Bath and Body Works Candles – Ingredients and Impacts

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By David Wills

Imagine entering a room after a long and tiring day. All of a sudden, an amazingly soothing fragrance is striking your nerves. All of that fatigue has magically disappeared. What can make your day better than that, right?

A comforting fragrance is just like an instant boost that can lift your mood in a few seconds only. And to handle it with the utmost delicacy, the bath and body works candles are constantly upgrading themselves to come up with all those varieties of fragrances that go with every mood of yours.

But, what are bath and body works candles made of? That sure is an intriguing question. Well, stay tuned and find out yourself as we are going to discuss all of it in this article.

What are bath and body works candles made of?

Your favorite bath and body works candles are made from several elements that are picked very carefully to bring out that perfect scent every time. Therefore, among all these elements, I am going to describe the major ones below.

Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is used for years to make candles. These are generally known as by-products of petroleum.

The paraffin waxes have been used for such a long time because their texture is quite suitable for candle making. Not to mention, they are quite an affordable option as well.

However, these waxes are neither good for the environment and nor for us. And so, other alternatives that are more eco-friendly are gradually replacing these waxes.

Soy wax

Soy wax is a brilliant alternative to paraffin wax. Although the concept of using vegetable waxes are relatively new, these are getting popular very quickly.

And why wouldn’t it? It is natural, clean-burning, and environment friendly. Not just that, the soy wax is also longer lasting and has a natural fragrance of its own.

Essential oils

Essential oils are an excellent option to add a natural fragrance to the candle. Not just that, these oils will also help you to relax your nerves and boost your concentration.

The concept of using essential oils in these candles is getting more and more famous every day. In fact, as using essential oils is a much healthier approach, the bath and body works are focusing on launching newer versions of it.

Fragrance agent

Different fragrances are designed for different moods and every fragrance has a unique purpose. And to define these scents properly, ingredients like Aniline BHA, Phthalate, Cyclohexanone, and many more are used.

Therefore, make sure you do thorough research on what sort of fragrance you want and only then spend your money. After all, you shouldn’t end up buying a super expensive candle that goes opposite from your mood, right?


Different colorants like solvent reds, solvent yellows, and many more are used to bring out a more shiny and vibrant looking candle.

How they work?

The concept of fragrant candles is much more than just being some random luxury material. I know, all this might not make sense to may. Of course, everybody has different perspectives. However, unless you start using one, it is quite difficult to get it.

The bath and body works candles are no less than any aromatherapy oils. These candles almost work like meditation. That’s right. These little jars can release your stress and calm down your soul within a short period.

Different fragrances are designed using different formulas. And each of them has a specific purpose.

For example, any peppermint type of fragrance strikes directly to your brain cells and helps you with your productive brainstorming works. On the other hand, mild fragrances help to calm your nerves and make you confident.

Just like that, there is an enormous collection of varieties to choose from. Depending on the distinct fragrance you choose, the result will take a dramatic change itself.

Impacts of the ingredients

The bath and body works candles have quite a large range of variety and each of them has different impacts based on what they are made of. Therefore, I am going to describe some of the most impacts of the ingredients of these candles.

Intensity of scent

As apart from the good stuff, there are also ingredients like Aniline BHA, Phthalate, Cyclohexanone, and many others. These are used to create that perfect scent that we love.

This means, the higher the intensity is, the higher these components are likely used. So, keep a close eye on that.

Aromatherapy effects

We all know how much we love these candles for setting up a perfectly relaxed evening. But do you know that these candles can also help you with their aromatherapy effects?

So, try to learn about them a bit more and explore all the diversities of using these candles.

Burning time

The bath and body works candles tan to have a shorter burning time. They usually get over by 25 to 45 hours which is quite less than the other brands. So, check the burning time before buying one.

Effect of waxes

A good quality wax can enhance the benefits of your candle, on the other hand, a toxic one can prove to be very harmful to your health.

Therefore, try to choose more of a natural one. Like, go for a soy wax candle instead of a paraffin wax candle. You can also check it out by lighting it up and see if the flame is blue or not.

Effects of oils

A good selection of oil is very important. As you are inhaling it technically, it is directly related to your health. This is why you cannot take a risk with the ingredients and should always use the ones that have pure essential oils.


So, from now on, whenever anyone asks you, what are bath and body works candles made of? You are going to be all prepared to answer their question and be sure of using them yourself.

Also, make sure to go through all the varieties before purchasing one so that your candle goes always with your mood.

Therefore, next time when you have a bad headache or even a bad mood, try lighting up some bath and body works candles rather than drowning into all those caffeine.

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