Best Tool For Cutting Tall Grass 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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By David Wills

It’s really important to ensure a tidy, clean look for the yard/lawn/garden of your house. The first obstacle to handle in this regard is uneven, wild-looking tall grasses.

To cut down the unnecessary grass height, you better have the right tool in hand. It’s not like you just get yourself a cutting machine & it’ll end up cleaning the mess.

There are now different tools available to introduce the best way to cut tall weeds/grass. You can easily get confused among all the tools. This may lead you to make an error in judgment.

They differ in efficiency & functionality & thus, the overall performance. Without knowing the key factors, it’s not a safe bet to have your hands on the perfect one.

Considering the best-ones, there are specific types for cutting tools. Each type comes with specific functionality & therefore, suitability for certain tasks.

As it happens, we would like to help you avoiding confusion & also, poor-quality ones. Here, we picked 10 of the best tool for cutting tall grass for your garden/lawn/yard.

Benefits of Best Tool for Cutting Tall Grass

On the market, you can find different types of tools to take down all the wanted tall grasses. In fact, there are several benefits to cutting the taller ones in a while. Apart from basic advantages, it can induce some other profits to your style, health & cost. With plenty of benefits, those items definitely meet your satisfaction.

Supreme Aesthetics

Cutting the tall grasses often concerns with cleaning up the garden lines. And it certainly makes the overall appearance aesthetically pleasing. To add further style to the garden, it’s a good way to pick any particular pattern.

Using specific tools like edger/trencher, it’s easy to obtain excellent contrast. You can use the straight, hard lines of the border. Also, it helps to tackle the soft texture of growing plants.

Space Definition

The cutting tools let you create a defined border around a certain area. You can create either straight or curved borders or even both. With the edging tool, it’s rather easy to induce a distinct landscape portion in the existing place.

Cutting down the tall grass induces a marking for the garden from the rest of the lawn/yard. Not to mention, the same goes for marking specific portions of your garden.

Curb Appeal

Landscape edging cleans out all the garbage grasses & unwanted weeds. Through cutting devices, you can attain a well-manicured lawn/yard. It lets you frame the entire open property to an excellent view. Therefore, it results in a more aesthetics & pleasant curb appeal for the house.

Landscape Maintenance

Bordering along the grasses saves the time & effort for homeowners. Actually, it’s incredibly easy to edging the land along a solid border. You can also keep the applied irrigation; chemicals & fertilizers separate from specific portions.

Visual Barrier

For occasions, it’s important to deal with foot traffic within permitted premises. Also, you can create temporary paths for the guests to walk around. With landscaping edges, you can initiate visual cues to warn the people around them.

Natural Fertilization

Following the cut of taller grasses, you are likely to deal with lots of clippings. You can simply distribute those in the field – returning the nutrients. It means the even grass will receive equal fertilizers & sunlight to grow.

Top 10 Best Tool For Cutting Tall Grass Reviews

There are lots of tools to make the choice. With different types, functionality & quality, it’s indeed difficult to list the best tall grass cutting tools. Over careful research & thorough review, we made it possible.

Considering all the basic requirements & relevant factors, we got here the most affordable ones. Following the quick comparison of our top picks, scroll down to explore the details of every best tool.

1. BLACK+DECKER 2-in-1 Landscape Edger and Trencher

Tackling all the overgrown grasses & digs, Black + Decker Edger/Trencher redefines a cleaner appeal. The exclusive 2-in-1 system comes with patented edge guidance. With a powerful 12 Amp motor, it ensures thorough & even cut for unwanted weeds. In fact, the pro-grade power induces the best way to cut grass.

The pull-up feature easily converts from edger to landscaping trencher & vice versa. For the cuts, you’ll receive a sturdy 7.5” blade of hardened steel. It also has a 3-position adjustment for cutting depth control. Without any additional tools, the entire assembly is incredibly eased with no hassle.


  • Simple design allows easy operation.
  • Exclusive pull-up converting system.
  • Full control through a 3-position cut.
  • Integrated cord retention for safety.
  • Great lining with a 4700 rpm torque.


  • Not suitable for heavier tasks.
  • Handle surface feels slippery.

The overall construction is useful to deal with all the disgusting sidewalk grasses. For small to medium jobs, the price tag seems high but definitely worth your consideration.

2. WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher

Dealing with taller grasses is no longer a tedious/troublesome job with the WORX Edger/Trencher. Weighing about 14 pounds only, the versatile device remains easy to handle. There comes a powerful 12 Amp motor to induce greater torque. With greater power, all the tall grasses get in size at once.

Through depth adjustment, you can attain a particular grass height. The 3-position settings let you get either of 1.0”, 1.25” & 1.5”. Thanks to cutting line guidance, the best tool for cutting long grass stays on narrower edges well. There comes D grip handle with reliable pivot joints. It ensures maximum control with utmost ease.


  • Straight cutting lines with guidance.
  • Professional output with great power.
  • Adjustable shaft eases user handling.
  • Different grass heights for 7.5” blade.
  • Simple maintenance & replacement.


  • Blade slips over loose tightness.
  • Difficult to create the first edge.

With satisfactory performance, the 2-in-1 tool takes care of lawn elements. The price remains within the affordable budget despite its high-end quality.

3. Gardena 8885-U 3-Inch Cordless Lithium Ion Grass Shear

Using Gardena 8885-U Shear can let you have the exact contouring & shaping of hedges. With the featured batteries, the performance is incredibly powerful. In fact, the Li-ion rechargeable batteries induce supreme cutting efficiency. The Gardena blade is safely replaceable without any tools.

The complete package even includes charger & blade protection. Over a full charge, the best tool for removing grass can continue functionality for 45 minutes. To let you know the charge status, there comes one LED display integration. Through the pivoting handle, it allows an ergonomic, natural fit to the hand.


  • Sufficient power for precise output.
  • Full cordless system with batteries.
  • Quality blade allows great hedging.
  • Easy conversion to grass from shrub.
  • LED display with a superb run time.


  • It takes a long time to recharge.
  • Not suitable for certain hedges.

Apart from the downsides, it’s very useful to handle grasses & shrubs. Considering the full pack, the price is rather low to have your attention.

4. Makita 12V max CXT MU04Z Cordless Grass Shear

Despite the tiny size, Makita MU04Z Grass Shear induces great efficiency in trimming tasks. The blend of modern design & advanced technology results in higher convenience. For the best yard tools, you’ll require an additional purchase of 4.0 Ah battery. It can induce a maximum of 2500 SPM cutting power.

You can get a continuous running time of 90 minutes here. The integrated blade has a 6.3125” width for optimal coverage. There comes a 3-position (0.59”, 0.78” & 1.0”) height adjustment for the blade. Without requiring any other tools, the shear initiates an easy changing system for the blade.


  • Superior efficiency in precise trimming.
  • Easy to operate through simple design.
  • A 3-stage adjustment for cutting depth.
  • Powerful output with cordless system.
  • Built-in motor can initiate 2500 strokes.


  • Additional purchase for charger.
  • Blade can bend over tough grass.

Compact size & further efficiency can deliver great satisfaction. Although it comes without battery, the charge is standard considering the functionality.

5. WORKPRO Cordless Grass Shear & Shrubbery Trimmer

Among all the technical equipment, WORKPRO Cordless Grass Shear still exists with quality & performance. The analogous design comes with a perfect scissor-like appeal. It’s particularly for handling a smaller lawn without tedious work. You can induce certain patterns to grass & hedge using the best scythe for cutting grass.

All the parts are of high-quality metal for long-lasting durability. The hot-drop forged blades have an anti-adhesive coating. Also, the metal has exclusive chromium plating. The best part is the self-sharpening of featured blades. The convenient design lets the shear operate for both right & left-handed users.


  • Cordless grass cutter shear
  • Suitable for almost any kind of grass.
  • Complete quality metal construction.
  • Self-sharpening of featured blades.
  • Hot-drop steel with chromium plating.
  • Anti-adhesive coating for durability.


  • Not suitable for heavier works.
  • Absence of technical features.

It holds great when you have lots of tougher grass/shrubs to size. For the analog shear, the price is ridiculously low for you to invest.

6. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

The string trimmer by Toro comes with a perfect combo of high-performing features. With durability & precision, the machine initiates the best way to cut overgrown grass. The 2-in-1 system lets you switch between trimmer & edger at once. It features a reasonable 5 Amp motor integration to induce excellent power.

Using a wider 14” (35.6 cm) cut, the device eases your effort while saving then time. For switching, all you need is to press the push button. The auto-line feed immediately sets to a built-in 0.065” dual lining. The featured handle is adjustable, allowing you to enjoy the utmost balance & comfort.


  • Powerful motor gets through thick grass.
  • Walk-behind system for one-step edging.
  • Extra-wide14” cutting head at dual line.
  • Telescoping shaft for an extended reach.
  • Auto-feed trim through adjustable handle.


  • Certain issues with line consistency.
  • It takes a while for large-sized yard.

The overall combination induces an excellent performance above average. With an affordable price, it’s one great option for getting rid of taller grasses.

7. Sun Joe HJ604C-RED 7.2V Cordless 2-in-1 Grass Shear

With great output, Sun Joe Shear holds great for post-mowing touch-ups & contouring. Combining shear & hedger, 2-in-1 flexibility allows for better performance. Its instant startup initiates a quick cutting with greater precision. The best grass shear features a powerful, rechargeable 7.2V Li-ion battery.

The 4” shear blade & 6” hedge trimmer can take care of multiple grooming jobs. Weighing about 2.5 pounds only, the system eases the handling. Of course, the grip ergonomics induces further operational precision. Meanwhile, the integrated safety switch prevents any accidental startup.


  • Powerful, long-lasting battery support.
  • Instant startup with a built-in safety switch.
  • Both hedger & trimmer functionality.
  • Ergonomic, comfortable fitting to hand.
  • Light in weight with durable steel blade.


  • Altogether lock-release & trim switch.
  • Blade thickness is somewhat thinner.

Although it’s designated for small tasks, the system handles the job really well. The price is incredibly low to invest against its precious service.

8. Remington RM115ST Lasso Electric 2-in-1 Straight Shaft Trimmer/ Edger

The unparalleled Remington RM115ST ensures a quick performance for a larger lawn/yard. The 2-in-1 machine combines the functionality of precise trimmer & reasonable edger. In fact, it induces an excellent shaping without delay. With a powerful 5.5 Amp motor, it offers the best way to mow tall grass.

It delivers a 14” dual-line coverage to deal with a greater amount of space. With 0.065” lining, the system encourages optimum cutting. The telescoping shaft can go for height adjustment for user convenience. For the handle, it comes with a 180° rotation to allow more efficient operation.


  • Durable built ensures long-lasting service.
  • Excellent trimming, edgingflexibility.
  • Auto-release cutting at a 14” width.
  • Adjustable, collapsing shaft design.
  • Built-in debris guard deflects clippings.


  • Slightly heavy in assembled weight.
  • String cartridge is of poor quality.

With outstanding flexibility, it initiates a greater output for any grass kind. Against a cheaper price tag, it gives optimum quality assurance all along.

9. Remington RM1159 Walk-Behind High-Wheeled String Trimmer

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The gigantic Remington RM1159 can turn even the toughest job into a simple one. The string trimmer cleans out the toughest, tallest grasses off your yard/lawn. It features an incredibly powerful 159CC 4-cycle OHV engine. With a higher power output, the best grass cutting machine initiates a quick & precise cutting.

The cutting swath measures about 22” which lets you cover a larger area in less time. Using the off-set trimming head, it’s easy to cut down taller grasses in even size. in fact, the trimming line comes in a standard 0.155” width. Thanks to the 14” wheels, it’s easy to maneuver through the thickest grass.


  • Powerful output through gas engine.
  • Unique shape reaches tight corners.
  • Easy landscaping with 14” cut width.
  • Folding handle eases transportation.
  • Single lever 3-position adjustment.


  • Gas tank size is quite small.
  • Tread gums up with clippings.

For heavier tasks, it’s difficult to outmatch the overall performance here. For the service, the price tag may seem high but it’s not overpriced.

10. SereneLife Battery Grass Cutter

With great functionality, SereneLife Cutter stands against frequent use on the outside. The sturdy ABS construction ensures optimum durability. The cordless system features an integrated 3.6V battery with recharging facility. Through great mobility, it lets you have the best way to cut tall grass.

The efficient cutter can induce 1000+ rpm to result in a precise output. Thanks to the Glide-Cut technique, it encourages simple, easy operation. the featured handheld grip initiates further user convenience. There comes a quick changing blade facility for the 2-in-1 flexible grass, weed cutter.


  • Cutting blade comes with trimming blade.
  • Easy landscaping through friendly design.
  • Powerful output for portable construction.
  • Integrated safety switch for power locks.
  • No cord designfor one-handed operation.


  • Suitable for smaller tasks only.
  • Cheap metals can rust easily.

Buying Guide – Tool for Cutting Tall Grass

For any machinery, it’s important to focus on certain quality-controlling criteria. That particular set of factors directly influences the overall performance of the machinery. With their presence, the purchase can give utmost satisfaction meeting your demand.

Likewise, the best tool for cutting tall grass also comes with specific key considerations. From the very beginning till the end, the satisfaction completely depends on the relevant criteria. Without knowing the following factors, it’s quite impossible to get your hand on the righteous device.

Type of Tool

Not to say, there are quite some variations when it comes to cutting tools. Each one has particular functions to perform. For convenience, widely used & popular tools are listed here.


An edger basically trims the lawn edged grasses/weeds. An edger can induce shallower trench. It’s specifically useful when others can’t reach the very edge of flowerbeds or yard.


For fencing, bordering & others – having a trench on the side is really helpful. When it’s necessary to dig deeper trenches, a trencher can help you to achieve that.


Strimmer stands for a string trimmer. It’s a compact, lightweight, portable power tool for outdoor trimming. Using strimmer, it’s easy to rid out unwanted weeds & grasses.

Grass Shear

This type comes with two long-sized handles. Both are jointed at right angles to each other. It’s possible to cut down grasses from standing position using grass shear.


Even grass cutters can be of many types with variable configurations. With revolving blades & height adjustment, it cuts down the extra length. The most common form is a lawn mower. There are handheld cutters available.


For further convenience, there are now tools with multiple flexibility. It’s like edger + trencher, edger + trimmer & so on. The popularity is increasing by the day, thanks to its multipurpose functionality.

Wheel Type

Regarding the tool types, the classification can go further. It’s basically concerned with the number of wheels in the tool. Of course, the wheel arrangement for functionality also holds accountable. Considering all the current models, two models are mostly popular.

Single-Wheel Pole Tools

This type of tool bears considerable similarity with weed trimmers. The basic difference comes in wheel numbers. In most cases, it features three wheels – one at the front & two on the back. With compact shape, these ones are easy to control in narrow spaces.

Multi-Wheel Walk-Behind Tools

For this type, grass cutting tools come with three, four & even more wheel numbers. With a large-sized engine, this type can give extremely high power. Either a wide handle/lever-adjusting handle attachment makes the tools efficient for heavier jobs.

Power Source

To estimate the overall efficiency, the power source is one important factor. It directly contributes to the output & therefore, ensures a reliable, consistent cutting. In particular, there are 4 distinctive types available in the market.


The first type of electric tool comes with a cord to power up the motor. In fact, it requires an external power source nearby to operate these tools. The most advantageous part with corded ones is they can deliver uninterrupted service for a large area. Less tedious, more professional without halt – the main theme of electric-corded grass cutting tools.


The issues with distant power source gets eliminated with cordless tools. These ones feature one or more rechargeable batteries. All it requires a full charge to continue its operation out there. With cordless machines, it becomes easier to access tight & narrow spaces. But the main problem lies with its low running time, particularly when the coverage is huge.


For a larger coverage, engine-powered ones can really help. With no charge to out or cord to stretch back, these can cover unlimited area. With fuel & frequent maintenance, having the tools can suit for heavier tasks only. Yet it provides excellent service in handling the tall grasses, especially when the grasses/weeds are tough.


When it comes to a rather small portion or garden, it’s okay to have tools without power. These analogous types particularly suits fancy gardeners. In fact, it’s all you & your expertise to do the work. The manual ones come in different shapes, sizes & functionalities. To achieve a specific pattern in a very narrow edge/space, this type can provide useful service.

Cutting Depth

It’s all about cutting tall grasses to a certain extent. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to give emphasis on the depth of cut. Of course, the mechanism should induce at least 3 specific cutting depths. So, you’ll have to look for the right blade height in accordance with your needs.

The requirements of grass depth vary with the area & its intended use. For pathways, taller grasses just need trimming. But the grass height is slightly different for bordering & edging demands. Whereas, it requires even & uniform cuts for lawns & yards.

In the meantime, it’s better to check out the adjustment mechanism. Not to mention, there are several forms for depth customization. Popular forms include a lever system or push-button press. You have to ensure a quick, smooth & effortless adjustment of cutting depth in no time.

Blade Specifications

Although most of the blades are of stainless steel, you better check it out. The blade has to retain excellent sharpness following several sessions. Certain tools with dual-blade action can give outstanding results to cut down taller grasses & weeds.

One important thing to remember is the angle of the chosen blade. With straight blades, the output is likely to turn unsatisfactory from different aspects. It simply affects the evenness of cut grass tips. Using an angled blade gives a rather perpendicular cut to the ground.

Cutting Swath

Swath refers to the width in this case. With a longer blade, it’s possible to attain a wider cut. It means greater coverage over one session. A greater swath is quite helpful in cutting taller grasses in a larger lawn/yard. With a 7” – 9”, most tools are suitable for the medium area.

Lawn/Yard Size

Choosing the right tool highly depends on the coverage. You have to estimate the area & also, the grass size for which you’ll need to make cutting. It lets you determine which type of tool you need to have for a decent cut.

For smaller lawns/yards, all types of tools are suitable. For tight places, you can consider cordless or manual tools. However, it’s better to avoid manual or cordless ones for medium-sized areas. When it gets to a larger space, you have to narrow down the choices for electric or engine tools.

Handling Comfort

Comfortable & easy handling matters a lot while cutting the grasses. No matter what, even the best tool can’t help you without it. Therefore, check out the handle size, material & comfort. There are certain tools with foldable handles for convenient storage.

Replacement Parts

As it happens, machinery requires replacement for different parts. It may come into light after some months or years. You better confirm the availability of important parts while buying. Otherwise, the tool will turn into garbage without suitable replacements.

No doubt, there are several other factors concerning the tool quality. You can’t expect to have all the ones, even with a higher budget. In fact, there is no perfect tool with all the important factors combined in one unit. Yet with most of the criteria, you can have a great purchase.

Best Brands of Tool for Cutting Tall Grass

Taking all the models into consideration, the total number of brands is simply enormous. It’s somewhat more difficult to narrow down the brands in comparison to models. But here we would like to introduce some popular brands with quality products. With customer satisfaction, quality assurance & reliable service – those brands reached a peak. Here go some of the most reputed brands.

1. Makita

Since its start in 1915, Makita Corporation now becomes a global brand. With great innovations, it manufactures some of the best motorized tools. It marketed excellent motors to meet the professional requirement for power & performance. Thanks to its stronger R&D capabilities, Makita products come with unmatched durability & quality. Two versatile shears from our top picks came from Makita.

2. Black + Decker

From a small machinery shop to an industry-leading manufacturer – enough to introduce the company. Dedicated to meet customer needs from every aspect, Black + Decker becomes a widely popular brand. It manufactures lots of machinery products of different kinds these days. You’ll have to appreciate their blend of quality & performance. Our topmost pick arrived from this reputed brand.

3. Remington

With quality craftsmanship & dependability, Remington continues to grow since 1921. It takes pride in manufacturing some of the best electric & gas-powered tools. With newer ways to groom the outdoor, Remington commits for supreme reliability. Delivering enough power, it ensures efficiency with durability. And two of our best options here just came from Remington platforms.

4. Gardena

Founded in 1961, the German company takes pride in quality products when it comes to garden care. Gardena induces customer satisfaction with excellent solutions to system problems. In fact, it’s now one of the leading brands with almost everything. It manufactured our third choice here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How high should grass be cut?

There are no strict rules here, although you can go for a rule of thumb. The acceptable height of cool seasonal grass is about 2.5” at most. For mowing, you can cut down about 1/3rd of the height.

2. What should be the seasonal variations in height?

It’s customary to allow the grasses to get taller during drought or summer season. For cool seasoned cutting, you don’t need to have any taller grasses. But you better maintain taller grass height for shadowed ones. You should mow the warm-seasonal turf for the removal of dead grasses.

3. Can I leave grass clippings on the lawn?

The answer is a simple yes without any condition. You should leave the clippings on the lawn. Unless they’re too much to block the sunlight from grasses, it’s okay.Many complaint about thatch buildup which is entirely not related to clippings.

4. Can a lawn mower cut tall grass?

When the grass height reaches more than 4 – 5 inches, it’s difficult to mow the grasses. To take it down, you better use a trimmer to get the grasses down to 4 – 5 inches. It may take lots of time & effort, but definitely worth avoiding damages. Then you can use the mower to reduce grass height to a further extent.

5. Should I thicken my lawn grass?

Thicker grass induces a greenish hue with a long-lasting edge/borders. It retains the overall appeal while framing the entire lawn in a pleasant view.

6. Does cutting grass make it grow faster?

Cutting down the tip suppresses the vertical growth. It triggers the release of growth hormone horizontally, particularly near the roots. This makes the grass go thicker & sometimes beyond necessity over frequent cutting.

8. Should I water the yard/lawn after grass cutting?

Obviously, you can water the lawn if it lacks the necessary moisture. However, you shouldn’t water right on bright sunlight. It results in more evaporation rather than watering the plants.

Final Verdict

Maintaining a pleasant view, particularly with the outdoor seems no cakewalk. And long, tall grasses & weeds are the first things to get off your yard/lawn/garden. Without the best tools for grass removal, it becomes unbelievably difficult to have a nice, clean & delightful exterior.

It’s important to go thoroughly to invest in the most suitable one within budget. Using the best tool for cutting tall grass can certainly deliver professional results with minimal effort. Meeting all the requirements, each of the aforementioned promises to have your satisfaction.

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