Best Cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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By David Wills

Classified as a chronic inflammatory disease, Hidradenitis Suppurativa(HS) is one disgusting skin disorder. With suppurating & painful lesions, it badly affects the apocrine gland-bearing skins.

The worst part of this disease includes the development of lumps in private areas & around groins. For worse, excruciating pain may take place making life really difficult.

Though blocked hair follicles results in HS, the exact reason to trigger this disorder is yet to find. Usually starting at puberty, it comes without any absolute treatment. Patients may suffer from anxiety, depression & impairment of body image.

Researches confirmed continuous treatment & controlled lifestyle can help. There are different measures for treating this nasty skin distemper. But topical cream for hidradenitis suppurativa reported positive results in reducing the abscesses.

Creams with good quality can give you relief whereas cheap, poor-qualityworsens the condition. To help you, we went deep enough to pick up the best cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. We enlisted & therefore, reviewed the most popular, effective & powerful 10 creams. Using the cream on the affected skin should heal your pain while reducing further breakout.

Benefits of Best Cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

There area considerable number of advantages of using the best cream for hidradenitis suppurativa. The most beneficial ones regarding your skin disorder are enlisted right below.

Whole Body Use

Most of the common disorders like acne, scarring, and dark spots appear mostly on the face. But hidradenitis suppurativa may occur on different parts of the body. A suitable cream works perfectly on the entire body skin including the face.

Removal of Germs

With antibacterial, anti fungal, antiviral characteristics, the cream becomes effective. Natural/Organic ingredients containing little or no chemical can fight & neutralize the microbial infection.

Reduction of Spots

Regardless of the disease type, almost all disorders generate & leave spots. In fact, dark & red spots are the most common in this regard. Being powerful enough, the cream ingredients dissolve the affected skin cells.

Natural Skin Appearance

Dissolving the dead/affected cells, the cream eventually triggers a natural replacement. Therefore, it restores skin appearance. Getting replaced with newer & fresh cells, the spots are cleaned of dead & clogged materials.

Healing of Wounds

It’s no surprise that some spots come with unbearable pain along with its disgusting appeal. Also, there is pain resulting from burns, boils & cuts. Suitable creams combine the action of gentle yet effective ingredients that heals the pain.

No Itching or Flaking

Some creams contain chemical ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. To worsen the condition, there occurs itching/flaking due to chemical sensitivity. But, the best-quality creams for skincare generally comes without any chemicals.

Balance of Skin Layers

While neutralizing the overall disorder, the cream initiates a biochemical action. It helps to regain the natural balance between the different layers of the skin. Maintaining the balance for a long time, it prevents further infection.

Moisturizing Action

Drying out of skin due to regular use of the cream is rather common. Containing a reasonable amount of water, the best creams can keep the skin moist. It helps to function the ingredients more effectively.

Top 10 Best Cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa Reviews

There are lots of creams for a skin disorder for which we went through careful consideration. From thorough research, we enlisted the best of dermatologist recommendations right here. Each of the best cream for hidradenitis suppurativa comes with a proven formula to heal your longtime skin suffering.

1. Dermalean HC-Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS),Inflammation, Apocrine Gland Cream

The dermalean gland cream by Vitalee Nano Med is particularly helpful in reducing HS. The skin inflammation disease results in cysts that require careful treatment. Using the cream on a regular basis can heal unbearable pain to a certain extent.

The disgusting cysts mainly affect private areas, making it difficult to treat in open. Being powerful & effective, the best cream for hidradenitis suppurativa holds great for neutralizing multi-localized infections. Apart from healing the wound, its reasonably faster action can prevent further breakout.


  • Specific formulations for HS cure.
  • Highly suitable for armpit lesions.
  • Natural ingredients for healing.
  • Reasonably fast reduction of HS.
  • No chemical/allergic component.


  • Only suitable for 18+ patients.
  • The smell seems awful/weird.


Although treating HS seems difficult, the cream keeps it within your counteraction. Putting aside the limitations, it’s a great one for HS treatment within the budget.

2. Body Clearing Serum, Level 2 – Advanced formula for severe body acne, folliculitis

The Body Cleaning Serum by Almond Clear containing mandelic acid combats against stubborn folliculitis. It comes with naturally occurring antifungal and antibacterial properties.The clearing serumfor Hidradenitis Suppurativa can kill all the microbes causing blemishes.

In fact, it dissolves dead cells & skin oils to release the clogged materials.With premium ingredients, the level 2 design easily penetrates the blemished, clogged skin. The exfoliating characteristic reduces & therefore, replaces the scarring & dark spots.


  • Natural ingredients for skincare.
  • Suitable for folliculitis and acne.
  • Reduction of scarring, dark spots.
  • No paraben, sulfate, dye or smell.
  • Clearer skin with consistent use.


  • Visible results take time.
  • Fewer amounts in one unit.


A powerful blend of premium components delivers great skincare while battling folliculitis. The advanced formula at a reasonable price can meet satisfaction.

3. Dermoscribe’s Seborrheic Dermatitis

The Seborrheic Dermatitis by Dermoscribe comes with actual & proven dermatologist formula. Having 3% sulfur, 1% hydrocortisone & 3% salicylic acid, the remedial cream for hidradenitis suppurativa induces fast action. Its effective action takes care of itching, flaking, swelling, scaling & redness.

The cream eases discomfort & irritation relieving pain resulting from the spots. Ensuring the overall appearance of the skin, the formulation restores a balanced environment. Thanks to the concentrations of active ingredients, the over-the-counter cream permits sale without prescription.


  • Superior formulation for skincare.
  • Reasonably fast, effective function.
  • Improvement of skin appearance.
  • Concentration of active ingredients.
  • Direct sale without any prescription.


  • Allergic reaction over sulfur.
  • Not suitable under 12 children.


To avoid lifelong suffering from a skin disorder, it’s important to have the right cream. The powerful & competent formula comes at a ridiculously low price to conclude the problem.

4. Terrasil® Wound Care – 3X Faster Healing

The tubed Terrasil® Wound Care ointment comes with an all-in-one best treatment for hidradenitis suppurativa. With powerful antiseptic, the cream speeds up the healing even for tougher wounds. Killing the bacteria at 3x faster rate, it reduces the risk & possibility of further infection.

Being a doctor recommended moisturizing formulation; it comes with an FDA-registered remedial. Containing patented active mineral, the proprietary blend enhances the improvement. Without irritating the skin, it calms discomfort, inflammation & redness.


  • Antibacterial formula for speedy healing.
  • All-in-one system includes fine ingredients.
  • Faster and targeted relief for wounds.
  • Superb improvement without infection.
  • Moisturizing cream keeps the skin wet.


  • Certain issues with customer service.
  • Formula may contain stearic acid.


It’s the perfect blend to heal the pain without any harmful constituents. Despite its slightly higher price tag, the ointment offers quick satisfaction for skinny wounds.

5. Quret Natural Cream

The all-natural cream by Quret comes with an effective beeswax base. Clearing the cold sores, the slave induces one of the best healing performances. It’s suitable for cuts, splinters resulting from infections, boils or ingrown nails. Promoting quick healing, the formula relieves the pain.

The natural blend comes without any allergic or toxic ingredients. The natural cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa also holds great for treating sunburns & minor skin irritations. With a light yet pleasing fragrance, the high-quality cream gives no awkward feeling in public.


  • Completely natural formulation.
  • Powerful, effective beeswax base.
  • High suitability for cuts scrapes.
  • Relieves & promotes painful itch.
  • Lighter fragrance is quite pleasing.


  • Only 1 ounce for one unit.
  • Slight burning for skins.


The fruitful formulation shrinks away from the disgusting, pathetic skin issues. With an affordable price, it’s definitely worth for longtime HS sufferers.

6. Organic Shingles Treatment and Relief Cream

The blend of powerful ingredients enables the Shingles cream to fight & neutralize the viruses. With the DermaChange ointment, effective relief from shingles becomes a matter of days. The included honey is rich with naturally antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Through a balanced pH, the formulation retains the protective layer of skins. The best cream for hidradenitis suppurativa restores the enjoyment of life without painful itching, wounds or burns. There comes no chemical even for the fragrance which may exacerbate the infected portion.


  • Effective natural, organic ingredients.
  • Quick healing of the afflicted spots.
  • Restoration of skin layer’s balance.
  • Complete relief without side effects.
  • No harmful chemicals to exacerbate.


  • Effect may not last for very long.
  • Not very suitable for daylight use.


The effective cream consolidates the best of Mother Nature with powerful ingredients. To stop a painful living anymore, making an investment here is definitely worth its price.

7. Formula 2 Skin Care Cream

Combining effective & powerful ingredients, Formula 2 Skin Care Cream suits for the whole body. The moisturizing formulation holds incredibly great for dryer skin. Building a highly concentrated barrier on the skin, it battles to protect & restore the natural appearance.

Containing no harsh chemical, the white & creamy ointment goes clear on the affected skin. Essential oils for hidradenitis suppurativa with three wax bases induces strong moist for the skin without harboring bacteria. With sodium compounds, balanced pH prevails for the waterproofing agent.


  • Gentle & effective ingredients.
  • Safe for all – infants to elderlies.
  • No irritating/allergic chemicals.
  • Powerful barrier holds moisture.
  • Highly suitable for entire body.


  • Cream dries out rather quickly.
  • Heavy use causes excess moist.


Recommended by doctors, the multi-purpose cream keeps the skin healthy. The formulation surely delivers optimum effectiveness against its rather cheap price tag.

8. Acne Spot Treatment Drying Lotion

With the original formulation, the lotion effectively treats cystic breakout on the skin. The synergistic blend of ingredients easily promotes skin healing & recovery. The natural ingredients clear acne removes blemish; cures blackheads & eliminates pimple.

Featuring Tibetan seaberry, the best creamy formula for Hidradenitis Suppurativa is perfect for teenagers & grownups. The impurities no longer exist, thanks to salicylic acid & sulfur colloidal. Continuous overnight use will regenerate the affected cells to induce visible results soon enough.


  • Perfect blend of natural ingredients.
  • Repair, regeneration of affected cells.
  • Skin hydration with anti-aging cream.
  • Unisex formulation for teens & adults.
  • Effective treatment for longtime spots.


  • Consistent use is necessary.
  • Shaking affects its action.


The easy-to-use powerful formulation is indeed an effective gift of nature for skin treatment. With a reasonable price, it promises gold mountain beauty for the affected cells.

9. SALLYE ANDER No-Bite-Me Natural Bug & Insect Repellent & Anti Itch Cream – Safe for Kids and Infants

Whether it is poison ivy or bug bites – SallyeAnder anti itch cream got the right kit to heal all. This cream includes cream & best anti itching cream for hidradenitis suppurativa (one for bugs & one for poison ivy). With all-natural healthy ingredients, each one is deet-free & provides no harm for children.

The preventive cream is the all-in-one set for bite treatment during outdoor action. For the cream, there comes a blend of oils which gets to anti itch cream. And the poison ivy soap relieves sumac, rash following severe itching of the affected area. It is safe of Kids.


  • Complete kit for camping, gardening.
  • Highly effective against common bugs.
  • Natural ingredients contain vital oils.
  • Child-safe formulation without deet.
  • Preventive action following treatment.
  • Safe for Kids.


  • Not suitable for acne/folliculitis.
  • Overnight use isn’t recommended.


Whatever the outdoor activity is, the set delivers the utmost protection for the skin. The reasonable price tag is undeniably worth its precious treatment.

10. Vanish Fungal Nail Renewal, Nail Fungus Renewal Cream

Outstanding action teams up with the superb quality of Vanish Cream to eliminate the fungal attack. With an effective blend of ingredients, it’s the ultimate solution for retaining the nail area. The overall functionality of best renewal cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa ensures improvement.

The clinically proven formula comes 3x more for every single tube. Being dermatologist recommended the result is likely to appear within a week. Thanks to the included eBook instruction, perfect use is possible to get fast, most satisfying recovery.


  • Perfect solution for fungal issues.
  • Improved appearance of skin.
  • Visible recovery within days.
  • High suitability for nail areas.
  • Guiding ebook eases its use.


  • Less effective for thin skin.
  • Only suitable for fungus.


Renewal of affected skin remains only a few days away with this cream. Despite its limitation, the affordable cream does its job pretty well.

Buying Guide of Cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

The skin is one living organism that keeps the interior body protected from outside. For an infected skin, it’s of utmost importance to use the right cream. Otherwise, the condition keeps getting worse, adding further problems.

Fancy advertisements make it more difficult to purchase the perfect one. Therefore, finding the best cream for hidradenitis suppurativa isn’t very easy.

We enlisted the most essential considerations while making the purchase. Going through them will help you to find out the best one suited for your skin. You have to keep these factors in mind all along to ensure healthy skin.

Skin Type

The very first thing to take under consideration is your skin type. Regarding the type, there comes sensitive, normal, oily, dry, combination & some more. You have to determine this factor specifically to have the best result.

Unfortunately, there are creams without specifying its suitability for certain skin types. In many cases, people apply wrong ones on the skin to aggravate the situation. Knowing your skin type, check out the cream directives thoroughly.


While buying, another thing to remember is your age. Teenage skin certainly differs from the mature one. Obviously, the male skin is thicker than that of a female. It’s important to avoid skincare creams designated for certain people, not for you.

Some creams are suitable for teenagers, some for matures & certain ones for both. In fact, the effectiveness of cream formulation highly depends on the responsiveness of the skin age. Before making the decision, find out its intended age limit.

Disorder Severity

The choice should account for the severity of the disease. For prolonged suffering, you better go for a reasonably powerful cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa. To deal with primary symptoms, normal cream designed for HS will do the work.

The real problem arises here with the use of facial creams. Hidradenitis suppurativa mainly occurs in closed areas like chest, armpits & back of the shoulders. So, avoid creams/ointments that are formulated for facial skincare only.

Blended Ingredients

Passing the skin type & age, it’s the ingredients that matter the most. With powerful & effective ingredients only, you can hope for improvement. Different ingredients in variable amounts get blended in the creamy state.

Certain terms regarding ‘Natural/Organic’ may seem amusing, but you have to check the individual ingredients. Creams containing Aloe Vera, coconut oil, honey & other natural agents are proven to cure skin problems. Not to mention, most of the exfoliating constituents hold great for skin diseases.

When it comes to skincare, the fewer of chemicals bring the better result. It’s better to avoid chemicals for those having an allergic reaction or irritating skin. But for a severe disorder, you can choose creams featuring a limited amount of certain chemical agents.

No Alcohol or Perfume

There are some ingredients widely used in skincare products. They just give a pleasant fragrance or temporary healing. But long-term use causes several skin problems without contributing much to improve the current condition.

Among others, you have to skip alcohol or smelling chemicals in particular. Both are nasty ingredients to trigger an unnecessary allergic reaction on a severe scale. Not all the alcohols are harmful through when they got a lower concentration in the cream.

Cream Characteristics

When it comes to skin diseases, the primary task is to battle the germs. Whether it’s virus, bacteria or fungus – the cream has to beat them in a row. It’s essential for the cream to be antiviral, antibacterial & antifungal properties.

Also, the cream should maintain sufficient pH levels to retain skin appeal. Following the removal of microbial agents, it’s really important to restore the balance of skin layers. In addition, a cream having moisturizing properties can keep the skin alive.

Time & Weather

One interesting yet underrated fact about the cream is its effectiveness at a particular time. Many of the high-quality creams are for night use, just before going to sleep. There are others which suit daylight use as well.

To have the best result, you should use the cream in its intended time of the day. Apart from time, you’ll have to consider the weather as well. Skins are prone to dust/dirt in the dry season. It actually requires a proper combination of skin type & its response during a specific season.

Unit Size

No matter whichever cream you choose; you have to maintain regular usage. That’s where the size of individual unit counts. How long one unit last is specifically dependent on the net affected area & frequency of use.

Without regularity, you can’t expect a visible result even for years. Regular application of the cream can deliver consistent protection for your skin. But don’t forget to wash & clean your skin before applying the cream.

Specialist Consultation

Despite all your precautions, you still can pick up the wrong ones. Some creams may not work, although they may look perfect initially. If you face problems determining the right one as per the skin type, consult a specialist.

A professional can guide way better than your intuition to get you out of the disgusting skin issue. It’s always more reliable to get a dermatologist prescription to treat the severe skin problem. As it happens, not all the creams are open for selling without prescription.

Skip Advertisements

With lots of fancy advertisements, most creams spawn nothing but empty results. Many people become the innocent victim of misled marketing policies. Don’t fall for advertisements to get suitable treatment cream.

Costly Isn’t Better

Many products come with higher quality with more budget. But it’s not true when you go for skin treatment. Try to choose something fitting for your skin & its disorder. Just get on with suitable ones without paying more for packaging.

Let’s be honest with you – there’s no absolute formula that wipes out your skin problems at once. You’ll have to find the most suitable cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa & maintain regularity. It should reduce the problem to a great extent without further exacerbation. That’s why you’ll have to take the aforementioned criteria under consideration.

Best Brands of Cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

There are lots of brands for skincare products with creams, lotions, ointments & many more. With numerous popular products, it’s quite difficult to pick up the best brands here. Yet we would like to introduce well-known brands that manufacture quality creams for HS.

Vitalee Nano Med

It uses a holistic approach to treat chronic insidious diseases. In fact, Vitalee produces several creams for skin treatment. Based on scientific studies, each of the manufactured products comes with diversity & quality. Addressing the root cause, all products take care of psychological ailment.

Formula 2 Skin Care

Founded by a pharmacist, it takes pride in delivering healthcare services in different aspects. With survey & research, the company manufactures some of the highest-quality creams in the market. Not to mention, the particular one formulated for total skincare gained popularity across the world.

Derma Change

Without sacrificing beauty, it believes in the utmost care for your skin. It delivers some of the best-aiding creams for hair & skin. The manufactured products are designed to achieve the best appearance & health. No harmful, irritating ingredients ensure the maximum efficiency of its natural ingredients.

Aidance Skincare

Serving in more than 150 countries, it provides therapeutic solutions. With natural treatment, the company yielded a multitude of discoveries. With notable contributions, Aidance opened a new gateway for a modern skincare facility. It takes pride in providing aids based on scientific success & customer recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does hidradenitis suppurativa go away?

The effect of HS differs from person to person & unfortunately, there is no specific cure. With suitable treatment & controlled lifestyle, you can cut down the flare-ups & relief.

2. Is HS a very serious disease?

Being a skin disorder, the disease isn’t that serious. But the occurrence of other diseases is associated with it. Careful treatment in the early stages can help you avoid such circumstances.

3. What foods cause hidradenitis suppurativa?

It’s difficult to predict & determine the exact foods responsible for HS. But high consumption of dairy products, foods rich with sugar & brewer’s yeast may cause the symptoms. Reasonable improvement is also reported following the elimination of nightshade.

4. Does HS cause tiredness or fatigue?

Although it’s rare, some patients suffering from HS did report feeling tiredness. It may occur due to problems associated with inflammatory conditions.

5. How do I reduce swelling from hidradenitis suppurativa?

You can go for various natural remedies apart from medicines. A warm compress may heal the pain. The addition of anti-inflammatory foods to the hidradenitis suppurativa cure diet can eventually develop the condition.

6. What triggers hidradenitis suppurativa?

The exact cause for HS is yet to discover. It bears significant similarity to that of acne. The blockage of smaller hair follicles on the skin triggers this painful disease.

7. Are there any foods to help to reduce HS?

Fibrous foods are helpful in balancing hormone levels & blood sugar. Reducing unhealthy cravings, fatty acids & natural sweeteners can help with skin health.

8. Does HS lead to other health issues?

Patients suffering from HS report to have several other problems. Severe acne, inflammatory bowel, arthritis may take place. Although the link between isn’t clear, proper management of the condition is extremely necessary.

9. When should I consult a specialist?

You better consult a dermatologist if the pimples are quite painful & frequent occurrence of flare-ups. A doctor can help you with long-term care to avoid a breakout. It’s also applicable when you get no visible improvement even after a few weeks of continuous treatment.

Final Verdict

Having healthy skin certainly affects both physical & psychological confidence. For HS sufferers, it’s rather difficult to maintain confidence. Despite having no cure, a certain lifestyle with treatment definitely lessens the overall effect. Early treatment can help you to control & reduce the problem.

Following intense research, we presented the best 10 creams for Hidradenitis Suppurativa to get you out of the misery. Although you’ll have to determine the suitability of each one, the ultimate one won’t disappoint you. With the right cream, your skin becomes capable of battling the nasty infection.

Enlisting the best cream for Hidradenitis Suppurativa, we are hopeful to reduce the painful living condition. The aforementioned ones are reliable in performance, safe in use & above all, effective in treatment.

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