you can take a look at our FAQ section or comment on us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keep reading!

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